How do I pick a good slot machine?

The online casino slot game is truly one of the phenomena of the modern online casinos. The once humble game format has retained it’s simple gameplay style, whilst evolving and excelling in a new thriving market for online casinos and developers alike. Long gone are the days when the only place to play an online slot game was in your local pub, the corner of a dingy bar or down the casino.

These days you can have the fun of the reels from the device commonly kept in your pocket, or indeed on your tablet or desktop. With the change in technology has come an amazing amount of new possibilities for the format, as new layouts, stunning graphics, interesting themes and unique gameplay continues to improve the sub-genre of online gambling to no end, it seems.

What’s new in online slot machines?

Online casino slot games are continuously evolving and improving so winning at slots gets harder and harder. One of the most important new developments in slot game history is the potential for more features than ever. Thanks to an endless list of talented developers that make the online slot machine the flourishing format that it is, every week a new slot game seems to emerge and more than likely, it will be in contention with those at the top of the popularity list.

Online casino developers in question include the prolific Microgaming, NetEnt, NextGen, Leander Games and the always interesting, Yggdrasil. The latter have a knack for bringing outstanding graphics to their slot games, with penguins being their quirky main characters of choice as you spin the reels and watch the animations – and hopefully money – roll in.

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What are bonus features in slot machines?

One of the best parts of the modern online video slot machine is of course the wonderful amounts of bonus features that are on offer. There are plenty of bonus features to check out in online slot games. They all range in effectiveness, how they are triggered and can even be dependant on what theme of game you are playing. Essentially, bonus features are features of a slot game that take the player away from the standard set up of reels, moving towards an extra game mode or perhaps adding the potential for extra wins not present beforehand.

Bonus features are very coveted as gamers play, thanks to the fact that they generally increase the gamblers odds or potential prize money. As such, you should not expect to be playing bonus features too often. Rather, you have to trigger the features in order to reap the rewards than the bonus feature might offer.

How to trigger a casino bonus feature

Bonus features are something to behold and treasure in a slot game. And, for the most part, you have to win the right to gain access to a bonus feature. There are many ways in which bonus features can be triggered, ranging from the simple, to the complicated to the complete random.

For the most part, special symbols will play a key role in your access – or lack of access – to online slot game bonus features. Look out for wild symbols and scatters, usually made clear to you as you spin the reels, as these are usually tied into the triggering of bonus features. For example, should you land three or four of a scatter symbol on the reels, the chances are that you might trigger the bonus feature in question.

Random bonus features on Slot Machines

Another way to trigger a bonus feature is to do so by complete luck and at complete random. Random bonuses add a real sense of unpredictability to the proceedings, with no way to trigger them. Instead, they just occur whenever the game’s algorithm conjures it up. Thanks to the truly random nature of the way slot games are programmed, these random features really are random – so don’t expect to be able to predict when one might occur.

A fine example of a random bonus feature comes in Foxin Wins, a slot game where a rich fox welcomes you into his mansion to spin some reels in his living room. If this is not random enough, already, wait until the random bonus feature occurs in this 5 reel slot. A leprechaun will, on occasion, run across the reels until he is captured by the fox in question.

The fox will then turn the leprechaun upside down, spilling gold coins from his pockets which are converted into cash wins for the player. Brilliantly random.

Bonus spins bonus features on Casino Games

One extremely popular online casino bonus feature which you will see in many slot games is that of the spins bonus feature or extra spins bonus round.

A common bonus mode in online slot games, if games have just one bonus feature there is a high chance that it will be a bonus spins mode. The beauty of an extra spins round is that it won’t cost you any extra money to use but has all the benefits of a normal spin – if not, even more.

Triggered by landing three wilds or even more if possible, bonus spins rounds can often come with very alluring multipliers as you spin. These mean that should you record a win during a bonus spin, your cash prize will be bigger than usual. As a rule, the more wilds you use to trigger a bonus spins round, the more of an impressive multiplier you shall receive. Either this or, the more wilds you land, the more spins you can win.

If you find yourself a slot game with a really good extra spins round, then you might even be able to win more and more spins. By landing the same symbols that trigger bonus spins, using your spins, you can sometimes expect the bonus spins to continue. A great way to get plenty of spins done on a budget, extra spins rounds are the most popular bonus feature for a reason.

Keep a look out for bonus features in slot games, as they are a game changer for sure.