What is Card Counting?

Casinos have always offered a multitude of games and therefore a large group of players naturally gravitate towards their favourites. To win big at these games, a dedicated player will implement some their own strategies for games like blackjack, roulette, etc. But there is something else a player can do to increase their chances of winning and that is card counting.
What is card counting? To understand this we have to look at some more legitimate strategies first.

Casino Strategies

There are many different strategies a player can utilise in a casino. Roulette has many tactics that people use. You can place a bet on each number, or half your odds by just betting on a colour. More experienced players implement their own strategies like the Martindale or the James Bond strategy. Check out King Casino to learn about and try these yourself.
That leads us to another popular game, Blackjack. Like roulette, there are many blackjack strategies to try. Some people always double down on certain cards, others will not split against certain pairs. Since this is a card game, the strategies are always numbers based. But there are other things that you can do to increase your chance of winning. Let’s look at card counting.

Card Counting

Card counting is mainly a Blackjack strategy. It is simple to explain yet difficult to implement.
The idea behind card counting is that the player keeps track of the cards in the deck that have already shown up. Using that logic they are able to determine the odds of the next cards to be turned over based on what is left in the deck. As you can probably tell, this is supremely useful in a game like Blackjack. But like all strategies, it comes with its own variations.

Back counting

This is a method of card counting where a player does not engage in the game of Blackjack but simply observes the cards that have shown up for other people. Then, the player can jump into a game once they have deduced that the odds are in their favour based on the cards remaining in the deck.
This is considered quite underhanded and is only effective in traditional casinos. You won’t be able to do this on sites like King Casino for instance as you are mostly playing with AI.


Group counting

This is a method of card counting that involves a group of players. Together the group collectively play Blackjack and keeps track of the cards flipped. Some can back count, others can sit in. Either way, the group has a good idea of when to bet more or tap out. Again, this is mainly used in a traditional casino.

Online card counting

As you can probably tell, card counting online is far more difficult than in a traditional casino. Most online casinos use software that continuously shuffles the deck every time a new hand is dealt. That means great sites like King Casino want you to remain honest and play with luck rather than maths.

Why Count Cards?

Why do they prohibit card counters online? After all it isn’t illegal. Surely it’s just another Blackjack strategy.
While that is true, blackjack players have often found the strategy a bit underhanded. Just because you have the capacity to keep that mathematical information in your head, not everyone does so it is considered an unfair advantage. Some casinos even blacklist player that use this strategy.
This is wildly considered a fair assessment of the strategy so it is best to ensure that you play with people who do not have an issue with card counting.

Aren’t all Blackjack strategies math based?

In a way, yes. But it is still down to the luck of the draw. Whether you always double down when you have eleven, you can still go bust. Card counting is the surest way to win by removing the aspect of luck.


Card counting is mainly a Blackjack strategy that relies heavily on a player’s memory and ability to implement mathematical probabilities. It is extremely hard to utilise, almost impossible online, but if you do you can ensure that you win big.
Just make sure that you do it in a place that welcomes the strategy. If you find it hard to grasp, why not try some slot games instead?