Slot Games Bonuses Explained

The slot game has come a long, long way from that tired old game down the pub to the online casino.

Once upon a time, the slot machine was just a flickering contraption in the corner of a club, pub, chip shop or bar. However, the online slot game has taken the beloved gambling format into all new areas of excellence.

The days of three reel slot game are not over, but these days, the herds of gamers spinning reels tend to prefer more all-action slots with more reels, more features and more bonuses. The rise of the smartphone has played a huge part in the way that modern Briton gambles, with online mobile gambling now more popular than ever.

The spike in online gamblers has led to more possibilities and more interest in the market, with better online slot game options being the result. Developers are getting more and more creative, as their graphics seem to improve year on year, month after month and week after week. New slots are released regularly and one thing that people seem to look out for is, what bonuses slot games have.

As well as original themes, unique layouts and big jackpots, the slot game bonus is a major attraction for online gamblers looking for a good time and big win.

What is a bonus in a slot game?

Slot game bonuses are all the rage amongst the talented developers responsible for the currently surge in popularity of the genre.

The nature of the online gambling landscape means there is a lot of competition and the competitive nature sees developers trying to better each other. Household names like NetEnt and Microgaming are kept on their toes by modern developers like Leander Games and Yggdrasil, who regularly deliver outstanding graphics and animations in their ambitious slot games.

But as well as great graphics, great bonuses are a way of standing out from the crowd. A bonus in a slot game can be defined as an extra feature, usually away from the main gameplay on the reels, that offers the chance for a gamer to win more money not otherwise available. Bonuses can vary greatly in how effective they are, how they are activated or triggered and in terms of what the bonuses actually entail.

Depending on what theme of online video slot game you are playing, or perhaps what the regular gameplay entails, the bonus mode will change. This is something which helps all the vast amounts of slot games stand out as original from each other, with so many titles out there now to choose from.

What bonuses are there in slot games?

There are a wealth of different bonuses in slot games. As mentioned, they tend to range from theme to theme and some of the best of them are theme-relevant, too, finely tailored to your underwater adventure of journey back in tome to Ancient Egypt.

That said, there are a few slot game bonuses you can almost guarantee coming across, as you can’t beat the classics.

Spins Bonus

One very popular sight for an online slot gamer is that of some bonus spins. These are a very effective way of getting your wins up should you be so lucky as to trigger a bonus that entails them.

Extra Spins means that you do not need to spend any more money or place another bet to spin the reels. They are very often triggered by the landing of scatter symbols which will identified to you either at the start of the game or as you spin the reels.

Some bonys spins round will offer more spins if you land more of the corresponding symbols, which is something to look out for as you navigate the world of online slots. Also, the best bonus spins rounds will come with multipliers, too, so not only are you not risking any more money as you spin, you will also have the chance to win more money than usual.

Finally, some bonus spins rounds will allow you to reactivate even more extra spins by landing the same icons again. Not all slot games will offer this rewarding part of the bonus spins bonus, but games that do are always popular.

Random bonuses

The most unpredictable slot game bonuses of all, are the random bonus features.

This don’t even have to be triggered, so they add a real sense of unpredictability to any slot game that involves such features. A good example of a random bonus is in Foxin Wins, when a leprechaun runs across the screen and the fox who hosts the game picks him up and empties coins out of his pockets.

The most random of all random bonuses, this results in an instant cash prize which is a common function fo the random bonus.

Mini games

The more modern online slot games might offer a whole new game away from the reels.

Often triggered by landing special symbols on the reels, these are always welcome – especially if you’ve been spinning the same reels for a while. These games are often theme relevant so be prepared for some extra-curricular adventures within your game of choice.

Examples of mini games that you often see include a wheel of fortune style mini game or a pick a prize round. Both of these have a further element of luck, where you essentially choose what prize you take without knowing what it may be.

In Rainbow Riches for example, the iconic BarCrest slot that started a famous series of slot games, you have a number of mini games. In the original game, you have to wander up a path in pursuit of a pot of gold which has the potential to add some extra cash to your takings.

The main thing to take from mini games and bonus features in slot games, is that they have the potential to help you pick up some extra cash. So play it cool and composed and try and make the most of slot game bonus features that can help you win slot machines!