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Slot games rarely represent the 50s. Although we’ve had plenty of casino sites games based in Ancient Egypt, Greece and outer space, it is nice when a developer takes a punt at something out of the box. Ruby Casino Queen from JustfortheWin is precisely what the doctor ordered.

This vibrant slot game has five reels and twenty pay lines. You can play Ruby Casino Queen with a deposit set between 1p and £50, and the max win is a huge £720,000. The wins flow nicely, thanks to the medium variance and 96.03% RTP rate, and bonus spins come accompanied by sticky symbols.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

How To Play Ruby Casino Queen

The Ruby Casino Queen slot is dark, and all the icons necessary to interact with the game are kept out of the way. But don’t’ worry; we have detailed the process you need to follow to play Ruby Casino Queen.

  • First, place your stake. You can wager between 1p and £50 per spin, and there are twenty pay lines.
  • Then, hit the red spin button to activate the animation.
  • To form a win, match up three or more identical symbols across a pay line. Alternatively, two symbols plus an adjacent wild can also result in a pay-out.
  • The Ruby Casino Queen also has an autoplay feature that you can use to set up some automatic spins and have the game calculate the result based on a single wager.

There are more extra features that spice up the Ruby Casino Queen gameplay, but first, let’s check out the game’s stellar design.

Design and Symbols

The main colour of the Ruby Casino Queen slot game is red, as expected. From the menu, the game’s icons, to even some symbols, ruby red is all over this slot. Speaking of symbols, the luxury 50s theme creeps in again; providing card suits, golden 7’s, diamonds and the Ruby Queen in a glam dress. These all work to give the slot a more traditional feel.

The background is a deep black, with edges of velvet seeping through. The developers were clearly trying to emulate the luxury of regal 1950 in Ruby Casino Queen, and JustfortheWin succeeds with every graphic.

JustfortheWin might not be the biggest name in online slots, but they have still provided us with some great content, such as:

Ruby Casino Queen Bonus Spins and Special Features

It isn’t hard to start playing Ruby Casino Queen, but the extra features can provide more to the experience. Here is everything you need to know about the Ruby Casino Queen bonus features.

  • Bonus Spins: the player can trigger nine bonus spins by landing two scatters on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th during a spin. These spins come with an additional 2x multiplier and a sticky wild. The sticky wild will remain in the centre of reel three, the position it can be most utilised. Land another wild during a bonus spin, and it too will become sticky. Any further sticky wilds will come with an additional 1x multiplier, resulting in a total of six wilds that can increase the overall multiplier by 6x.
  • Wilds: The Ruby Casino Queen slot game has three different types of wilds. The regular wild acts as a substitute for other symbols, whereas the sticky wilds and multiplier wilds only make an appearance during the bonus spins. Fill all the reels with sticky wilds to win a total of 400x your initial stake.

The bonus features in Ruby Casino Queen are a little thin on the ground, but at least we have a complex bonus spins feature.

Is Ruby Casino Queen Worth Playing?

Ruby Casino Queen is a flashy slot, but there is more to discover after first glance.

The slot is more inviting when we look at the betting range. The max bet caps at £50 per spin, which means it isn’t as high stakes as its traditional appearance suggests. Players will also notice the wins often forming, thanks to the games medium variance.

The players bankroll will rarely dip below the starting point, and while the bonus features are scarce, you can be trigger the bonus spins often. Some slots are slow off the mark, but players will actually get to feel the 96.03% RTP in action.

Discover more stats about the Ruby Casino Queen slot game in the table below.

Ruby Casino Queen brings all the fun of a live casino to your online device. The slot is impressively smooth in design and performance, making it the perfect slot to relax with at King Casino.

Ruby Casino Queen FAQ’s

All the talk about Ruby Casino Queen continues into our frequently asked questions section. Discover more than necessary about this fantastic slot.

What is the RTP rate of Ruby Casino Queen?

The RTP of a slot can suggest how much of our deposit will be returned throughout a game. With an RTP rate of 96.03%, the player is likely to receive back £96.03 back for every £100 deposit. The average RTP for an online slot in 2021 is 96%, placing Ruby Casino Queen in good company.

Are there any similar slots to Ruby Casino Queen?

It is hard to believe that any slot can compare to the design of Ruby Casino Queen; but other sophisticated slots are out there. Similar slots include:

Can I play Ruby Casino Queen for Free?

The best way to acclimatise yourself to this slot is by playing the free version at King Casino. This demo slot accepts virtual coins and does not pay out in real money but can work as a perfect tutorial for Ruby Casino Queen.

How to Win in Ruby Queen Casino

A win in Ruby Casino Queen is created by a winning pay line. It does not matter whether this line consists of three, four or five matching symbols and can even utilise a wild. Luckily, Ruby Casino Queen is good at providing wilds.

What is the most I can win in Ruby Casino Queen?

The highest jackpot in Ruby Casino Queen can only be achieved by betting the max of £50 and winning the highest multiplier of 2,400x on the same spin. This jackpot is a lofty £720,000.

Can I play Ruby Casino Queen on Mobile?

JustfortheWin were able to make Ruby Casino Queen compatible with both IOS and Android devices. Search for the slot on your King Casino app to play it on the move on a smartphone or tablet. Using HTML 5 technology, Ruby Casino Queen runs smoothly on any device.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.