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Divine Fortunes Megaways

Divine Fortune Megaways is the megaways version of NetEnt’s original Divine Fortunes online slots. The theme is kept the same, only now we have 117,649 ways to win like most of the slots that use the megaways engine.

This slot is playable from 1p per spin, and the RTP is a healthy 96.09%. The one surprise up the sleeve of Divine Fortunes Megaways is its medium variance. Bonus features include wild reels, falling wilds and re-spins, plus an insane bonus spins round.

Before we get there, though, let’s look at the main game. To play casino online, sign up to King Casino today!

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Getting started with Divine Fortunes Megaways slots

The megaways aspect of Divine Fortunes Megaways doesn’t impact the simple gameplay process. This mechanic only refers to the possible number of ways to win. The symbols are not tied down to the reels, which means they can shift position. This factor leads to all kinds of combinations and 117,649 ways to win.

With that explanation out of the way, let’s look at how we play Divine Fortunes Megaways.

  • Use the bet box to set your wager for the spin. You can place your stake anywhere between 1p and £100 per spin.
  • Spin the reels and watch the animation play. You can skip this animation and save time by clicking the fast forward button, thus activating this slot’s Turbo Mode.
  • A win is formed by four, five or six matching symbols across adjacent reels.
  • Pegasus represents the wild symbol, and it can replace regular symbols to help complete pay lines.

These wilds are crucial in the Divine Fortunes Megaways bonus features, but first, let’s look at the game’s theme.

Design and Symbols

Divine Fortunes Megaways follows a lot of the same design choices as the original Divine Fortunes. The graphics are incredible, with the rich 3D tapestry inviting players into the Ancient Greek theme. The six reels are bordered by two giant statues as the gentle soundtrack provides a heavenly ambience. Divine indeed.

The symbols in Divine Fortunes Megaways are comprised of the mythical creatures and wildlife of the era. There are lions, eagles, Minotaur’s and Medusa, the highest paying symbol worth 5x the stake for landing six across a pay line.

It comes as no surprise that Divine Fortunes looks this good considering that NetEnt is the developer. You can see their unique style in other slots, such as:

Divine Fortunes Megaways Bonus Spins and Special Features

The bonus features in Divine Fortunes Megaways come on mass, with the game boasting three additional features that change up the main game in a big way. These bonus features include:

  • Bonus Spins: the hand holding a lightning bolt is the Divine Fortunes Megaways scatter symbol. Land it four times on a spin to receive ten bonus spins. Five scatters will award the player fifteen bonus spins, and six will reward twenty bonus spins. Land the wild during a bonus spin, and it will expand to cover the entire reel. Three different coin symbols show up during this round and are collected. Collect five of the bronze, silver and gold coins to receive a multiplier of 10x, 25x, or 500x the stake, respectively.
  • Falling Wilds: the wild makes another appearance in the Falling Wilds Feature. Land it on a spin to receive a re-spin as the wild drops down a place. The re-spins will happen until the wild drops off the reels.
  • Wilds on Wilds: We aren’t done with the wilds yet. Land a wild on top of a falling wild and the entire reel will fill with wild symbols. The Falling Wild re-spins will trigger and until all wilds on that reel are removed.

We can see how the Divine Fortune Megaways bonus features assist the player when looking at the wild description in the gameplay section.

Is this slot worth playing?

Megaways slots usually follow a certain pattern in terms of stats. For starters, the reel size is bigger, as Divine Fortunes Megaways demonstrates with its 6×7 reel structure. Plus, the RTP is more likely to be close to the average for online slots in 2021.  The Divine Fortunes Megaways slot follows this pattern, too, with an RTP rate of 96.09%.

Where this slot differs is in its variance. Divine Fortunes Megaways has a medium variance, which means the pay-out amounts can consist of any amount in the slots arsenal. You are just as likely to receive a low-value pay line as a high value one, so lower bets are advised if you want to play with lower stakes.

The Divine Fortunes Megaways slot from NetEnt Is a breath of fresh air for megaways slots. You won’t find many differences in gameplay or aesthetic compared to the previous version, but the megaways aspect is good enough to give this version a try.


Let’s round out our discussion about divine Fortunes Megaways by answering some leftover questions.

What is the RTP in Divine Fortunes Megaways?

Divine Fortunes Megaways has an RTP rate of 96.09%. This percentage suggests that with every £100 deposit into the game, we are likely to receive £96.09 back.

Are there any similar slots to Divine Fortunes Megaways?

Ancient Greece is a popular theme for online slots. As such, you can play any of these if you enjoyed Divine Fortunes Megaways:

Can I Play Divine Fortunes Megaways for Free?

The megaways concept is a bit tricky for new players to get their heads around. Try the demo version of Divine Fortunes Megaways to play with virtual coins get used to the game. You cannot win real money in this free to play version, but use it to get into the game’s rhythm before playing the standard mode.

How to Win at Divine Fortunes Megaways?

The way to win in Divine Fortunes Megaways is by matching pay lines. These pay lines need to contain four, five or six identical symbols going from left to right. These pay lines can feature a wild to add to the pay line. Thankfully, these wilds are all over the bonus features.

What is the most I can win in Divine Fortunes Megaways?

The max in this slot is £50,000, achieved with the max bet of £100 and landing the max pay of 500x during the bonus spins round.

Can I Play Divine Fortunes Megaways on Mobile?

Megaways slots usually struggle on smaller screens. However, Divine Fortunes Megaways has been optimised properly by NetEnt to work smoothly on mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.