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Trollpot 5000 Slot

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With a retro theme and colourful display, Trollpot 5000 is a difficult game to not enjoy. If you are into the classic fruit machines of old, this slot does that but wraps it all in one mischievous package.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Trollpot 5000 Slot Review

Online slots are getting more bizarre as time goes on so it is nice when one comes along and brings thing s back to basics. If you still don’t’ know what type of slot you enjoy the most, try out hundreds of traditional casino games or crazy slots at King Casino to decide. It is only a few clicks away, join today.

So, what developer is bold enough to take their slot game back to basics?

Trollpot 5000 Gameplay and Symbols

Trollpot 5000 is not an easy game to win at. There are only three reels in which to match up the games symbols in a pay line. These symbols include the 7 symbol, the jackpot symbol and the BAR symbol. As I said before, this is a retro feeling game.

However, Trollpot 5000 only has a hit frequency of 6%. That means you stand to be spinning for a long while before you actually win anything. Just like the good old days.

If you would rather a slot game that pays out more often, head on over to King Casino and browse through their catalogue to find a slot game more suited to you.

Since Trollpot 5000 is so difficult, you would think that the bonus features would alleviate some of that stress.

Trollpot 5000 Bonus Features and Bonus Spins

There are some more symbols spinning across the reels in the main game to look out for.

The pots of gold act as the jackpot and are well worth your time. There are three of them; the mini jackpot of 40x your initial bet, the midi jackpot of 200x your stake and the mega jackpot that will win you 10,000x your initial bet. Since the game does not pay out often, Trollpot 5000 attempts to offset that problem by paying out big. No tiny pay out here. But it gets better.

This slot game also includes a nudge feature. When forming a winning pay line, the game will automatically re-spin, for free, and any multipliers from winning pay lines are yours.

Then we have the games wild symbol. This takes form of the jester troll. This wild replaces any regular symbols on the reels to help complete unfinished pay lines. It comes as a welcome addition considering just how demanding Trollpot 5000 can be.

Netent – Developers of Trollpot 5000

The experienced slot creators over at Netent are back with another stunning slot game. Netent have been developing online slot games for years and their knack for quality shows no sign of fading any time soon. So far they have given us such play slot games online as:

With their variety of casino games and online slots, it is not hard to see why Netent would want to try their hand at a classic fruit machine. Find out for yourself whether Netent live up to their reputation by trying their previous material at King Casino

For now we are staying in the present and finding out whether Trollpot 5000 is worth your time.

Verdict on Trollpot 5000

As a retro slot game, Trollpot 5000 has all of the benefits that comes with that title. The aesthetic is easy one the eyes and will transport players back to a far more simple time. However, the game is extremely difficult and rewards players for long term, patient paying.

There are a variety of bonus features on offer to help players win, but they are not enough. With only three reels and a 6% hit frequency, expect to be playing Trollpot longer than other slot games to win a pay-out.

For an easier time of it, why not head over to King Casino to find a more rewarding slot game. Trollpot 5000 is a great slot but is one you’ll want to commit a lot of time to.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.