Why are new slots constantly being released?

It seems that online slots are constantly being released. As well as the hundreds of slots already available on sites like King Casino, there seems to be a continuous stream of new online slots populating the market. Do we need all of these new online slots? Why are new slots constantly being released?

Variety of Themes

It is true. There are hundreds of slot games out there already, so why all the new slots. Well, there are still many theming options left untouched. For every new online slots game comes another idea to theme that certain game. Look at some of the variety available on King Casino. They have:

  • Book of dead– An adventure themed game based around an architect searching through the ancient ruins of Egypt. By matching the correct symbols across the 5 reels you can win a stake depending on whether the player matches 3, 4 or 5. As always there is a chance to win some juicy bonus spins.
  • Starburst – This game takes things much easier in terms of theming. This slot is based in space with a murky purple and black background. Again the idea is to match the gem symbols across the reels and has more classic feel. There are no bonus spins or multipliers but the wilds on the reels increases the player’s multiplier instead. A much more simple way to play.

So, as you can see, these are two wildly different games in terms of their themes. Therefore, think of all the different places and genres that can be explored by new slots. There’s so many.

Different Stakes Offerings

The theming of new online slots isn’t the only detail that makes new slots unique. Some games will pay out more depending on the amount the player deposits and others slightly less. Again, all we need to do is take a look at the games on King Casino to see this in action.

  • Eye of Horus – Eye of Horus is another Egyptian themed game where the player needs to match the symbols across ten pay line to win. This games does offer a free mode for those that want to try it before playing for real cash. But with a maximum pay out of 25, 0000 times the players bet, it’s not hard to see why Eye of Horus is popular amongst more experienced gamblers.
  • Gonzo’s Quest – This is an online slot developed by Netent, set in a medieval landscape. A characterful Knight guides the player through the 5 reels in their quest to match up 3, 4 or 5 stone carved symbols. With a minimum bet of 1 coin per spin and a maximum jackpot of 2,500 this is definitely a slot game for those wishing to play slots for fun rather than winnings.

Again, the wild variation in the stakes of these two games shows just how much a player can stand to win between slots. That means that any new online slots game can place their jackpot anywhere between these two games’ maximums and still be offering something new.

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Developers of Slots

With the rise in popularity in online slots games comes a plethora of games developers all wanting a piece of the pie. There are so many companies creating new slots to be featured on sights like King Casino that they inevitably make every game possible. Since we have established that there is a mountain of ideas for the taking, these developers have no shortage of ideas for new slots.

Luck and Superstition

It seems strange to think but players do have their quirks. If a certain machine isn’t paying out, then an online slot player will switch to a new slot for a better chance. This means that a player will need as many online slots as possible to ride their luck as far as it will go. One spin might give them a huge win, so they swap to another slot on King Casino until that one pays out and then move on and so on.


New online slots are constantly being released because there are so many ideas left to utilise, from both theming and stakes. Not only this, but players like the variety slots provide, especially when they are feeling lucky.