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Did you end up on this post out of doubt about what video slots are? Or, are you maybe a fan of gambling online, looking for the videoslots to play? Well in any case you landed on the right place. If you keep reading below you will be able to learn the history of video slots, how to play and win on a videoslot, the best video slots reviews, as well as all the videoslots online casinos with bonus spins offers and more! Read below for more, or click one of the below links to get started with the best slots online, as well as some of the best video slot games of 2020.

Video Slots – How did Everything Start?

When the 19th century was coming to an end, a pioneer amongst the mechanical engineers in the USA, a true entrepreneur came up with the first slot machine – which only resembles today’s videoslots as a concept. It had 3 reels and 9 symbols, and it was called the Liberty Bell; winners would be paid in candy, and this is why it was called fruit machine!

Based on this first slot machine and its popularity amongst regulars in bars and pubs, other pioneers took the Liberty Bell and kept improving it without bringing much change until after the Second World War. It was then that technology allowed for the electromagnetic slot machine to be born, which was one step before today’s videoslot; the first video slots machines emerged in the late 20th century and did actually capture players by surprise.

Casinos were at their peak in these days, and about 80% of their revenue was originating from the video slots that were placed everywhere in their venues! Jackpots, shouts, symbols matching and coins clinging were the most usual noises surrounding the video slot rooms within brick and mortar casinos!

The Videoslot Today: Into the 21st Century

After the 1980s people thought that technology have reached its peak, including those fanatic players of video slots. Who would have expected that these games could be improved any further? Some even claimed that the Internet would stick around for a year and it will then become a thing of the past.

Well, they were definitely wrong. As all aspects of life have been revolutionized with globalization and access to the World Wide Web, so has the once humble videoslots game. Developers from all over the world that used to complete within monopolies and closed markets, now had to compete with everyone about market share within the iGaming industry. The likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, Pariplay and more, so new companies arising and competing with them about the best video slot.

On the other hand, casinos stopped being what people had in mind in the big old days of Las Vegas. Those fancy venues where rich and people wanting to leave in the edge would go and bet huge amount of money that could change one’s life – turned into the place where ordinary people would bet their last funds. Casinos were associated with addiction, rather than the big life of the late 1990s.

The Video slots Casino Online

All of the above, as well as the tendency of people to not waste time to move from place to place – but instead access everything from their devices, led to the online casino industry growing massively. The best video slots were developed and being added on all video slots casinos for players to access in an instant, from anywhere, at any time!

People stopped associating gambling and gaming with glamour and alcohol; instead, gambling started becoming more sophisticated, with strategies emerging and games becoming better and better.

Videoslots casinos online offer slot games, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and more – without having to que or wait 2 days for a tournament to end. You can learn strategies from the blogs of the casinos or just find tutorials from the best players in the world. When it comes to video slots, the classic slot machines used to offer 3×3 reel structure with a pretty low maximum reward. New video slots have numerous symbols, bonus rounds, mini games, 25+ paylines and whatever you can imagine – making the gambling experience a truly refreshing one.

Understanding the Video Slot Game: How to Play

100 years ago the above heading would look ridiculous. But with today’s rapid and constant improvement and releasing of new videoslots games, even the most experienced players could use a strategy guide. But first, let’s look at the basics aspects of video slots.


Most video slots have bets ranging from £0,10 up to £25. Of course there are videoslot machines that accept bets of even £500 per spin. High rollers should keep an eye out for these.


The Random Number Generator is one the most fundamental aspects of video slots, as it promises that the casinos are not rigged to steal the players’ funds. Instead, this feature randomizes every spin, making it unique; you could win two jackpots in a row, or lose £1,000,000 without hitting a single symbol combination.


The Return to Player rate is another essential feature of today’s video slots online. This percentage indicates the amount of money a fruit video slot would pay in the long term, highlighting what edge does the casino have over the player. The newest games tend to have over 95% RTP, which is quite decent; especially if you keep in mind that the brick and mortar casino slots used to have in-between 70% – 85% RTP.

How to Win at Free Video Slots

Based on the above information you should have understood already that there is no single winning strategy when it comes to slots, as they carry features that make them random. But still, there are ways to improve your winning chances, since most popular who lose – did at some point exceed the amount of money they had deposited. Meaning, that even most losers, were indeed at some point winners. Check below some of our top tips for video slots gambling online!

  1. Set a Bankroll

If you don’t determine the amount of money are willing to spent, you could end up losing much more than you can afford to lose. This is something that most people don’t think they would do, but slots are so much fun that tend to turn players into addicts. Before you start playing make sure that you don’t fall under this category.

  1. Set a Goal (a reasonable one)

It’s nice to dream big, but let’s be realistic. If you deposit £10 at an online casino and start betting on your favourite videoslots, don’t expect to become a millionaire. Of course this could happen, but it is not very likely. I tend to suggest a 10x goal, which is both high, but also within the reals of possibility. So, if you deposited £10, £100 quid should be enough to let the machine go and play another day.

  1. Pick a Megaways Video Slot

There are many different types of video slots, but we can undoubtedly say that the megaways games offer the highest winning chances. Numerous different ways for winning, patterns that none would expect to see and some unforgettable bonus rounds. If you want to get the best out of video slots, then check the newest Megaways; some good examples include, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, Bonanza Megaways and White Rabbit.

  1. Always go for the Video Slots free spin offers

If you are looking for a video slot casino to deposit, then it is likely that you fancy playing. Most casinos offer cashback on your first deposit, while others bonus spins for the most popular, or newest, video slots. Both these offers carry heavy wagering requirements, meaning that you are not very likely to withdraw real money from the first deposit, unless if you gamble 60x the free bet. This is why I strongly suggest to take the bonus spins, to play the longest that you can for free, and enjoy the best video slots as you initially planned to do.

  1. Don’t Leave the Funds on your Video Slot Account

Many fall into the trap of not withdrawing or transferring to their bank their hard-earned video slots cash. Based on my personal experience this will most likely result in playing these extra money on the next day of winning them. The point of playing video slots is to have fun, so playing constantly would only lead to gambling addiction and would take all the fun out of the experience. So withdraw if you win big, then deposit a week later some funds to play your favourite video slots.

Video Slots with Bonus Rounds to Play at an Online Casino Today

As we have touched upon before, with so many slot developers and the constant improvement of technology, in conjunction with the emergence of new casinos online daily – finding the best video slot is like looking for a needle in a barn. We picked 5x completely different types of games that are popular with our players and have also maintained their prestige over the years, despite newer slots being released.

Temple of Iris Slots – A small Review of this Video Slot

Egyptian themed slots are very common indeed, and used to be since the days of brick and mortar casinos. The Temple of Iris slot is one of the best of its kind, and there is no wonder high; high RTP, great music, exquisite graphics and a balanced volatility/payout rate combination is all a player can ask from a videoslot.

Bonanza Videoslot Review

The Big Time Gaming, classic release listening to the name Bonanza is amongst our top game list. Megaways slots, like this one, keep the players entertained, the eyes sparkle every time the games layout changes and bonuses can come from anywhere. Not to mention the unlimited multiplier apparent in the free spin game round. Match the ‘GOLD’ letters and watch the gold dropping from your scree.

Joker’s Jewels Review

As the name suggests, Jokers Jewels is indeed a more classic looking videoslot. Carrying classic symbols, without bonus games, but with some very rewarding jokers – we approve this one. Despite not having bonus spins or fancy symbols, the RTP is very high, and this game pays often. We suggest that you try this one, especially if you like classic video slots.

Slot Review of Fluffy Fairground Slots

From the whole Eyecon family of slots under the Fluffy Brand Name, we pick this one. The fluffy fairground video slot takes the positive and leaves out the negative aspects of the classic Fluffy Favourites, without becoming too repetitive – as one would claim Fluffy in Space or Fluffy Favourites Instant to be. We suggest that you give it a try.

Wolf Gold Video Slot Review

This video slot comes from another group of games, that are most characteristically made by NetEnt. These carry numerous bonus types on 25x payline set. Matching the scatters would give you bonus spins with great rewards, while the bonus symbols would give you an opening to 3 jackpot types; namely, the mini, the major and the mega jackpot. Besides, these two bonuses, on Wolf Gold game formats there are also wilds, so you have so many different symbols to expect that you don’t have time to get bored!

Video Slot Game Offers & Videoslot Promotions: Where to Play

We touched a bit on wagering regulations, but we will try to offer a below a more clear view of what you could win when you deposit and play on an online (videoslots or otherwise) casino.

  • Bonus Spins

The most common welcome offer in today’s casino world are the bonus spins. Deposit at least £10 at a videoslots bonus spins casino and you could see yourself winning up to 500 bonus spins on some sites. If you are a new player you get a real grasp of the game on offer and also spent some quality time without spending your real money!

  • Cashback Bonus

Another great welcome offer is the cash-back boost. Some video slots casinos offer up to £300 bonus cash if you deposit £300 on 1-3 consecutive days. This is what 100% cash back means in case you didn’t know. This offer is better for those going after the big bucks, who don’t really care about bonus spins with low bet.

  • Loyalty Rewards

As you keep depositing and playing on a particular video slot casino, the support team will definitely approach you and make some exclusive offers based on your gaming preferences. For instance, if you spent a lot on video slots – there is a big likelihood to receive bonus spins with higher value and no wagering requirements. If you bet a lot consistently you could even win big family trips, cars or other big rewards.

  • Tournament Bonuses

The slot developers themselves tend to release a fixed period promotions and offers applicable to particular games. These offer various rewards of set amounts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis – as well as the maximum reward at the end of the promotion period based on the number of points each person has accumulated. Look out for those at the information pages or blogs of the site of your choice.

Play Bonus Spins Video Slots Today, But Responsibly

If you have read all of the above information relating to video slots, then you are most likely ready to get started with some action. Before you deposit remember that you should never gamble more than you can afford and to also take regular breaks to clear your head and thoughts. If you need support you should visit the Gambling Commission site, or visit begambleaware.org to keep your gambling at check.

King Casino is one of the most popular online casinos, offering video slots, as well as other popular casino games – so it’s one of the best places to start. If you deposit today you could win both cashback and bonus spins for your gaming with very low wagering requirements. We also offer a pay by mobile casino gaming option, which also acts as a guardian since you can deposit a small daily limit of funds to your casino. Happy Spinning!

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