The 4 Best Real Money Casino Games For Beginners

The 4 Best Real Money Casino Games For Beginners

Who doesn’t want to potentially win real money? Online casinos provide that opportunity to players worldwide by offering a wide range of real money casino games. However, due to the huge variety of games available, players may find it difficult choosing which ones may be the best to play.

No worries, though, as we at King Casino are here to make your journey easier! We provide over 1000+ slots and live dealer games on our website, but we are also going to tell you about the 4 best real money casino games available for beginners. Let’s get started!


Topping our list is a world favourite – Roulette. Known to be one of the most famous casino games, Roulette offers players an easy and fun way to potentially make a pretty penny! The game’s objective is to simply predict where the ball will land on the Roulette wheel. 

Several options are available for placing bets, including betting on odds or evens, betting on a specific colour, or betting on a number. There are 3 different versions of Roulette available: the American, European, and French versions. These are slightly different in terms of rules and board layout. 

The best thing about Roulette is that it’s incredibly simple for players to understand and requires little to no effort! You have to keep predicting where the ball will land, and the game goes on and on. The odds in Roulette are typically 35-1 on each number, and it’s certainly one of the best games for beginners who want to try their hand at real money casino games. 

Slot Games 

Slot games are another favourite as they are incredibly simple to operate, both in land-based and online casinos. Almost everyone has seen a slot machine, either in films or in real life.  

The objective in real-life slot games is simple, put your money/chips in the machine and press a button. In video slots, players have more options as they can be a blend of arcade games and classic slot machine games. Hence, players may be in for an exciting adventure no matter which slot title they choose! 

Furthermore, there are an abundance of online slot games to choose from in both online and land-based casinos, giving players countless options. Online slot developers give information to customers regarding RTP (Return to Player) rates and slot volatility to give an idea of how much a certain slot may theoretically payout. Some of the different types of slot games available online are:

  • 3 reel slot games
  • 5 reel slot games
  • Progressive slots
  • Jackpot slots

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One of the simplest card games that may help you win real money is Blackjack. It’s pretty straightforward as all players have to do is form a total of 21 in their hands. The player plays against the dealer or the house, and each of them is given 2 cards when the game starts. 

Aces can have a value of 1 or 11 (whichever you choose to assign), whereas all other picture cards have a fixed value of 10. If the value of your cards is less than 21 (e.g. a 7 or a 4), then you can ask for another hit. This hit refers to the dealer giving you another card. If your total goes up to more than 21, you will lose, and the house will win. 

However, if your total is 21, then you win, or if your total is greater than the dealer/house, then you will win as well. Thanks to famous movies involving Blackjack, such as ’21’, Blackjack has become a favourite for many in online and land-based casinos. 


The final game to make our list of top 4 real money casino games is Baccarat. It’s not the simplest game to understand, but it’s certainly one of the simplest to play! 

All players need to do in this game is place their money on one of the 3 tiles. These tiles are Player, Banker, or Tie. After this, the dealer does all the work and starts by dealing a hand to the Player and Banker. Next, the dealer counts your total and gives you another card if necessary. If you win at the end, the dealer will simply hand you your potential winnings, and you can be on your way! 

While Baccarat may be a game that requires slightly more skill than the earlier ones, it’s nothing you can’t try to master in a few rounds! So start playing live Baccarat or any other real money casino games at King Casino. Who knows, today could just be your lucky day!

Beginner Casino Games FAQs

What is the easiest game to play at a casino? 

There are 4 easy games that players can choose to play at casinos. They are Roulette, Slot games, Blackjack, and Baccarat. All of these games have simple rules making them easy for beginners. 

Which casino game has the best odds? 

Blackjack is the casino game that is regarded to have the best odds. Players have a 42% chance of winning each hand they play. Blackjack also has the lowest house edge out of all casino games.

Are slots beatable? 

Yes, slots are beatable. As long as you play at reliable online casinos such as King Casino, you can choose high RTP slots and try to beat them to potentially win some cash. 

What online casino games pay real money? 

Several online casino games pay real money, including Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, etc. 

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