No Deposit Slot Bonus

Slot games have so much going for them. They are some of the easiest on line casino games to get to grips with and the stakes are usually quite low. The big payments rarely come unless you put the time and large deposit amounts toward the game.

The main draw for these types of online games is the fun factor. However, like most things in life this fun can only come after making a payment of real money. That is why there are these things called a no deposit slot bonus.

What is a no deposit slot bonus?

A no deposit slot bonus is an offer put forward by an online casino to reward players. The reward comes in the form of a bonus that allows the player to play their slot games for free. For a short time at least.

So, what types of bonus casino without deposit offers can we expect?

Different types of no deposit slot bonuses

There are two main no deposit bonuses that online casinos like to provide. These are the best ones to consider when looking to play online slot games for free.

  • Bonus Spins: These are a set amount of extra spins given to players to use on a variety of slot games across the site. These bonus spins are the best way to sample slot games without the risk of losing any real money. They are always used by casino sites because spinning the reels is a fundamental part of slot games. The one downside is that this is a bonus exclusively for those that wish to play slot games. This bonus does not translate well to other online casino games.
  • Bonus deposit amount: This deposit amount acts as credit for the player to use across the casino site. When using this credit, you can again sample many of the slot games on the site or transfer it to use on other casino games.

Both of these no deposit bonuses are available for a short time and when they run out, you will need to make a real money deposit to keep playing. These usually don’t apply to jackpot slots.

Where do I find no deposit slot bonuses?

These types of no deposit slot bonuses sound great so how does a player receive them. Well, there are a few methods that you can try.

  • Welcome offer: A welcome offer is a bonus given out by casino sites to tempt new players to sign up. These often come in the form of a no deposit bonus. It is always worth checking out the promotions page of a casino site to see whether you qualify for a no deposit welcome bonus.
  • Loyalty Bonus: This is given out to players that have been signed up to the casino site for a long period of time as a thank you for continued patronage. Again, these can come in the form of a no deposit slot bonus and prevents the player from getting bored and searching elsewhere for slot games.

These types of bonus offers are widely available across the web and so a quick search should yield a result of a bonus that you qualify for.

No Pay Slots, Free Play

Can I win real money using a no deposit slot bonus?

This is a tricky question to answer as it all depends on the type of casino site as well as the type of bonus you are using. For example, a welcome offer no deposit bonus is less likely to allow players to withdraw money they win using a bonus spin. This is because it is unclear as to whether they plan to leave the site once the bonus ends. Therefore, the casino site only allows players to withdraw money after making a deposit of their own.

With a loyalty bonus, this is not the case. The aim of the no deposit slot bonus is to remind the player why they enjoy playing at that site. That includes the joy of winning real money on a slot game. This means that you are far more likely to be able to win real money with this type of bonus.

However, it is not written in stone. Each offer works on a case by case basis and so it is imperative that you always read the terms and conditions of an offer before committing to it. These conditions will detail whether or not you stand to win real money with the offer or if you need to put forward anything yourself.


A No deposit slot bonus is very easy to come by nowadays. However, always ensure that you fully understand the terms of each agreement and do not be disappointed if you are not allowed to win real money when playing slot games this way.