Why is pay by phone casino a great gaming option?

Pay by mobile casino is a different way to pay for playing online slots. The idea is that the player gets to add the money they deposit to play with to their phone bill instead of using an online casino account. That means players can play slots on their smart phone with more ease. So why is casino mobile so great?


Since pay by mobile casino cuts out the need to use an online casino account, it is much safer to use. When a player elects to deposit by mobile they do not need to add their bank or card details to another site. It is all done via their phone contract. Therefore the security risk of someone hacking their casino account or withdrawing their winnings is gone.
Now, online casino accounts are completely secure and sites like King Casino try to minimize that risk as much as possible, but there is always a that tiny chance of a security breach. Pay by mobile casino eliminates this risk entirely. As long as you can trust your mobile provider, you can trust deposit by mobile.


The existence of online slot games has made playing slots all the more easy. You can now play in your own home, in your own element as much as you want. No more driving all the way to the nearest casino.
But with slot games available to play on mobile, this freedom is taken to a whole new level. Play on the bus, on your lunch break or whilst waiting for your friends to show up. Playing slots online is now more convenient than ever and with the added security bonus when you deposit by mobile, playing whilst you are out and about has so many more benefits with this system. Sites like King Casino run so smooth that there is no danger of buffering while you play casino mobile on the beach. Yes, that is a thing you can do.

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Social benefits

Let’s face it, playing casino games in your home office is nice and relaxing. You have your comfy chair, a cup of coffee and are perfectly alone.
But what happens when you want to share your gaming experience with those around you. It can get quite complicated. Maybe there isn’t the space around your desk or you need to ask everyone to turn away whilst you manage your online casino account. It all becomes quite awkward.
Pay by mobile casino eliminates all of these issues. You can sit comfortably on your friend’s sofa and all have a full view of the phone screen. Since you are depositing by mobile there is also no uncomfortable looking away while you deposit the money that you want to play with. Everyone can now enjoy online slots together.

Other offers Available

Not only do you get the benefit of depositing by mobile with pay by mobile casino, there are other benefits that online casinos offer to those signing up to the service for the first time. This can range from a number of bonus spins on a certain slot or a certain deposit bonus. It only gets better with casino mobile. New players are always wanted after all.

All the same games are available

Is there a certain type slots game that you prefer? Do you only like one specific slot game? Are you worried about switching your service in case you miss out?
Don’t worry, pay by mobile casino allows you to play all of the games that you love from your own smart phone. There is no discrepancy between the games available online and those available for mobile. You can access King Casino’s full catalogue of slot games whilst enjoying all of the benefits that I have previously mentioned. Pay by mobile casino is truly the next evolution of slot gaming.

Last Notes

In conclusion, there are so many benefits to pay by mobile casino. From security to the offers available to you, there is no reason not to give deposit by mobile a try. It really is one of the great gaming options available right now.