Golden Ox Slot

Golden Ox is a game with an asian theme, using Chinese tradition as the inspiration and symbols of luck and more to create an online with some really interesting symbols and a mini game, too.

Playable on mobile devices, this video slot games is well designed in terms of graphics and gameplay.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Golden Ox Game Overview

The world of online casino games is a beautifully diverse one, with so many titles to choose from. One of the main reasons for the amazing popularity of this kind of online gambling game, is the sheer amount of choice that players have. Themes can come in all sorts of styles and layouts, with varying payouts, too.

One theme which is very popular across the board, is the Ancient Chinese theme or Chinese culture theme, where reds and golds come to the reels with a variety of different relics of this fascinating history of rich culture that comes from that part of the world.

Golden Ox Theme and Graphics

As we have already mentioned, Golden Ox is an online slot game, or more so a mobile online slot game, that uses an Ancient Chinese theme as the main visual inspiration and also as inspiration for it’s gameplay, too.

With classy reds and golds providing the main aesthetic to the game, it is a really good looking online slot game and this reality means that players will instantly enjoy it. It is a crowded world out there for online slot games and it can get difficult for them to stand out, yet this is certainly achieved with the high level of visuals offered by Golden Ox.

A classic style on slot game, there are 5 reels for players to work with in this title and 25 pay lines to use as well. The minimum bet comes in at £1 and goes up to £40, with an RTP percentage of 94.13%. The game has several features such as practical ones like an automatic spin feature, and bonus features, too that include a extra spins round amongst them.

The game has a fixed jackpot so do not expect this to have progressive jackpot that grows whilst you play it. Rather, you set this jackpot in your sights and hope for the best as you spin this wonderful well designed and incredibly detailed online slot game.

How to Play Golden Ox Slot Online

The gameplay of Golden Ox is not out of the ordinary but it is a wonderfully smooth and easy to pick up. Golden Ox uses 25 pay lines and 5 reels and players, as ever, must match up symbols and icons across pay lines to create wins.

There is a slightly classic feel to the slot game, possibly due to the common theme being used or perhaps due to this simple gameplay that makes the game recognisable and familiar even to those who have ever played it.

The graphics of the game are lovely, too, with the symbols in the game being crucial to the entire narrative of it and therefore, very well crafted. Look out for Wild symbols that come in a vivid red colour, dragons and traditional playing card symbols that have been given an oriental makeover in order to match the theme.

There is more than one fixed jackpot in this game with a mini-jackpot of a hundred times your stake and a larger one that could see you walk away from Golden Ox with up to a thousand pounds.

Golden Ox Slot Bonus Features and Extra Spins

The than these differing kinds of jackpot bonuses, Golden Ox offers some great bonus features.  There is a Golden Cash feature that is triggered by the Golden Ox symbols themselves, which will give the player three re-spins while these high-paying golden symbols stay in place.

You can also make use of a giant Golden Ox symbols if you are lucky too, with this massive icon covering a 3 by 3 part of the reels to increase your chances of winning with it.

Also, look out for a extra spins feature, triggered by the scatter symbol, that will give you 8 extra spins to work with.

Golden Ox Gameplay

Ainsworth – Developers of Golden Ox Casino Game

The developers of online slot games are important names to know. This is because it is they who are greatly responsible for the rise and rise and rise of online slots across the entire online gambling scene. The format has grown so much over the years and is largely due to the fact that online slot game developers have been working hard to make the games competitive and of top quality.

These days the modern online slot game can compete in terms of gameplay and graphics, with almost any online video game that you will find on your desktop or mobile and it thanks to well known brands such as Microgaming, Yggdrasil and more who constantly set the bar so high for online game design and development.

The developers of Golden Ox are not as well known as the aforementioned slot game developers, as Ainsworth will not be a name that rings bells with as many people in the online gambling community. However, this brand is making a name for themselves thanks to terrific titles like this one here as Golden Ox embodies the brand well.

They have a great appreciation for online slots and gambling history, combining the two here with a retro looking, classically laid out slot. Ainsworth specialise in creating online gambling titles for mobile devices, making them very much one of the most forward thinking development brands out there today.

With the mobile gambling market being one that seems to grow and grow, much like the demand of fun ad easy to play online slot games like this one featured here, you can expect to hear and see more and more about Ainsworth over the next few years we are almost certain. More golden themed slots can be found below:

Verdict on Golden Ox Slot

All in all, there is a lot to enjoy about this foray into Chinese history and culture. Golden Ox has great graphics and even better bonuses. If you enjoyed this game why not also check out Wolf Legend Megaways slot?

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.