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Break Da Bank Again

Break Da Bank Again Slots

So you’ve decided to Break Da Bank Again have you, well, you best assemble a crew because the potential takings this time around are through the roof! The original Break Da Bank online slots was quite the steel for Microgaming only a few years ago — it’s taken a few years for them to plan their next heist but here we are, reviewing the highly anticipated sequel for you all today! Know that you don’t need to have played the original to enjoy this one guys.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Break Da Bank Again is a 9 payline slot machine one that is played out across 5 reels total. Fans of the original will definitely spot a few similarities here and there in the sequel in both a visual aspect and a gameplay aspect.

The RTP percentage of Break Da Bank Again is relatively high too, sitting pretty at around 95%, meaning you will win a lot more cash when playing and winning! Want more info? Check out the rest of the review below.

How to Play Break Da Bank Again

The original Break Da Bank was a massive success story for developer Microgaming, so the likelihood of a sequel was always going to be incredibly high, we just didn’t expect it to take so long! Fans of the first slot will definitely find similar footing here in Break Da Bank Again, something that we are more than likely going to repeat again and again in the review. There’s a lot that goes into making this slot special, we’ll tell you that for no cost.

If you wish to take out cash at this bank then you will want to place a starting bet of some kind, this is possible through using the various coloured buttons you see at the bottom of the screen. Each button does something different depending on how you like to play — there is a max bet button at the bottom here, allowing punters to jump straight into the action almost instantly. Paylines are adjustable here in the game too.

Those of you out there wanting to take advantage of the high RTP percentage here in the game will find that the autoplay mode does just that. Autoplay is a feature built into most Microgaming titles, and it can come in handy in slots such as this, you know, slots that have the potential to make you a lot of money… Simply select the amount of games you would like the CPU to play for you and hit spin! It’s worth noting that you can stop/start this feature whenever you like.

All of the icons found in this slot are the same as the last slot almost — everything you see here has something to do with banks. Every icon you see on the reels here will offer punters something different too by the way, it just depends on the icon itself and the amount of symbols involved in the winning line. High and low value symbols are ever-present here, the low symbols are good at adding to your scores, but it’s the bigger icons you want!

Break Da Bank Again Symbols Values

High-value symbols here include, cheques, stacks of coins, sapphires and so much more! Some of the symbols here do have a few hidden tricks for you to find. Take the logo of the game for example, this is the wild icon here in Break Da Bank Again.

Matching this wild icon will see that most of the symbols on the board are substituted, replaced by scatter symbols just like that.
Wilds are incredibly common here, so there should no excuses as to why the player hasn’t taken advantage of them. Did we mention that all wilds here come with a x5 multiplier attached too? That’s right, all you need to do is match five wilds in the same row to have your scores be affected by this multiplier. Bonus spins are up for grabs here too by the way, match the scatters to get the keys to those.

15 bonus spins are dished out for those who can match as few as three scatters in the same line — you can actually win up to 25 extra spins, although this will depend on the amount of scatters you’re gathering. Did you know that you can gamble all winnings here in Break Da Bank Again too? Yeah, every line win — no matter how big or small — you’ll be faced with the choice of risking losing your spends or increasing them!

Microgaming – the Developer of Break Da Bank Again Slot

Formed all the way back in 1994, developer Microgaming are considered a mainstay in the world of online casinos gaming, a name responsible for countless fantastic experiences worth checking out — especially if you enjoyed Break Da Bank Again. Their list of slots grow by the year too, filling their catalogue with nothing but quality — put it this way, there certainly isn’t anything micro about Microgaming.
Many consider Microgaming to be the best online developer around today, and who could question that, you ever played one of their slots before? We can name hundreds of slots from their library of games for you to check out right this second, but we’ll settle for just three:

The Verdict on Break Da Bank Casino Game

So does Break Da Bank Again live up to the hype? Short answer, yes it does. In our opinion, Microgaming has done more than enough in this sequel to warrant its existence. The gameplay this time around is a lot smoother compared to the first, and the inclusion of different features is exactly what was needed to drive interest.

So go, assemble a crew, set aside a few hours, and enjoy plenty of spins in one of the best slots in the Microgaming catalogue! If you enjoyed this game why not also check out Cleopatra slot too?

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.