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Glucks Joker

glucks joker slots online

It’s time to see if you can outrun the thieving Joker and reach the prizes that await you at King Casino! Glucks Joker is an unusual 1-reel online slot that will keep you guessing. Land a symbol and a tower will light up.

It’s as easy as that. Keep reading if you’ll like to learn everything there is to know about this unconventional slot online game.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Glücks Joker Developer – Skywind Group

Skywind call themselves game changers. And we don’t blame them. Born in 2012 to a group of esteemed industry veterans, they have a documented history of crafting high performing online casino games.

These are the legends behind Jokers’ Luck and Wicked 777. Online slots that will provide you with hours of unwavering enjoyment. They are driven to creating engaging, evocative experiences, and we certainly think they are capable of pulling this off.

Playing Glücks Joker Slots Game

Glucks Joker is an online slot with a Joker theme, and, unusually, just one reel and one symbol landing on each spin. When you land a symbol, its corresponding tower will light up, building your prize fund.

On Glucks Joker you’ll notice a box at the top of the screen. Just three symbols can land in this box, and the most valuable symbol is the bell, then the star, and lastly the horseshoe. These pay as follows:

  • Horseshoe: Starts at 1x, paying as much as 10x.
  • Star: Starts at 3x, paying as much as 50x.
  • Bell: Starts at 10x, paying as much as a whopping 350x.

On Glucks Joker, the three symbols have their own ladders that pay varyingly, and of-course, are also dependent on the player’s stake. Each symbol in unobstructed view will full up one level of their respective ladder, maxing out at 5 levels each.

In this online slot game, cashpot is the total accumulated amount collected thus far. You can choose to take the amount raised thus far to evade the thieving Red Joker which will reset your winnings.

Glucks Joker is an online casino game with a betting range of 0.01-8 credits per spin. Important to note is that you cannot adjust your stake until your cashpot is empty. The game’s return to player percentage is 97.61% at a high variance.

As always, we have made this online slot available on most devices. Whether you’re platform of choice is a tablet, PC, or even a mobile phone, you’ll be able to play Glucks Joker. Playing in the way you’re most comfortable is crucial to having fun, so we’ve made this possible.

Bonus Features and Bonus Spins

Glucks Joker is not a slot with many bonus features, however there is the Green Joker. Land this and he will light up one meter on all of the ladders. This can make your mission to win the game’s prizes much easier! Highlight all three ladders and you will win the online slot’s bonus prize.

Last Thoughts on Glücks Joker Slot

Skywind certainly have a thing for innovative rip-up-the-script online slots, but we think they’re a breath of fresh air. Glucks Joker is an online casino game that will keep you entertained with its unusual structure. We would have liked to see more special features but overall, we think this is a slot worth exploring. For more great slots, with plenty of special features, take a look at the Eastern Emeralds slot.

Verdict: We give this a 7.5/10

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.