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Slingo Shark Week is an online slot created by Slingo Originals. It consists of 5 reels, 5 rows and 12 paylines. The stakes range from a minimum of £0.20 up to £10 per spin. The volatility is medium, and it has a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.68%. Additionally, Slingo Shark Week has a maximum win potential of up to 790x your total stake

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Slingo Shark Week Slot Review

Slingo Originals partnered with the Discovery Channel to bring the popular Shark Week TV programme into the online slot world. This brand new casino slot has 5 reels and 5 rows with 12 paylines

To play this branded aquatic-themed online slot, you must place your bet from a minimum of  £0.20 to £10 maximum per spin. The maximum payout potential is worth up to 790x your wager.

Moreover, this slot has a medium variance, and the RTP rate is 95.68%.

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How to Play Slingo Shark Week

The Slingo Shark Week slot is like a cross between online slots and bingo. It contains a grid with numbers above a single reel. So, the aim is to match the numbers on the 5×5 grid with those on the reel below.

But, before you can begin playing Slingo Shark Week, you must first place your stakes. The control panel containing the Stacked Coins button is on the right side of the reels. Use this button to place your bet, choosing from a minimum of £0.20 up to a £10 maximum bet per spin.

Then press the Spin button. To form winning combinations, mark off 5 matching numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the grid. So, you climb up the ladder every time you complete a Slingo. You can activate the bonus round if you complete 5 or more Slingos. 

Completing a full house also comes with cash prizes. Additionally, Slingo Shark Week has wild symbols and super wild symbols, which could be quite useful as they allow you to choose a specific number on the grid.

Slingo Shark Week Slot Bonus Features

The Slingo Shark Week online slot carries several exciting bonus features, including the Shark Wheel, Shark Slot, Break The Cage, Fish Grab and Shark Award bonus features. This game also has a Free Spin symbol which could potentially award you a free spin at the end of the game.

All these bonuses can be triggered by completing 5 or more Slingos.

Shark Wheel

The Shark Wheel bonus is triggered when you get 10 or more Slingos. Then, a colourful wheel will appear, ready for you to spin it. This wheel is full of various kinds of bonus rounds, including 80x to 360x your stake multipliers. Whatever reward it lands on, it’s yours to take.

Shark Slot

You need 6 Slingos to activate the Shark Slot feature. When the Shark Slot feature is active, you will be awarded 7 free spins to play on a 3×3 slot grid with 32 paylines. It also features a wild symbol, which allows you to mark off any number in the column. You could also receive numbers with values between 0.2x and 5x your total stake.

Break The Cage

You need 7 Slingos to activate the Break the Cage feature. When this feature is active, you must click on the cage with a diver inside, and the sharks will attack it. Then, you will be awarded prizes worth 6x to 49x your stake. 

Fish Grab

This bonus round can be pretty straightforward, needing only 8 Slingos to activate it. You will see fish roaming the screen, and you have to click on them to “grab” them and collect the prizes they come with. Here you could potentially win anything between 20x and 41x your total stake. 

What Did the Shark Eat?

After making 9 Slingos, you will activate the What Did The Shark Eat feature. This feature sees you guessing what the shark ate, and the X-ray will scan its belly. If you guessed correctly, you could potentially win a 3x multiplier. Your total potential wins for this bonus round could go up to 120x your stake.

Shark Award

Get a full house of Slingos and activate the Shark Award bonus feature. Here, sharks will swim around the ocean and pick up prizes for you along the way. By the end of this feature, you could potentially have 150x to 790x your stake.

Slingo Shark Week RTP & Volatility

The Slingo Shark Week slot has a RTP rate of 95.68%. The volatility is medium.

Theme, Graphics, & Soundtrack

The Shark Week slot has a deep sea and branded theme based on the popular TV programme, Shark Week. It is set in the deep sea, home to lovely, brightly coloured 3D fish and scary sharks.

The Slingo Originals developers did a good job depicting the TV programme with this slot. It even incorporated the ‘Caged in Fear’ season on the Break the Cage bonus feature. 

Additionally, the soundtrack is an ominous tune that may build up excitement in some players, which is on par with the Shark Week TV programme.

Slingo Shark Week Slot Review Summary

The Slingo Shark Week slot is a relatively enjoyable and unique online slot that mixes online slot gaming with bingo. The bonus features are plentiful and are relatively exciting and engaging too. 

The total maximum payout potential may not be that exciting to some punters, but the experience of playing this slot beats everything. You can join King Casino or log in to play Slingo Shark Week on any device that supports the HTML5 software. 

Slingo Shark Week Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of the Slingo Shark Week slot?

The Slingo Shark Week slot game has a RTP rate of 95.68%.

Can you play Slingo Shark Week on a mobile phone?

Yes. The Slingo Shark Week slot has HTML5 software making it compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems such as iOS and Android.

What’s the biggest win available on Slingo Shark Week?

The Slingo Shark Week slot has a maximum potential win of 790x your stake.

What’s the volatility of the Slingo Shark Week slot?

Slingo Shark Week is a medium volatility slot.

What’s the minimum bet on Slingo Shark Week?

The minimum bet amount for the Slingo Shark Week slot is £0.20.

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