Video Slot Machine Bonuses worth Triggering

Can playing video slots games change your life? Well, that very much depends on what game you are playing and how good you are at it. Like, did you know that there is actual World Cup for people who play the famous FIFA video games? We would imagine that if you won that tournament, or even if you are good enough at playing a computer game to be amongst the ‘best in the world,’ then surely that game has changed your life. But we are not here to talk about FIFA we are here to talk about online video slot games and judging by the fact that you are here reading this article, you are here to talk about online slot games, too.

In this article we will be looking at five video slot game bonuses that have the potential to change your life. While the above line might seem a little dramatic, once you learn about the subs of money that said bonus features offer, or perhaps the impact on the slot game industry that certain bonus features have had, you will hopefully agree that slot game bonuses can indeed change your life. And surely for the better, too.

The slot game bonuses we have pointed out come from a range of different games and from different developers, too. On our list we have enormous jackpots and bonus spins round that have the potential to never end. So, if you are looking to play slot games that have some of the best bonus features or mini games to emerge online, then you have come to the right place. First off, we start with a world famous bonus that has made international headlines for the right reasons!

All of the games we talk about below and many many more are available in one of the best online casino UK!

Mega Moolah’s progressive jackpot feature

The progressive jackpot feature is one hell of a bonus. While the online slot game is very much a solo player game, to be enjoyed perhaps from the comfort and confines of your own smartphone device or own tablet or desktop, some of the most popular online slots are effected by what goes on on other people’s screens. The progressive jackpot is a feature that makes this a reality, relying on a network of games that all combine to create one, big, always growing jackpot.

Mega Moolah might just be the most famous progressive jackpot slot game around, thanks to breaking a world record for the biggest payout made by an online slot game. Millions and millions were paid out by this game thanks to this feature, meaning that the progressive jackpot bonus in Mega Moolah certainly can change your life.

Megabucks progressive jackpot

Here is another fine example of a slot game and slot game bonus that can change your life forever. Megabucks is a game that has one of these aforementioned online, progressive jackpots that are oh so revered. One of the most popular ways to play an online slot game these days is to chase the promise of a progressive jackpot and, although unlikely, the somewhat unlimited amount of money that can be won is a potentially life changing way to play slots.

The chance of winning the ultimate prize in Megabucks is reportedly 1 in 50 million, so see this game as a lottery. But, someone has to win the lottery, right?

Samurai Split’s massive Bonus Spins round

As you might have already guessed from the name of this 5 reel, several ways to win online slot game, Samurai Split has a samurai theme. The graphics of this one are really great and there is a cartoon style to the look and feel of this popular online slot game. But why is this online slot game so very popular? Well, this is largely thanks to an amazing bonus spins round.

Triggered by landing the scatter symbol, the bonus spins in this game have the potential to just keep on going and going. By landing more bonus spins with your bonus spins, you can have up to 480 bonus spins on Samurai Split and this truly is something special. Having all the benefits that come with a spin of the reels but without having to pay, these bonus spins really could change your life if they go well for you. Just imagine what can happen by spinning the reels 480 times – let alone doing so without betting.

Cleopatra’s Bonus Spins round

The Ancient Egyptian slot game is a very common one online, as the fascinating history of this era often provides inspiration for slot game developers. It is a reality that can make some games with this very same-y, but thanks to a great bonus feature or two, Cleopatra is a slot game with a common theme that still manages to stand out.

Inspired by the iconic last pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra is a really well designed slot game and players love to play it, evidenced by the high rankings you will see for this slot across the web. One reason for the high ratings is the bonus spins bonus that the game has, with up to 180 bonus spins possible in what is a great bonus feature. Better still, expect multiplied wins as you use these bonus spins.

Cleopatra video Slot with Bonuses Image

Sherlock Murdered to Death Jackpot

This is a really unique online slot game and, despite what sounds like quite a violent title and therefore theme, there is a finely nuanced feel to the narrative of Sherlock Murdered to Death. Also, the bonus features and mini games in this title have the potential to reward your mystery solving skills with some big prizes. There is a murder mystery to be solved and doing so involves finding the lady in a mini game.

Win this mini game and get a huge prize in the thousands and the jackpot for this game overall, is over thirty-five grand. If that amount of money will not change your life then we reckon you are in a lucky position before you have even tested your luck with an online slot.

If you want to learn more about slot game bonuses and high-paying games like the ones described above, check our video slot bonus guide for more info!