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5x Magic

5x Magic slot

Online slot games like 5x Magic are all the rage right now and there are many reasons for this.

One reason for the surge in popularity of online casino games and online slot games in general is the fact that this form of entertainment has become incredibly and increasingly mobile friendly yin recent years.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

5x Magic Slot Review

Online slots are now so easily enjoyed from the convenience of our smartphone devices and therefore, along with the rise in smartphone use over the last decade or so, has come a rise in online slot game spinning.

Another reason is down to the amazing amount of choice that exists out there today for those wanting to have a go at online slots, with games coming in all kinds of themes and layouts that have really pushed the genre of game to the very maximum of what to can be – and it some cases, even beyond that.

Combining an original theme and gameplay with some great mobile functionality is this game, 5x Magic, an online slot that uses a magician to lead the narrative.

5x Magic Theme and Graphics

5x Magic is a classic slot games and one that feels very modern and yet classic at the same time. This is perhaps magic in itself, while the game uses the theme of magic and old school magicians as the inspiration for the visuals and general narrative of the title. You will quickly notice that there are only 3 reels in this game and this goes a long way to making it feel like a truly classic, even timeless slot game.

3 reels slots can be limited but this is not the case for 5x Magic, which shows that 3 reel slot games still have their place in this diverse and modern world of online slot games. The coin value in this game varies from 0.10 to 1.00, meaning that there is not too much room for manoeuvre and rather than complicating things with several paylines and ways to bet, 5x Magic keeps things simple. That is, of course, until the magician does his thing.

How to Play 5x Magic Slot – Symbols & Bets

With simple gameplay, you would be forgiven for thinking that 5x Magic could get boring. However, this is simply not the case and the touch of magic provided by the theme and the main character of the game is more than enough to keep your mind stimulated and you test your luck and spin the reels.

With 3 reels, there is a classic or even retro feel to the gameplay and as ever, you have to match symbols across pay lines to win cash prizes. Played in front of a red curtain, there is a low budget but show business feel to 5x Magic that is great fun to be a part of.

The developers have really committed to the theme and even worked bonus features around the magic that is so central to the gameplay. Look out for sparkling animations and a narrative that is largely led by the elderly magicians who stands next to the reels throughout the game.

The scatters and wilds are very important in this game, especially as there are just 3 reels and therefore, not as many high paying symbols as you might find in some slots.

5x Magic Slot Bonus Features and Bonus Spins

In terms of bonus features and bonus spins, 5x Magic does not offer, too much. This is quite typical of the 3 reel slot games and instead of offering a mini game or bonus, special symbols can be saved up and they have their own positive effect on the proceedings.

Rather than taking away from the game, though, the lack of bonus features in 5x Magic only adds further to this old school feel of the slot game and the large jackpot could be seen as a bonus feature in itself.

Play ’N Go – Developers of 5x Magic Casino Game

Online slot game developers have quickly become some of the most important people in the entirety of the online gambling industry. It is these people and these innovative brands who are to thank for the amazing selection of online gambling titles that you can find across the hundreds of online casinos across the world wide web.

Developers are the companies who have truly defined the look and feel of online gambling since it first emerged in the 1990s and they have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the likes of slot games and casino classics ever since.

Play N’ Go are the developers of this online slot game and they are a developer with a really diverse output. On one hand, they can make some incredibly ambitious and even complex slot games that use stunning 3D graphics and farfetched narratives or themes to attract and entertain the hundreds and thousands of people looking for slot game fun.

But on the other hand, Play N’ Go are really good at providing a simple, classic looking online slot game like the one featured here.

From a 5 reel 3D adventure to a 3 reel production led by a charming magician with grey hair, this developer can do it all and that is one reason as to why Play N’ Go is so popular and revered within the online gambling community. While you are here you might as well try some more magic themed slots:

Verdict on 5x Magic

Well, perhaps it foes without saying that this slot game is pure magic. A really fun theme makes this an enjoyable title from start to finish, led by a charming and charismatic elderly magician who you’ll miss once you shut your laptop and decide enough is enough.

With a timeless look, this a fine example of a great modern online slot game that references the history of slot machines with it’s aesthetic and there is something quite special about that.

A top prize of 5000 coins is an amount of money that you do not just pull out of a hat, so that is one final reason to have a go at 5x Magic. A top slot all round… bravo. Nonetheless, if you don’t think it’s the right game for you why not check Five Pirates slot instead?

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.