Diamond Mine Megaways

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Head down in the mine and see if you can find some of the biggest pieces of gold in the history of all mining experiences. Whether you have been panning before or if this is your first time, we know you will be excited to see what is hiding down the pit!

So, start gathering those powerful sticks of TNT and dynamite to make some big bangs as you play the Diamond Mine Megaways on King Casino today because you might just be in for a surprise. Whether it’s gold, diamonds or a significant sum of cash, it’s all to play for in this derelict mine-based slot online from Blueprint Gaming.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change at any time.

Diamond Mine Megaways Gameplay and Symbols

Heading down into the mine might be scary for many people, but players of the Diamond Mine Megaways slot are guaranteed excitement. This is a six reel video slots game where there are 2,700 megaways in play which equates to 117,649 ways in which you can win with every single spin of the reels.

There are some great bonus features included in the Diamond Mine Megaways slot which can help to increase the fun, amount of playtime and the potential winnings here, include the cascading symbols, mystery symbols, scatters, gold scatters, bonus spins, multipliers and more.

If you are looking for gold, diamonds and cash prizes, then you can play the infamous Diamond Mine Megaways on the King Casino site today and see if the dynamite is lucky for you or whether you will simply go out with a bang!

Diamond Mine Megaways Bonus Spins and Extra Features

The cascading symbols are one of the most loved features in the Diamond Mine Megaways slots game, and for every winning alignment, the symbols included in that win exploded, disappear and are replaced in the hope that you can increase your winnings by being able to make another alignment on the same bet without having to pay to spin the reel again.

To trigger some bonus spins for yourself, see if you can align four golden scatter symbols at the same time on the reels so that you can win yourself 12 bonus spins, and if you are fortunate to see more than 4 golden scatters on your reels, you will see an additional 5 scatters for every additional golden scatter.

During your bonus spins, there is an unlimited multiplier in play which can massively change the winnings for you so that you can see some dramatic overall wins by the time your 12+ bonus spins are through.

Blueprint Gaming – The Pioneers behind Diamond Mine Megaways Casino Game

Blueprint Gaming is one of the best-loved games development companies in the UK and though it is UK based it is actually a little known fact that is part of the Germanic Gauselmann Group.

The team at Blueprint Gaming spend large quantities of their time creating slots games specifically for the online and mobile markets so that their slot games are as easily accessible as possible for their gamers to play whenever and from wherever they choose.

With such an innovative and talented, there is something for every gamer and there is a massive portfolio of games to choose from here due to there being seemingly no end of talents from the team of Blueprint.

With such an extensive portfolio, it is always exciting to see what the next game holds as we never know what to expect when we hear about a new slot, so watch this space for the new slots being released from Blueprint as you’re in for an exciting ride! Find more of their games at https://www.kingcasino.com:

Last Thoughts on Diamond Mine Megaways Online Slot

Diamond Mine Megaways is an interesting megaways slots online game with a fun theme, enticing cartoon-style graphics and audio that will make you feel as if you really are stuck in a mine.

Though the idea of gold and diamonds are fun, the reality of cash is much more likely of you being able to walk away with from this mining adventure although you will need to have a little luck on your side to be able to do that.

We love that the bonus spins are so generous in this slot, with the minimum number of bonus spins being 12 and with 5 more bonus spins being awarded for every increased scatter on the reels.

The unlimited multiplier during the bonus spins is another nice touch to help players increase their winnings as they play Diamond Mine Megaways. Go out with a bang but make sure that the TNT is in the right place before you light it on the King Casino site today. Enjoyed this? Check out Beavis and Butthead slot too!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.