New Casino UK

With online gambling becoming all the rage (it has seen a consistent 28% increase in users every year since 2014), it is no surprise that new casinos are popping up all over the place. In 2021 alone there have already been more than 10 new casino sites in the UK that have started up and I am sure that these will not be the last.

So, what is it about the casino games that make this surplus of new casino sites necessary?

Why do we need new casino sites?

The point of an online casino is to house all of the casino games that are released. On just one casino site you will find the likes of:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Live Game Shows
  • Slot Games
  • Bingo

That is a long list even if you take away the slot games. There are online casinos out there that exclusively house slots, that’s how many there are. What’s more, the developers do not seem to be slowing down.

With so many different variations of free online slots and all these other casino games, it is no wonder that new casinos are being created to hold them all.

It isn’t just the casino games that are multiplying. With a large influx of new players, more developers are founding companies to get in on the action. The existing companies already have relationships with certain casino sites, so where are the new developers to go?

By making a deal with a new casino they can ensure that their new content finds a home quickly.


New Ways to play casino games

The estimated number of people that own a smartphone in the UK is around 83% of the population, with 78% of casino players now choosing to play casino games on these mobile devices.

This rapid change has caused a sudden switch in development. Instead of making games for desktop, developers are now creating games for smartphones. Of course, new casinos are needed to hold these new mobile games.

However, these casino games are a bit different from those that came before, especially the new slots. The popular method of browsing on a mobile device is through apps. This means that newer games are developed to act more like these apps, more videogame-like than traditional games.

This makes them perfect for newer, perhaps younger players. They are not so well versed in the older casino sites. A perfect opportunity for a new casino to swoop in and take their custom, instead of older casinos trying to change their format to keep up.

Why play at a new UK casino?

The reasons that new casinos keep cropping up is now obvious. They want to grab the custom of the influx of new players. But what benefits are there for these customers? There are quite a few and they include:

  • New games: the newest casino games will likely be uploaded to the new casino sites. These games feature all of the newest, more refined details and are available on all the latest devices. That makes them the go-to place for all of the better casino games. More on that in a bit.
  • Welcome offers: In order to get new customers to sign up to their site, a new casino will provide a few extra bonuses to these new players. That makes them the perfect place to try out some new casino games.
  • Stricter laws: the UK has had a few changes to its gambling laws. It only became legal to advertise gambling in the last 15 years and with the online space becoming so popular, they have had to properly refine things. For example, the UK banned the use of credit cards at all of their online casinos. This is beneficial to both the casino and player as the casino is guaranteed to get every payment made and the player does not rack up large debts that they cannot pay. In other words, new UK casinos are best if you are looking to stay on the right side of the law and not get taken advantage of online.

Innovative Welcome offers

As mentioned above, a new online casino will offer players a bonus for signing up to use their site for the first time. These come in two forms, no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses.

The new casino no deposit bonuses are comprised of:

  • Bonus Spins: the site will give the player a number of bonus spins to use on any of their slot games. You can use these for free. This is because you are far more likely to find a slot game that you enjoy by trying it first, meaning that you will make a deposit to play it later. This means that, by giving you a small sample, the new casino is more likely to gain a permanent customer. The downside to these bonus spins is that they can only be used on slot games.
  • Free deposit amount: alternatively, new players can receive some free credit with no deposit. This credit can be used to sample all of the casino games on the site. Once again, when the deposit amount runs out you will need to make a deposit of your own to play any of the games that you like.

Next, we have the new casino deposit bonus. This is a bonus that requires the player to make a deposit of real money before they can unlock the bonus. These offers include:

  • Extra deposit amount: just like with the free deposit amount, the new casino will add on some extra credit on top of what they initially deposit. This extra deposit amount stretches out the gameplay and builds up some goodwill between the casino site and the player.
  • Matched deposit amount: instead of giving the player a random amount of credit on top of their initial deposit, the new casino will match it. That means with the first deposit of £40, you receive an extra £40 to play with completely free.
  • Bonus Spins: these work the same as with a no deposit bonus only they require an initial deposit from the new player. What’s more, with a deposit bonus you are more likely to receive more bonus spins than with no deposit.

Those are all of the bonuses you can expect to find at a new casino. What about the new casino games?

New Casino Games

When online casinos first started at the end of the ‘90s, developers chose to simply recreate the older casino games in a digital format. They did not realise the potential of this new format.

New casino games are now designed with the capabilities of the software in mind. We have already explained the benefits of mobile slots. You can play them on the move and they are designed to be more user friendly like modern video games.

That’s just the tip of the ice burg. Older casino games were rooted to the spot. They could only include what the physical screen size allowed. On a computer or mobile device, the developers can work over multiple screens. This can lead to much better bonus features and interesting gameplay. There are no restrictions any more.

Another bonus to new casino games is the interconnectivity the internet allows us to share with players from all over the world. Players can now play a game of online poker at any time of the day with anyone they choose. The communication and interaction are much better with new casino games.

New casino sites are built to sustain this communication software. This means that you are better off playing newer games at a new casino site.

Gambling regulations in the UK

Before players start to place wagers at new UK casinos, they must be aware of all the current gambling laws and regulations in the country.

  • Legal age: players need to be 18 or over to visit an online casino in the UK
  • Payment: It is illegal to use a credit card to make a deposit at a UK casino
  • Syndicates: a group or syndicate’ of gamblers is considered illegal when playing individual casino games. However, sweepstake games such as the national lottery do allow syndicates.
  • VIP’s: In the UK, a person that has an identified gambling addiction is called a VIP. They are advised not to gamble at all and even receive help from the government to avoid gambling advertisement.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure that you are fully up to date with all the laws and regulations when playing at a new casino, always make sure that you fully read the terms and conditions of the site when first signing up. These will detail all UK gambling laws as well as what is required from the player.

This includes wagering requirements, a set of criteria laid out by the new casino that the player needs to meet before they can take part in the act of gambling. These requirements are also needed when signing up for any bonuses. Always make sure you read the terms and conditions of any agreement, especially when real money is involved.