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The title might not instantly give it away, but Ainsworth’s King Ramses slot is an Egyptian themed casino game. It is another five-reel slot game with twenty-five pay lines and medium variance.

The main feature that King Ramses uses to distinguish itself is the Triple Shot bonus feature. This extra feature is a vehicle for players to choose their jackpot, and the slot also has a bonus spins round. You can play King Ramses with a stake between £1.25 and £25 per spin, and the slot game has an RTP of 94.31%.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Getting started with King Ramses slot game

To have a go at winning some of the ancient pharaoh’s treasure, you must learn how to play King Ramses. The main game is simple and requires the player to match up pay lines. To do this, you must:

  • Place your wager using the arrows in the bet box. You can set a stake between £1.25 and £25 for your spin, and there are twenty-five fixed pay lines.
  • Once satisfied with your bet, spin the reels and watch the reels tumble.
  • The game will calculate any wins once the reels have stopped. A win in King Ramses is a pay line that contains three or more identical symbols. A pay-out amount is made based on the type of symbols in the line, how many there are and the player’s initial wager.

The King Ramses slot comes with other symbols, including a wild and scatter. A wild symbol will substitute regular symbols to complete or extend pay lines, and scatters can trigger bonus features.

But there are plenty more symbols in the King Ramses slot game.

Design and Symbols

King Ramses is a slot game that has an Ancient Egyptian theme. As such, the symbols in this game are designed to fit this theme. There are swords, shields, chariots and scarab beetles. The most lucrative symbol in the game is the queen, and she pays 12x the stake for five across a pay line.

If you’ve played a slot with a similar theme to King Ramses, you know what to expect. The reels are covered in gold, and the graphics are mostly two-dimensional shapes. It isn’t a bad design, just a little overdone.

The developer behind this game is a company called Ainsworth. It stands to reason that they would take the simple approach with King Ramses, as that seems to be their approach to all their slot designs. Their other slot games include the likes of:

King Ramses Bonus Spins and Special Features

It is in the King Ramses bonus features is where this slot comes to life. As mentioned above, the game features a scatter symbol that is the slot’s logo. This symbol is key to receive some:

  • Bonus Spins: Land the King Ramses logo three, four or five times on a single spin to receive ten, fifteen, or twenty-five free spins. The logo also comes with a pay-out, awarding the player 5x, 20x or 100x the stake. Land two more scatters during a bonus spin to win another five bonus spins.

That is all well and good, but the main focus of the King Ramses slot game is the:

  • Triple Shot Feature: another reel sits to the side of the main five reels. This reel houses a triple shot symbol and nothing else. To activate this feature, the player must land a win of five symbols and the triple shot symbol simultaneously. This triggers the jackpot feature, and the player can receive one of three amounts, the highest being £10,000.

The Triple Shot Feature can also be triggered during a bonus spin, providing some synergy between the bonus features.

Is this slot worth playing?

The main gameplay and bonus features are fine, but the best way to discover whether you should play King Ramses is by looking at the stats. The RTP rate and variance of a slot game help to indicate the risk factor, and good players always check these numbers out before starting a game.

The RTP rate in King Ramses is 94.31%. This percentage is calculated across 1,000,000 spins of the game and indicates how much of our deposit we can expect returned when we play King Ramses. An RTP of 94.31% suggests that we should receive £94.31 back after every £100 deposit. It isn’t an exact science, of course, but we can use this information to determine our wagers.

Speaking of which, King Ramses has a medium variance. This variance level provides a mixed bag of fortune. You are more likely to receive a win in King Ramses than a high variance slot, but they are just as likely to feature high and low-value symbols. As such, keep bets closer to the minimum of £1.25 per spin until you capture the rhythm of the slot, or you want to play with higher stakes.

The King Ramses slot is a bit barren when it comes to design elements. The theme is overplayed at this point; however, the Triple Shot Feature is a nice touch, and the low betting range allows players to jump straight in. A max jackpot of £10,000 isn’t too shabby either.


There are a few extra details left untouched in our discussion of the King Ramses slot. Let’s address them by answering some frequently asked questions.

What is the RTP rate in King Ramses?

King Ramses has an RTP rate of 94.31%. While this is an indicator of how much of our overall deposit we can expect returned, we can also use this detail to calculate the house edge of the casino. In a slot game like King Ramses, the online casino will have a house edge of roughly 5.69%. The average house edge for slots in 2021 is about 4%.

Are there any similar slots to King Ramses?

Online casinos are not short on slot games bearing the Egyptian theme. Other slots with a similar theme to King Ramses include:

Can I Play King Ramses for Free?

Demo slots allow players to use the game with virtual coins instead of real money. Head to King Casino to try out King Ramses for free. Just be advised that you cannot win real money prizes in this version.

How can I in win on King Ramses?

A win is formed by landing three or more identical symbols across adjacent reels going from left to right, as described above. However, the jackpot feature also features prizes. Trigger the Triple Shot Feature to try and win one of these. Alternatively, a pay line that includes a wild also counts as a win. Land two matching symbols next to a wild to have it count as an ordinary win.

What is the most I can win on King Ramses?

The max win in King Ramses that can be achieved in the main game is £2,500. This amount is won by betting the maximum of £25 and landing the highest multiplier of 100x the stake. However, the max jackpot stands at £10,000 and is only achievable by winning the major jackpot in the Triple Shot Feature.

Can I Play King Ramses on Mobile?

The King Ramses slot game has been optimized for use on all portable devices. Just make sure that you have a solid internet connection, and you can access King Ramses via the King Casino app on both IOs and Android devices.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.