Online Scratchcards

In the old days, people picked up Scratchcards from the gas stations and tried their luck by scratching with coins or keys. Now, as we step into the 21st-century scratchcards has become a staple in the online gambling world,

King Casino proudly features several scratchcard casino games for players at a reasonable price and fun to play. Online scratchcards are your best option if you want to take a quick break from serious casino games. For the fans of Instant win games, here is what you’ll find in this scratchcard guide:

  • Best scratchcard games online in the UK
  • Variation of Scratchcard games
  • Traditional vs online Scratchcards
  • 4 basic steps of playing scratchcards
  • How to increase your winning odds on Scratchcards
  • Best scratchcard developers in the industry

Scratch cards are the best games to play if you want to win instantly. They are so easy to play and wagering real money gives you the chance to win thousands or perhaps even millions potentially. Sounds great, right?

Why Play Scratch Card Games?

Why should you choose to play scratch cards at King Casino? Well, the answer is simple! Scratchcards are the second most popular way to gamble in the UK (with the most popular being national lottery draws), and King Casino has a number of them for you to play.

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We have a varied selection of card scratch games, but we also have some of the best online slots and casino games. Play slots, bingo, live casino games, blackjack, or even roulette, when you deposit a minimum of £10 on our site. Some of our most popular top online slots include Book of Dead, Fishin Frenzy and Starburst.

Best 5 Online Scratchcard Games in the UK

Queen of Diamonds

One of the favourite scratchcard games online is Queen of Diamonds, which could win players a massive amount when the queen is revealed. Players with enough credentials could get a share in the grand prize worth £60,000. It’s a simple game with eighteen cards and all the control at the bottom of the screen to start the game.

Egyptian Oasis

It’s an amazing scratchcard style instant game that features 5 winning numbers and offers 10 to 20 cards every round. The aim is to match your cards with the winning ones; however, the real treasure is hidden in the bonus rounds, namely Pyramid Bonus and Wheel Bonus. Play it here!


If scratchcard casino games are your idea of fun, King Casino is here with another amazing addition in its Instant Win Casino Games section. You can register to the site and claim the welcome offer worth a £150 deposit match, and 50 bonus spins on the selected slot for funded players only (Full Ts and Cs Apply). X&O scratchcard games are the real deal that will make you smile with their simple gameplay and fun graphics. All you need to do is match 3Xs and 3 Os to score the win.

Ballroom Bingo

It’s a Bingo style scratchcard popular in UK online casinos that reward players whenever their card matches the draw balls. You’ll be surprised by the gilded columns of this bingo room atmosphere, and the bingo hall is eye-catching. The grand prize of £5000 is the highlight of the scratchcard game.

Cash In the Lamp

If you are interested in winning a grand prize worth £10,000, it’s time to give Cash in the Lamp a try. It’s a reveal style scratchcard game that rewards players on landing symbols, patterns and numbers on the board. The games have vibrant graphics with magic lamps and carpet, increasing the gaming experience and the straightforward gameplay make it the best choice for beginners.

Scratch Games History and Variations

In the 70s, the US state sold scratchcards as complimentary games, and SG was the first to introduce these Instant Win games. With the introduction of the National Lottery in the UK, players noticed a boom in scratchcard games even though they started as complimentary games but soon gained immense popularity among the masses.

Let’s start with the online scratchcard types you’ll find online:

  • Web-Based Cards: These cards are the online version of the traditional scratchcard games. These card types are easy to share through email links or widgets. They have taken instant win games online to the advanced level by making them available on all flash enabled browsers.
  • Downloadable Cards: The types of scratchcards require special software to scratch the cards. The software allows players to connect with a scratchcard online server while offline without any internet service.

Scratchcard Games Variation

Like slot games where you find 3 reels and 5 reels, scratchcard games are also available in different variations. Here is a few scratchcard online games variation you’ll notice in UK casinos:

  • Licensed Scratchcard Titles: Scratch games with licensed themes like comic books, TV shows, and movies fall in this category. They have a classic scratch to win format and mostly involve matching symbols. Popular examples are X-Factor and Pink Panther scratchcard.
  • Casino scratchcard: These scratchcards are inspired by famous casino games like Roulette or Blackjack, and the justifying example is RTG’s 5 Diamond Blackjack.
  • Bingo Scratchcard: Scratchers that love Bingo themes will be glad to know that now you can scratch the cards in bingo style. The layout is almost the same as Bingo and players have to scratch the winning number to score a win.
  • Prize Games: Scratchcard games have come a long way, and now, instead of only scratching, you have to play the game to score a prize. The best example of an instant win game is Treasure Island, which offers a scratch map to pave your winning path.
  • Lottery Scratcher: The scratchcards are usually a part of the massive prize pool, and players can win with the right combination.
  • Automated Scratchcards: Dragon Fortune is the best example of a Scratchcard game where you have to wager and press the button to scratch off the card.

How Online Scratchcard Work

Online scratchcards are pretty popular among online casinos, and that’s why many UK casinos have added a special section in the games library designated to Instant Wins games.

The idea is to register to an online casino that features a reasonable range of scratchcard games, like King Casino, with great titles for the funded players.

It’s simple. Just find a casino offering Scratchcards and select the card you want to scratch. You will find a wide selection at various prices and with different price ranges. When playing Scratchcards, you don’t wager; instead, you buy cards at fixed prices. Depending on the playing platform, you can scratch the card with your cursor or use your finger to reveal the prize.

Playing Scratchcard in 4 Basic Steps

One important thing to know about any scratchcard, is the fast gameplay, and players could end up playing tons of cards in the hope of scoring a win. Nevertheless, these 4 steps will lead you to playing Scratchcards online:

  1. Always begin with reading the games paytable and the reward structure.
  2. Define the number of cards you want to buy the more your bet, the better will be your winning potential
  3. Depending on the device you are using, scratch the card with the cursor or finger. Sometimes scratchcard games feature an automatic scratch function that makes things much easier.
  4. Check out the scratched section to see whether you met the winning criteria of the game or not. For example, a £10 Scratchcard with 3 matching symbols winning criteria is available in the casino. You buy the card with your casino finds, scratch it, and if you uncover three matching symbols, you win; otherwise, better luck next time.

How to increase your Winning Odds on Scratchcards

On the 1 to 10 scale of popularity, with 10, the most Scratchcards will be in the highest spectrum. You may find tons between lottery and Scratchcards, but in the end, the latter is often considered instant lottery games. Much like the online slots,  Scratchcards are luck-based games; however certain strategies can increase your winning, such as:

  1. Cheap scratchcards look tempting, but we suggest not to buy them because the cheaper they are, the smaller the prize pool. We recommend purchasing the higher bet instant win cards in the hope of a higher win.
  2. It’s important to read between the lines when playing free online Scratchcards in online casinos. Please read the terms and conditions carefully and the manual attached to the Scratchcard game as they display the winning odds you are up against. It’s better to select scratchcards with lower odds and higher prizes.
  3. Online scratchcards are slightly different from the traditional you bus kn gas stations. The key to the former is to purchase more tickets that could increase your winning odds.
  4. You must have heard the theory about slots that your chances of scoring a win on the throne that hasn’t been hit for some time are high. The same goes for scratchcards; opt for the scratches that haven’t been mentioned enough in the online casino.
  5. The key to healthy gambling is to stick to the budget, and the rules apply to all casino games. Fix a budget, make sure you don’t exceed the limit and do it without hesitation using gambling tools when playing with King Casino.

Why Players Prefer Playing Scratchcards Over Slots

If you ask gamblers why they play online Scratchcards, few will answer for fun; however, the majority will say in the hope of winning a big cash prize with little investment. After surveying the online market and observing the scratchies on the different platforms, we come up with the following reasons for online Scratchcard popularity:

  • The biggest advantage online scratchcards have over traditional is players can win up to £10,000 prize by purchasing a ticket as low as 10 pence.
  • Online casinos are always searching for innovative bonuses, and players may get lucky and score casino bonuses or bonus credits on scratchcard games.
  • Virtual scratch cards are cheap to play, and you can choose cards of different ranges that mostly don’t excerpt £10. The lower the purchase cost, the lesser will be your financial loss upon losing.
  • Online scratchcards are available 24/7, and there will never be any shortage whenever you get in the mood to play.
  • Players can scratch off these virtual instant games on mobile devices by clicking on the card of their choice.
  • Gamblers usually play online scratchcards for their instant results. There is no need to wait for several spins like slots for the payout or form different strategies to increase your winning chances.
  • Convenience is also the key factor for virtual Scratchcards popularity; you can scratch tons of cards by sitting at home in your pyjamas.

These are the common reasons gamblers love online scratchcards, and their increasing demands have led to their availability in almost all online casinos. If you search for a legit online casino with a scratchcards collection, King Casino is just a click and deposit away. Register and deposit with us now, and we’ll make sure you have the time of your life with our RNG generated virtual scratchcards.

Tradition vs Online Scratchcards: Which is The Better Option

The boom in the online casino world has paved a path for almost all gambling games, not just the popular ones. Besides the famous slot and table games, you can now enjoy instant win games like scratchcards, keno, Bingo and others on your desktop or mobile. Let’s find out the pros and cons of traditional and virtual scratchcards:

Online Scratchcards Traditional Cards
Players cannot use online scratchcards without an internet connection Non-TECH Savvies like the simplicity of offline scratchcards
Diverse formats that sometimes include bonus features to spice the gameplay Scratching is the only feature of a traditional scratchcard that end up in win or lose
Online casino sometimes rewards players with free Scratchcards or bonus credits as rewards You won’t find any special offers
Available on the go Available on the go
Diverse tickets range Standard ticket price
24/7 availability You cannot purchase them if they are out of stock at the venue .of

Scratch Games Developers

Online scratchcards are the easiest to play when it comes to online casino games. However, it’s surprising that only a few providers have tried their hands creating these instant win virtual games. The following studios have worth mentioning scratchcard collection in their portfolio:

  • Microgaming: The king gaming provider has used its expertise in almost all online gambling sectors, including casinos, slots, table games, Instant win games and many more. The online gaming pioneer has been in the industry since 1994, and in addition to other casino games, scratchcards are also part of its vibrant portfolio. You can enjoy the titles like Mumbai Magic and Freezing Fuzzballs to scratch off and enjoy instant results.
  • Playtech: The vendor is the synonym of innovation and has been an online casino games business since 1999. The gaming vendor scored immense popularity for its branded slots and added some amazing scratchcard titles in its collection, including The Pink Panther, Iron Man2 and Rocky, all inspired by the slot titles.
  • NetEnt: When it comes to new experiments, NetEnt is always in the lead, so the vendor is considered the Giant in the field. You may find exclusive Scratchcard titles in the vendor’s portfolio, including Max Win, Triple Wins and Lost Pyramid. Each with spectacular graphics and features to provide the player with a fantastic experience.
  • Rival Gaming: The gaming studio is not as experienced in the gambling industry as the above mentioned IndyStar Giants. However, since 2006, it has displayed outstanding performance in creating casino games and scratchcards in its short period of existence. You can enjoy the vendor’s Tiki Treasure, Beach Bums, Penguin Payday and Gunslinger.

Responsible Gambling & Regulations at Our Casino

At King Casino you can play scratchcard games, casino games, bingo, and video slots with peace of mind knowing that you’re playing on a site that is licensed by the MGA. More information on this is available to read the “information” section below.

We follow a fair game policy that means that all of the games on our site – except sports betting and LIVE casino games – a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to determine outcomes of a game. In a nutshell, the RNG makes gambling fair for everyone and everyone has the same chance of winning.

King Casino takes responsible gaming very seriously. You can view the Responsible Gaming Policy on our site which has lots of useful links and information that will be helpful if you know someone, or if you yourself thinks they may have a problem with gambling or possibly may have a gambling addiction.

It’s against our rules for anyone under 18 to play or open an account on our website. We do everything we can to prevent minors from attempting to play on our site. Parents can do a number of things to help, such as not leaving your account logged in, not leaving your computer unattended when playing a casino or card game and using software filtering and blocking tools.

If you think that your gambling is problematic, you can get help from Gamblers Anonymous organisations. There are also measures we have put in place to help combat this problem. You can set personal limits on your account, which will not allow you to go over your daily, weekly or monthly limit.

You can also choose to “cool off” or have “self-exclusion” where we suspend your account for a period of time. Contact us via chat, email or phone to do this with ease. You can also set session time limits. If you are worried about your own or someone else’s gambling addiction, please contact someone.


The online casino world has transformed in recent years. There were days when players were more in love with gambling games that required strategies or extended gameplay. With busy lifestyles, players often search for shortcuts or instant results, and Scratchcards suit the mood perfectly. The results are instant, and the losses are usually meagre that don’t hurt players’ bankroll. We know you are curious to try these virtual Scratchcards on King Casino. What are you waiting for? Just click on the title and get ready for instant results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of scratch games are there?

The classic scratchcard has evolved over the years, and online casino operators have gotten more creative to give players a unique and engaging gaming experience. More exciting scratchcard games are available to play nowadays that have various features the same way slots do. This game sometimes has fun themes, such as a charming, lucky Irish theme.

Why do people play online scratch cards?

Scratchcards are possibly the most straightforward and quickest games you can play at an online casino. They’re instant, so they are perfect if you’re gaming on the go and want to be in with a chance of a win – big or small. To play lottery scratchcards online at King Casino, click one of the games above. Here you’ll discover a wide range of instant win scratching games including Hit the Bank, Wizard of All and Casino Riches.

How much do I have to bet on scratchcards?

Gone are the days you scratch with a penny; you can now play your favourite instant game online! Online scratch-off cards are easy to play and could land you an exciting instant win. To play, you need to make sure you have a registered account on our site. Once you have chosen the scratchcard you want to play, it’s time to select the amount you would like to bet with. This can range from £1 or less to as much as £10 or more.

The card will usually have 3 lines of 3 squares. The number or picture values behind them are hidden, to begin with. Next, you’ll press the squares, revealing what is behind them. If you are lucky enough to find 3 matching symbols, you’re a winner. It is as easy as that!

Are there bonuses in scratchcard games?

The more advanced scratch card games have bonus rounds where you have a chance to win even more money and top prizes. You can play a national lottery or scratch game on your desktop or mobile device anywhere provided you have an internet connection. All cards utilise a Random Number Generator to ensure everyone has a fair and random chance of winning the jackpot.

Are there strategies to win at scratchcards online?

At first, you may think that buying lots of cheap scratchcards is the key to success, but this is not necessarily the case. After all, the prizes on a low-value game offer smaller prizes and a high-value game tends to offer cash prizes worth a million or more.

  • If you want to win small cash prizes then the 20p, 50p and £1 scratchcard games are the perfect options. If you want a shot at winning millions, the £10+ scratchcard is what we would recommend for you. Before you pick a game to play, be sure to read the terms and conditions to see the odds of winning.
  • When playing a scratchcard game or national lottery game, it’s always a good idea to set a budget and gamble responsibly. Be strict with your account and know when it is the right time to stop.
  • If you have played scratchcard after scratchcard and you’re not winning, don’t continue to play in the hopes of a win. You don’t want to lose too much cash. Set yourself a weekly or monthly budget and stick to it so that your finances don’t spiral out of control.
  • A good thing to do, especially if you’re new, is to get enough practice playing the smaller scratch games before you play the bigger ones. There are many cards available to play that are £1 or less. Start by playing an affordable card so that there is less risk involved. By practising on the smaller cards, you’ll have all of the information you need to learn from mistakes and create new winning strategies for yourself.
  • Most of all, winning top prizes, like the jackpoton a scratchcard is all down to luck. You may win three times in a row, or you may not win anything on a national lottery card game all month. It’s all down to chance, so make sure that you have fun!