Online Casino Reviews

The way that we find out whether something is worth investing in is usually by checking out reviews. These reviews weigh up the positives and negatives of an item and then determines why a person would like the product or not. The verdict is not written in stone as these opinions are entirely subjective. However, reviews are always a good place to start when judging the worth and value of something.

This is also true of online new casinos sites. That is why players can always check out online casino reviews.

Who reviews an online casino?

An online casino review can be administered by anyone. A player can spend time on the site and then write about their experience on their blog. It is that simple to conduct an online casino review.

Individual opinions are great but the reviews that hold the most weight are casino websites, places that hold all the relevant information about gambling online. These are casino players, professional critics whose job it is to visit and evaluate these sites. They have a unique set of knowledge, can distinguish between the tiniest details to inform players whether or not an online casino is worth playing at.

A critic’s opinion matters because of their experience. They can see quality where other amateurs cannot. Whilst a person’s blog will hold an accurate review, it is always best to find the reviewer with the most experience when it comes to an online casino review.

What the reviews do not include

Online casino reviews are mostly subjective affairs. They generally discuss the overall enjoyment experienced at the casino, something that cannot be quantifiably measured.

There are some standards that an online casino must comply with to be considered good before the reviewers have their say. These are mainly laws and regulations that include:

  • A full casino licence provided by the government
  • A self-exclusion policy
  • Fair and transparent gameplay
  • Detailed terms and conditions

This list might sound obvious but, if the online casino site does not feature all of these things then it should not be operating.

Casino Review

What an online casino review does include

It might seem as if every casino site is pretty much the same however, there are a myriad of factors that go into determining what is a good online casino and which is bad.

Safety and Security

This may be a second thought for some players, but some online casinos are safer to use than others. Safety starts with how detailed the terms and conditions are when signing up but permeate the online experience without players even realising.

A casino site can increase security by:

  • Offering a variety of different payment methods
  • Adding a terms and conditions clause
  • Checking for bots
  • Registering their website URL is protected
  • Encrypting login information

These may all seem like simple steps but an online casino review should always detail the security of an online casino. They will check each of these aspects, and whilst not all of them are compulsory, most are needed nowadays.

Bonus offers

Almost every online casino has a promotions page. These detail the offers available to players and what is required to activate them. Now, just having a long list of bonus offers is not enough to be considered a good online casino in a review.

Sometimes the online casino review will weigh up how varied these offers are, how easy they are to obtain or if they are good value for money in the case of a deposit bonus.

Since a lot of players receive a bonus when first signing up to a casino site, these bonuses are worth examining for their worth as they may decide which site the player registers with.

The casino games

This is the most subjective viewpoint that comes up in an online casino review. Whilst the number of casino games can be tallied and how much they cost can be displayed, the overall enjoyment of the games and the variety cannot.

The variety on offer at a casino site is tallied differently depending on the site. If the site exclusively features slot games, then this variety will apply to the themes of the slots, the difference in stakes and return to player rates.

In a normal online casino, this variety applies to how many different casino games are featured. Most of these games include:

  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Best slots games
  • Blackjack
  • Live Casino Games

A good mix of these casino games can guarantee enjoyment across the board for a variety of players.

In terms of quality, this can mean different things to different people. One player might want to play a casino game that they can play for a long period of time whereas another might want a game that pays out a large sum instantly so they can move on to something else.

This quality cannot be physically measured in an online casino review however there is a way to find out what reviews to trust. If you find a critic or website review that you often agree with, this person or site will likely hold the same perception when it comes to the quality of a casino game. This means it may be best to search for their online casino reviews first.

Free play games vs real money games

There is one big distinction between the types of online casinos that a critic will often need to change their outlook. That is whether or not the casino games featured provide real money wins or are free to play.

With a free to play casino site, the reviewer is going to focus more on the quality and variety of the games themselves. That is because these are the only factors that need discussing.

When an online casino review focuses on a real money casino, the focus lands more on the value of prizes won. If players are asked to make large deposits for little wins, the casino may receive negative feedback.

The analysis of real money casinos does not end with the pay-outs, though. Factors such as bonus offers are questioned as well as security measures. When playing at a free online casino, the player is never in danger of losing real money, therefore the security can be dedicated to just protecting their personal information.

With a real money casino, the security measures need to be far stricter.

Social elements

When online casinos originally started, a lot of players noticed that the social aspect of gambling had all but disappeared. That was true for a time, however, those social interactions have begun to return to the online format.

That is why a new feature that an online casino review might detail is the social elements provided. Some casino sites provide a chat bar where users can talk which is fine but with newer technologies they can now provide video chats.

This has increased the number of live games available as well as the interactivity between players. Now, an online casino review can rate how well a casino monitors its chats and deals with technological issues. It is fine to have poor service on an individual slot site but, on an online casino that boasts large games of online bingo, a good video connection and helpline is imperative.

Other factors detailed by online casino reviews

Considering the list it is impressive the amount of detail that needs to go into an online casino review. From types of games to security and even payment methods, these reviews have a lot to cover. But that is not all. There are a few more things to look out for in an online casino review. These include:

  • Whether or not the site is independent: Independent casino sites follow different rules from other online casinos. A good review will detail the status of a casino and add relevant info into their review.
  • Blacklisted sites: Speaking of casino site status, some sites can be blacklisted and removed from licenced status. This is done when a site breaks one of the laws that are required to function with a gambling licence. If this site has been previously reviewed, it is up to the critic or review site to posthumously label the site as blacklisted on their site or remove their review.
  • Paid Promotions: There is something in the review world known as a sponsored review. This is a paid piece of promotional material used to promote a product via a review. The critic will receive a sum from the promoter to talk about the product favourably. This might sound dodgy however, all that is required for this to be legal is the critic clearly labelling the review as sponsored. Always check for sponsored reviews as they are not wholly truthful and should be considered as regular marketing.
  • A Score: Last of all, the review will bestow a score. This could be a number out of 10 or some stars. Either way, this arbitrary number will be a lasting impression that sums up the thoughts on the casino site in one easy to read format.