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  • Play Online Scratch Card Games

    Slot games have been all the rage for a long time now with the adoption of technology into the online casino industry. They are now more accessible more than ever. But, did you know that there are also lots of fun scratch card games available on sites like ours? This means that you no longer have to step out of the front door to get a scratch card. Step into the King’s court today and see what exciting play we have on offer.

    Scratch Card Games

    We have lots of scratch card games available right here at King Casino just waiting to be played. Some of the top scratch cards on our online casino that we recommend include:

    • VIP Black - This scratch card game is worth every penny in terms of graphics and wins of up to £300,000. It really lives up to its name of VIP. Play it today from as little as 1p!
    • 7th Heaven - You will have more than 7 minutes in heaven with this online scratch card as there is more than one way to win! This game is a multi-scratch where you can play up to 7 times in one game. Players also have two opportunities to win in just one game. This is achieved by either making a combination of 3 sevens or finding the bonus gift icon for instant wins!
    • Cash Farm - Get ready for all the fun on the farm with a jackpot of up to £200,000. This is not the only win though as you can also collect various smaller wins on your journey to the big one. It is also visually attractive with the scratch cards taking on the form of barns.
    • Power Cash - Power Cash is really one for those players that still prefer slot games but want to sample scratch cards. The layout is very similar to that of a slot game in a 7x3 layout. It is extremely easy to play your way, with customisable features. The high payout and auto-play feature make it extremely exciting to play.
    • Reel Bandits - Yeeha! Let’s take a trip to the Wild West with Reel Bandits. Scratch your way through the cartoonish Western scenery and pick up bonus spins and wins on the way.

    Of course, our personal regal favourites are Royal Slots and Royal Wedding, which are fit for a King, if we do say so ourselves.  So, if you have come to King Casino because you want to win big and enjoy some fun times, then you will not be disappointed playing our scratch card games.

    History Of Scratch Cards

    Other forms of gambling have been around for thousands of years but scratch cards are actually relatively new. They were created in Massachusetts in the mid-1970s by American computer scientists. This changed the way that the lottery forever as you could now get instant gratification from a wager on the lottery. Nowadays, they are used for a wide range of things such as charity events and advertising. They have also migrated online to essentially make printed scratch cards redundant as people can now get instant cash and wins on sites like King Casino.

    Play Fun Games

    Gameplay on our online casino site should always be fun, just like joking with the court jester. We have a wide selection of games that are available to play on our site. This means even more fun for you, as a player. It also means that you can essentially pick and choose what you want to play. So, you will never get bored on our site as there is something for every player. Our large selection essentially lets you pick and choose your games. Play here today for your chance to win on the crown jewels of online games.

    How Do I Play?

    Online scratch cards work in exactly the same way as physical scratch cards do. The only exception is that they are even easier to use because the code that is used to programme them calculates your wins for you. You simply need to wave your mouse over the screen and this will uncover your fate.


    The King orders that all play in his court is safe and accessible. So, that is precisely what we have done with our games You can read our guidelines for safe play on King Casino below. Then you can take your place at the knight’s table with many other players of King Casino with our easily accessible games. All of our games are registered with and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission as well as other governing bodies. This assures our players that their gameplay is both safe and fair. In terms of accessibility, our scratch card games are available on a number of outlets such as mobile, desktop or tablets. So, what are you waiting for? Play amazing scratch card games today!