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Diamond Vortex looks incredibly confusing at first glance on casino sites. The name of the layout is hexahedron clusters that alone will make most furrow their brows in confusion! However, when you see a few spins take place the basic mechanics of this online slot game become pretty clear and simple.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change at any time.

Diamond Vortex Slot Review

This innovatively structured Diamond Vortex online slot game come with an RTP of 94.2% which is lower than average and has a High Volatility. The strategy to this game is to get long chain wins rather than individual, incremental winnings.

Diamond Vortex has a good betting range, allowing for all types of players to get involved, with a max bet of £100 going down to a min bets of £0.20 so there’s chance for all of us to play! As we spoke about a moment ago, those big chain wins are what we are after this is shown clearly by having a highly impressive max win of 5000 times our stake per spin!

Theme and Graphics

Visually Diamond Vortex is a fairly simplistic slot game, but it is done with a fair level of detail, the background is a cosmic swirl, spiralling toward the game board. Behind this spiralling vortex we can see the soft smattering of stars across the endlessness of space.

The symbols come with a much greater level of detail and are variety of different interesting looking objects; shining valuable looking crystals of varying colours and shades, all looking like they could be mined from passing meteors.

How to Play Diamond Vortex

The Diamond Vortex board is built of three rotating gears that spin in opposite directions to their neighboring gears, this means the symbols are always being shuffled.

The aim of the game is to (much like something reminiscent of candy crush or Monster Blast) get matches of 3 or more, when we manage this the symbols will burst giving us a reward and more will fall down.

Bonus Features and Bonus Spins in Diamond Vortex

There are some really interesting features built into the Diamond Vortex online slot. One we have already touched on is the rotational aspect of the game. Whereby the three gears move a turn, incrementally reshuffling the board after which new symbols will drop into place.

There are also sticky wilds on top of the normal 2 wilds that are on given to us. Sticky wilds are trigger when we get a diamond wild and cluster in the same spin, every spin after, the sticky wild will move one gear close to the center. This brings us to the next feature

Now we can look at the consume feature which triggers when a sticky wild reaches the center of the wheel, when it reaches the middle, it will increase the multiplier by 1 with a maximum of 20! It is important to note that when the base game finishes, the multiplier will return to 1 times our stake.

Finally, when a spot drops into central ring it will trigger the transform feature, which makes all the symbols in the ring change into the same symbol which then makes give us another payout on the winning cluster.

To get our hands on the bonus spins we have to get a bonus symbol into a zone at which point we get 5 bonus spins, giving the possibility of a maximum 15 bonus spins, there is also the possibility of retriggering bonus spins during this phase

Play’n Go – the Developers of Diamond Vortex Casino Game

Play’n Go are an award-winning company striving to revolutionize the gambling world and they’re making huge strides so keep an eye out! For more games with the amazing diamond theme, check these out:

Our Verdict on Diamond Vortex

Diamond Vortex is a great, new innovative game, it may seem alien at first with new systems that are unlike any real slots game, but given time it become a great new way to play the online slots and be apart of the revolution of online casinos that is going on around us.

For the initial confusion, this online slot gives us plenty of ways to win through exciting chain events! We give this game a 8/10.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.