Low Deposit Casino

To play at a new casino site, players must always make a deposit. This deposit is used as a stake in the casino games and is what is multiplied if you manage to win. Each casino game sets its minimum deposit and maximum deposit which allows the player to wager anywhere in between.

These deposits can stretch to excessive amounts, some casino games requiring large deposits of up to over £100 per game. What about the player’s that want to exclusively make a small deposit?

That is where a low deposit casino comes in.

What is a low deposit casino?

A low deposit casino is an online casino that features casino games that require the player to make a small deposit. These are sometimes referred to as small deposit casinos.

The casino games can range from roulette, baccarat, table games and even low deposit new online slots. These minimum deposit casinos have a variety of benefits to players.

The benefits of using low deposit casinos

The obvious benefit of using low deposit casinos is that it does not cost the player as much. You can set a small deposit and still win real money.

Another benefit of these low minimum deposits is that the stakes are extremely low. Consider the amounts that you are paying in these small deposit casinos. They sit between the £1 and £5 mark. This means you are never under any pressure to win.

Plus, you can use any of the popular payment methods when using one of these online casinos.

Making a deposit at a low deposit casino

When using minimum deposit casino sites you can make a deposit in any of the conventional ways. These payment methods include:

  • Traditional banking methods: just like at a regular online casino, players can link their online casino account to their bank account. This way, they can continuously make deposits whilst playing at the site. The best banking methods mostly include debit card transactions as credit cards are now banned at most online casinos. This is especially true of UK casinos.
  • Third-party sites: a third party site, such as PayPal, is a payment method that covers the security risk of banking methods. Instead of paying straight into low deposit casinos from your bank, the player can choose to deposit into a digital wallet and then into the online casino. This comes with security benefits.
  • Pay by phone: speaking of security benefits, the pay by phone method, or pay by mobile, is a great way to play casino games and not risk anyone stealing your deposit. Players get to add the money that they use as a deposit onto their phone bill at the end of the month. By using a pay by phone bill method, the player removes the need to continuously make a deposit like with the traditional banking method.

Casino Deposits

Minimum deposit casinos

The cousin of the low deposit casinos, minimum deposit casinos reward players for making a low deposit. For instance, when they make a deposit of £5 the player could unlock 100 bonus spins to be used on any of the low playing slots. In other words, the player is rewarded for making a small deposit. This is not the only bonus available at low or minimum deposit casinos.

Bonus offers a minimum deposit casinos

When players sign up to a low deposit casino for the first time, they can encounter something called a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus is given out by the online casino to reward new players and can consist of either a free deposit amount or some bonus spins. The clear winner out of these two options is a free deposit bonus amount as these can be used on table games as well as low deposit slots but it still is nice to get some bonus spins all the same.

Not all online casino bonuses are available to new players. Some low deposit casinos will reward players for loyalty or even to try and get them back in the fold. Minimum deposit casinos can reward the play with a deposit bonus or 100 bonus spins for any reason. Always check the promotions page at an online casino to see what bonuses are available. Make sure that you fully read the terms and conditions of any deal at an online casino.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements are the criteria that a player needs to meet when signing up for a bonus at an online casino. These can range from the fact that you have to be a new player or that you need to set a low deposit, as in the case of a low deposit casino.

These wagering requirements will be fully detailed within terms and conditions when you sign up to the online casino for the first time and when you sign up to use any deposit bonuses. Make sure that you read these to find out whether these bonuses will allow you to withdraw real money.

Deposit Casinos

A deposit casino is a version of an online casino where the deposit amounts are set to a normal amount. Instead of being rewarded for making a low deposit, or the minimum deposit, the player gets to set their deposit anywhere between a certain betting range. This range will be detailed among the online casino games and can extend quite high.

Instead of the minimum deposit bonus, however, players will need to utilise the regular deposit bonuses detailed above. There are no bonuses for making small deposits.

Low deposit casinos vs deposit casinos

It isn’t that hard to see why some players, especially new players, prefer low deposit casinos. As mentioned above, the stakes are very low and so it provides the perfect opportunity to get to grips with certain casino games before making the jump to the big leagues.

Secondly, the low deposit casino allows recreational gamblers to join the fold. Not everyone plans on gambling to win. Therefore, it is always good to offer an alternative for those that wish to have a fun afternoon of playing casino games with no strings attached. Winning large sums of money is great, however, the joy of online gambling comes from actually getting there. Low deposit casinos provide just that.

Disadvantages of low deposit casinos

The advantages of using a low deposit casino are clear from the outset. Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages that we must consider. One of these disadvantages comes in the form of withdrawal restrictions. Just because there isn’t much on offer in terms of winnings, it doesn’t mean that you will have an easier time when making a withdrawal. Some low deposit casino sites will place restrictions on how much you can withdraw per day.

On top of this, the casino may even place a time limit in which you can withdraw your winnings. If this time limit expires and you still have money left in your account, it may become forfeit. Make sure that you are aware of when you can make a withdrawal and how much so that you do not miss out.

Another thing to be aware of with low or minimum deposit casinos is that they may have certain legal restraints. What I mean by this is that there are certain legal criteria that casinos need to meet in order for players to use them without breaking any gambling laws. It is always a wise move to become familiar with certain gambling laws, such as the age of consent, minimum deposits etc. Once again, always read the terms and conditions when signing up to play at an online casino.

Signing up to an online casino

We’ve talked a lot about low deposit casinos, so how do you access one. All it takes is a quick google to find a site that provides such a service. From there, you will need to register with the casino. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: hit the register tab. This can usually be found on the sites login page.
  • Step 2: fill out your details. This will include your email address and a payment method.
  • Step 3: Verify your email address
  • Step 4: once your casino account is active you can then go on to make your first deposit.

Every online casino has a different layout however, all of them will have a search bar. Use this to find the casino game that you wish to play. When you have found the game of your choice, just hit ‘Play Now’ to get going.


Low deposit casinos are a great way for new players to get involved with online casinos. The stakes are so low that there is little to no consequence if you lose or just fail to get involved in the experience. Make a small deposit, trial some games and see if one takes your fancy. Pay how you want with some of the best security measures possible or take advantage of some bonus promotions.

A low deposit casino has all the benefits of a regular online casino, only with smaller stakes at play.