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If you’ve never seen the movie Jumanji, then you must have been living under a rock. The ‘90s classic was even brought back to life (twice!) by the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black over the last few years.

Anyway, it’s now an online casino game too, so you can play Jumanji slot with thanks to the genius developers that are NetEnt. But have they managed to make the online slot game as exciting as the movies?

Well, the game is very well designed. That is a fact. It looks very cool and it has a strong RTP of 96.33% which is going to be appealing to a lot of punters.

Interestingly, Jumanji online slots is set to low variance which kind of contradicts the high octane action of the movies, however it is still a lot of fun to play and we recommend giving it a spin right here at King Casino.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Jumanji Theme and Graphics

Perhaps the biggest appeal of Jumanji slot is its graphics. Jumanji graphics were always going to be important when the slot game was inevitably developed as the visual side of the movies is super important too.

NetEnt have nailed the theme and graphics. The reel setup is 3-4-5-4-3 and it kind of looks like a board game which is very fitting. The angry looking animal symbols within those reels look awesome too.

Every time you spin the Jumanji reels, you’ll get a dramatic burst of cinematic music which certainly snaps you to attention and helps you to feel immersed in the gameplay. All-in-all, NetEnt have done a great job with the audiovisual side of Jumanji slot, whether you choose to play it on a mobile device or other.

It’s no secret that NetEnt are just about the best in the business. The Swedish online casino giants have been around since all the way back in the early days of video slots, forming as a company in 1996. Since then, they have gone on to make all of these huge hits:

How to Play Jumanji Slot

Unless you’re playing Jumanji free play through a demo version of the slot to try it out without cash before you play it for real (or just for fun), then you are going to need an account with an online casino site that offers the game. We can help you with that at King Casino.

Getting from the time that you open the site up to playing the game will take you less than 10 minutes thanks to an efficient signup process. Here’s how to follow it through in 3 simple steps:

  1. Press the Join Now button on the home page.
  2. Fill out some personal details (only a few bits!), including your email address which you will then need to confirm by following the link that will have been sent out to you.
  3. Deposit £20 to enjoy the welcome package including extra spins.

Ready to play Jumanji? Great. Here’s how to do that as well. Jumanji slot is simple to play but it is always worth having a few pointers to get the ball rolling.

  • The info button in the bottom left reveals all that you will need to know about the Jumanji pay table, all of the awesome bonus features and how the pay lines work.
  • Auto play lets you spin the reels up to 100 times without interference.
  • Max bet increases the coin value to the max amount.
  • Your stake is made up of a combination of the coin value and the bet level.
  • To win, just connect up 3 or more of the same symbol, or 2 and a wild for example.

Slot Game Statistics

As much as we love the theme of Jumanji slot, there is a lot more to it than aesthetics. The numbers back it up and the highlights of these are a very promising RTP.

Jumanji Bonus Spins & Free Game Features

In Jumanji, there is an abundance of bonus features which is incredibly rare for a low variance slot and we are super excited about it. Here’s a brief overview of each of them.

  • Sticky Vines – every time you win in the base game, all of the winning symbols and any wild (used or unused) will become sticky and the reels will spin again one time.
  • Monsoon Wilds – this one is activated at random and means that between 1 and 2 reels will go completely wild which massively increases your chance at a win on your next spin.
  • Monkey Mayhem – again randomly activated, this feature shuffles all of the symbols and generates a guaranteed win of random value based on the symbols that are on the table at that time.
  • Wild Stampede – another random feature here. Rhinos run across the reels and drop between 4 and 9 wilds for you to make the most of from your next spin.
  • Board Game – landing 3 scatter symbols will take you to a mini game. 3 symbols gives 6 rolls of the dice, 4 symbols gives 7 rolls and 5 symbols gives 8 dice rolls. On the board there are bonus spins squares, and when you land on them those bonus spins are activated.

Quite an extensive list indeed! These bonus features really are awesome.

Verdict on this Slot

We are in love with this slot. It has a whole ton of bonuses, it looks great, and all of the numbers check out too. You cannot fault it! A clean 10/10.

There is no shortage of top slots here at King Casino, and if you are looking for something with music as the main theme, then we strongly recommend you spin the reels of the amazing Jimi Hendrix slot.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.