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In your travels around the world of online casino games, you may have come across a slot game called Centurion, or perhaps Centurion Megaways. These are a couple of the best online slot games in history, and they’re both Ancient-Roman themed slots from Inspired Gaming.

So, if you have played one of those slots before, then we are sure that you will find it exciting to know that they are not the only Roman slots from Inspired Gaming. Perhaps they saw how successful these slots were and decided to create another one? All we know is, we were excited to check out Maximus Payus.

The slot Maximus Payus doesn’t take itself as seriously as the Centurion slots. It’s more cartoon-like kin nature but that does not mean that it’s not great to play. Despite the low RTP of 95%, it checks out in many different ways.

This high variance slot will pay out a huge £250,000 to the occasional lucky player! And the gameplay itself is very immersive, so the chances are you will enjoy the experience of trying to get to that figure, too.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Maximus Payus Theme and Graphics

Despite not being as serious on the visual side of things, Maximus Payus graphics are excellent in the way they portray the happy side of Ancient Roman military history, if that were to exist.

The reels take up pretty much the whole screen so there isn’t a lot to look at when it comes to the background of Maximus Payus, but everything else does look great including the symbols and the reels themselves.

The character symbol of Maximus Payus himself, a big smiley gladiator, is the highest value symbol of the pay table and is followed by the colosseum, the chariot, the crossed swords and shield and the gladiator helmet, in that order.

Players of Maximus Payus slot will also be treated to a little fanfare every time they spin the reels and the sound of a cash register every time they win, which is quite gratifying.

Another cool thing about Maximus Payus slot that is worth noting, is the fact that you can play it on pretty much every device due to the fact that it has been optimised to do so. So, if you fancy Maximus Payus mobile or desktop, then you shouldn’t have any issues in playing!

Inspired Gaming have an amazing portfolio of online slot games on top of the likes of Centurion, Centurion Megaways and of course Maximus Payus. Some of our favourites of theirs include these:

How to Play Maximus Payus Slot

As much as we enjoy the Maximus Payus graphics, it is a slightly older slot and, as such, it might take a minute or 2 to figure out how to navigate it. That’s why we’re laying down some pointers, so that you can spend less time figuring out what to do and more time spinning the reels!

  • The purple-underlined Change Stake button in the bottom left will bring up a new menu that will allow you to set your stake for each spin.
  • The Fortune Bet button in the middle will increase the chances of landing the bonus symbol, but it will also increase the size of your stake by 50%.
  • Autoplay, in the bottom right and underlined in blue, allows you to spin the reels up to 100 times automatically or up to a certain value of loss.
  • Spin, in the very bottom right, will of course spin the reels just one time.

So now you know how to play Maximus Payus! But do you have an account with a casino site that offers it? If not, here is how to get hold of one in less than 10 minutes.

  1. Go to the home page of King Casino and press Join Now.
  2. Fill out some details and confirm your email.
  3. Deposit £20 or more and enjoy the welcome bonus!

Maximus Payus Statistics

One of the most annoying thing about Inspired Gaming as a developer, and therefore about Maximus Payus as a slot, is the fact that the RTP is often really low. This means that the dealer, or the house, has a bigger advantage and that players can expect less back from their stakes than in other online slot games.

If you can put this to one side, however, there is quite a lot to get excited about on the statistical side of Maximus Payus slot including the fact that you can win up to £250,000 on a single spin! That kind of money is game-changing, and so it makes Maximus Payus look super appealing.

Maximus Payus Spins & Free Game Features

The Maximus Payus bonus features are one of the best things about the slot, so it is important to look at them. Let’s see what we have…

Bonus Spins

Landing 3 or more of the bonus symbol will get your bonus spins. 3 gives 8, 4 gives 15 and 5 gives 20.

You can re-trigger these throughout by landing just 2 of the bonus spins symbol.

Random Reel Bonus

During the base game, the main character can wander onto the reels and give players 1 of 2 great bonus features! These are…

  • Big Win – an automatic win of 20x your stake or more.
  • 5 of a Kind – an automatic win where all of the symbols are the same on the reels (which can be plenty more than 20x your stake!).

Maximus Payus Review Verdict

Overall, Maximus Payus doesn’t offer quite the same level of intensity as Centurion or Centurion Megaways but it is really not far off the pace and is absolutely worth a play. Maximus Payus bonuses are the best thing about it and make the game super exciting and fun. It’s a 7/10 from us (at least!). And for more super exciting slots, look no further than the Magic Mirror Deluxe slot.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.