New Slots to Play Online Today

Since online slot playing began becoming popular around the turn of the millennium, it’s grown exponentially more popular and generated serious amounts of wealth around the world, but in the UK in particular. New online slots are popping up almost daily, as there are a wealth of talented developers delivering new slots online to the many thousands of casinos out there.

As a punter, you can choose to play new online slots or opt for the classics instead. We took a look at some of the best slots to play at King Casino so that you can have an idea of what’s great to play out there. They may not be new online slots in their nature, but they have been rebooted or updated in recent years in ways that make them feel like they are brand new slots. Plus, all of these slots are available to play at King online Casino, so there’s no need to shop around – you can get stuck in at all 4 on the same site if you thin that they suit your fancy.

Book of Dead New Online Slots

Play’n GO are one of our favourite online slots developers and over the years they have put out some of the best new online slots one can play. Book of Dead is one of their best ones, and it is highly volatile and has been since it was first released a few years back, but you can win a massive 5000x your stake off of one simple spin. Book of Dead has had a few great updates over the years including the formatting to allow play for mobile users, so now you can play Book of Dead on the vast majority of devices. It’s not technically one of the new online slots, but even if you did compare it with new slots it would still go down as one of the best.

Eye of Horus New Slots Online 

Merkur’s slot Eye of Horus’ max payout is £250,000, and according to legend a few people have achieved this number over the years. Imagine winning a quarter of a million – what would you do with all that money.

If you think it’s worth a try then you will certainly enjoy the process while playing Eye of Horus. It’s simply a classic, and goes down as one of the best and most well played slot games of all time. With it’s intriguing Ancient Egyptian theme and ability to win 10,000x your stake, plus a reasonably generous RTP that sits healthily above average on top of all this, the same can be said of Eye of Horus that it can of Book of Dead in the sense that if it were to be released today, it would definitely go down as one of the best new online slots playable.

New Slot Image


Here’s one for you: the best online slot of all time. Quite a profound statement, no? We wouldn’t say it lightly, but it is our opinion, and it’s backed by the general consensus of the online casino community.

Starburst was given a bit of a reboot in 2020 which means the already iconic graphics have got that bit better, and it’s been done so tastefully. The reboot retains the classic old school feel but also feels as fresh as one of the new slots online, so it’s a really fantastic gameplay experience all round.

Gonzo’s Quest New Slot

The original Gonzo’s Quest isn’t one of the new online slots, but it hasn’t recently been rebooted and provided the Megaways engine developed by Big Time Gaming that has been widely accepted as the best online slots engine of them all. So, combining such a classic slot with an amazing engine is definitely a route you could take as a player as well.

Last Thoughts on New Slots to Play Online Today

So, these aren’t specifically new slots online but it would be difficult to call the freshest releases the best of all time when they haven’t had the history to achieve that status yet. So, at the moment, we’re focusing on updates and reboots of the classics until we can tell for definite whether the new slots are worth playing or not. So, we’ll check in with you in a few years time and let you know how they get on!