Top 5 Slots with Bonus Games

If you just arrived to the world of new online slots, then you are in for an absolute treat. As you navigate the countless amount of titles out there, each with their own unique themes and layouts, you will discover the sheer mass of slots that exists.

It is a really exciting time to gamble online and more people are doing it than ever before. This has only led to the standard of online slot games to improve beyond recognition of the fruit machines that used to flicker in the corners of pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars. The modern online slot game is a very different beast, now creating an incredibly in depth world of their own within every title. Coming with 3D graphics now as the norm, you can truly get lost within online slot games like you never could before, as games now tend to rely on a much more interesting narrative than just the spinning of reels.

Main Factor Driving Slots Popularity

One aspect that has really driven up the popularity of these online video slot machines is the amount of bonus features and mini games that they offer. Whereas your classic slot game is a very repetitive experience, the use of bonus features and extras like mini games helps to switch up the gameplay and keep the game interesting. Games with bonus features are amongst the most popular titles online and not without reason. Not only do they add a great sense of variety to the action, but they also provide players with a greater chance of winning or perhaps the chance to win more money than what would originally be in offer during the base game. They are known as ‘bonus’ features for a reason and they really have the potential to turn an average spin into an extraordinary one.

In this article we will be concentrating of bonus games and bonus features, eventually picking out five slot games that have exciting bonus features that we really enjoy. Before then, we will be looking at what a bonus feature can consist of, what kinds of bonuses are on offer to players and what sorts of mini games you will come across as you navigate this exciting world of online slot games and a video slot machines. But first things first, let us start at the very beginning and think about what a bonus game or bonus feature actually is?

After you learn all you need to know, visit this new online casino to try out in practice all the things you learned today!

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What is a Bonus game in an Online Slot?

Online slot games really have come a long, long way since their humble beginnings. Invented in the late 19th century by the legendary gambling company Liberty Bell, the first slot machines were simple and purely mechanical. Rather than cash prizes, players who were spinning and winning across San Francisco bars and taverns would be able to exchange their wins for drinks or cigars at the bar. The game which was invented in the Golden City, has now very much spread all axons the world and in 2020, the slot machine is barely recognisable from that original machine.

In the online slot game scene, the creation of bonus features has had a massive impact on the way we play these gambling titles. Whereas before the bonus feature was invented games would just rely on the set up of three spinning reels, the bonus feature and the mini games that are now regularly incorporated into slot games online take guys away from this standard gameplay. Therefore, a bonus game or bonus feature can be considered to be any added feature to a slot game that offers a new experience within the very game you are playing.

What kind of bonus games are there within online slots?

Bonus games provided by online slot games can vary from game to game. This is typical of online slots as you will already know, as the titles that you will find across the online casino landscape will show you, no two games are the same. And to some extent, this is also true of the bonus games that you will find down the wormhole of online slot games that exists. In this section we will point out some of the kinds of bonus games that you can expect to find, ranging from the simple to the complex, the random to the theme relevant.

#1 Pick me Bonus Game

This first game for your attention is known as a Pick Me bonus and is very popular with regular online slot game players. Often triggered in game by some relevant symbols being landed, usually the scatter, wild or perhaps a specific symbol created by the developer, the Pick Me game is a chance to get some instant wins. This mini game is a game of chance, much like the slot game itself, relying on a luck of the draw style that will see the player pick one of the options on the screen. Usually, all the options on the screen, no matter what they are represented by, will provide different size prizes or perhaps even access to further features.

Usually there is no theory for the player to consider when playing the Pick Me bonus game and instead, this feature runs off the same RNG software that the slot game itself does, too. Even so, cross your fingers and hope to pick the right option so you can keep the amount in your kitty of wins growing and growing thanks to this exciting bonus game.

#2 Wheel of fortune Bonus

The famous game show, Wheel of Fortune, has more than found it’s way into the slot game world and acts as one of the most popular bonus games that you will come across in this beloved format of gambling. If you are no aware of how the wheel of fortune feature works, it relies on the player spinning a usually well decorated wheel which will eventually land on one option. This option could be a prize or it could even be a hinderance depending on what game you are playing – so make that a wheel of misfortune.

However, usually activating a bonus round like this is good news so once you trigger whatever symbols are needed to grant you a spin on a wheel of fortune, you can hope for a decent prize. Prizes on offer could range from big cash wins, small cash wins, bonus spins or perhaps some multipliers for your next win. Who knows? That is part of the undeniable charm of the wheel of fortune slot game.

#3 Random Slot Game Bonuses

This kind of bonus or mini gam is unique because it is completely out of of your control. A random bonus is a bonus that will, quite literally, begin at random. Nothing needs to be done to trigger this kind of bonus and there is no way of knowing who it may occur. However, the unpredictable nature is part of the fun and more often than not, the random bonus feature will always be good news. It could bring expanding wilds, extra reels to play on or even open up a mini game like those which we have already mentioned here in this article.

Bonus Features based on Themes

Now, these kinds of bonus games are much harder to explain as they can vary depending on the theme of the game that one is playing. However, for the most part, theme relevant bonus feature are our favourite kind of bonus games. This is because there is always a feeling that a lot of thought has gone into the bonus game when it is unique to the slot game title that you are playing. You will notice that in our list of slot games with exciting bonuses, many of them are theme relevant and this is because you just cannot beat a mini game that feels as if it was created just for you.

  • Forrest Gump Online Slot Game

Films and TV can often provide the inspiration for some of the best online slot games. This is very much proven by the Forrest Gump slot game as one of the most iconic films in modern movie history comes to the reels in style for what is a beautifully well designed online slot game with various ways to win.

Our favourite way to win in the Forrest Gump online video slot machine is via the mini game that this title offers. The Run Forrest Run feature is triggered by what happens on the reels, but after that it is all down to what happens on the football field. Forrest Gump himself plays a starring role, receiving an American football and doing what he does best – running. The further our hero gets the more money you will win. What a feature.

  • Wintastic Beasts

Not too many people seem to know about this online slot game but more people need to learn about it, for it is a really fun to play online slot with an original theme. Wizards are the main focus for the game and this is incorporated brilliantly into the main bonus feature on offer, too. Another theme relevant mini game for our collection of the best mini games out there in terms of online slots.

In the bonus game here, known as Ring Rush, the player must hop on a broomstick and navigate through thee golden rings. The more gold rings you get through, the more money you win for your prize. It is that simple… as long as you know how to fly, of course.

  • Rainbow Riches Slot Online

Online slot games do not come more iconic than games in the popular Rainbow Riches series. This long running collection of Irish themed slot games is packed with amazing slots that, more often than not, offer some great mini games and bonuses.

If we track all the way back to the first Rainbow Riches slot game, you will find a great bonus feature in the form of the Road to Riches mini game. In this game, a leprechaun takes this so-called Road to Riches and the further up the road he gets, jumping from tile to tile, the more money he will win you for the proverbial pot of gold. A great theme relevant bonus that is always exciting once triggered.

  • Sherlock: Murdered to Death Casino Game

This is a wonderful slot game, first off. Do not be put off by the slightly gory sounding title of this Sherlock Holmes inspired, mystery themed online slot game. The graphics of this title are superb and you really are put into this world of Sherlock and the murder mystery that is before him. And we are pleased to tell you that there is a wonderful bonus game in this slot game, too.

Revolving around this murder mystery that is afoot in the narrative of this game, you have to find clues and ultimately, find the Lady. Navigate the Moors to find her and you will be rewarded with a really big win. The bonus game is tense and it really makes for a unique aspect of a slot game. Remember how this format all started with just 3 reels and some extra drinks? Well we are well beyond that now, aren’t we?

Be warned though, find the Hound instead of the Lady and you will not win a single single thing. Ouch.

  • Rocky Slots

Finally, our last slot game with an exciting bonus is another to be inspired by cinema, as Rocky, everyone’s favourite cinematic, fictional boxer comes to the reels for what is a really entertaining slot. The game is filled with references to the iconic movies and even contains several characters in it’s gameplay. Our most favourite part of the Rocky slot game though is the amazing bonus game that sees our hero take to the ring.

Rocky must fight against an opponent who he met in the films and, the longer he lasts in terms of rounds, the more money that the Italian Stallion will win for you and your prize fund. Go on Rocky, mate.