Independent Casino Sites

An Independent Casino site is a fully licenced online casino that players can use to find a safe and fair gambling service. An independent casino gets its status from the UK government. This means that it needs to meet certain standards before becoming a viable casino.

Criteria for an independent casino

Independent casino sites are defined by their uniqueness. They feature special brand new casino games, ones exclusively found at this site. This, coupled with never before seen designs and themes, gives the independent casino its name.

However, in the eyes of the law, this is not what is required for an independent casino site to function. They need to meet certain criteria.

Have a licence

First things first, the independent casino site needs to have a casino licence. This licence must be provided by the UK gambling commission. This means that the online casino should have:

  • Fair and transparent practices- these ensure that all the casino games on the site feature fair ways to win. They must also inform all customers of any changes to the contract they signed when registering before they are implemented on the site.
  • Payment equivalents- the independent casino site must detail all of the payment methods they accept during a sign-up procedure. If the site fails to do this then they are required to accept any payment method out forward by the gambler.
  • Peer to Peer Gaming- all players taking part in the sites casino games must have signed the same agreement when first signing up. This ensures that both parties are aware of the risks of wagering and that no player has a significant advantage over another.
  • Segregate funds- all funds used as a stake in a casino game must be secured in a fund separate from the casino before it is won or lost by the player. This means that in play deposits are never at risk of being spent prematurely.
  • Displayed licence- once the independent casino site has met this criterion and achieved licenced status, they need to have this licence visible to both the customer and regulating bodies upon request.

When all this has been met there is also a licence fee that must be paid.

Sports Betting Sections

It isn’t just casino games that the independent casino sites offer. To qualify for independent licensed status, they must also provide bookmaking services. This allows their customers to bet on a wide array of sporting events and games.


Gamstop is the self-exclusion scheme used by players that wish not to receive any advertisements or offers based on gambling. This VIP status is given to those with a diagnosed gambling issue.

All independent casino sites must adhere to and accept Gamstop regulations.

Limitless Gambling

This prevents the independent casino site from placing a cap on the amount that their players can bet on any given casino game or sporting event. That means the players can bet as high as they please for the chance to win larger sums than normal.

What Independent Casino Sites Offer

Now we know what an independent casino site needs to do in order to operate legally. So, what do they offer the players that wish to use them?


When surfing the web it is highly likely that you are being monitored and can be traced via your IP address. With an independent casino site, players can play whilst toggling an incognito mode. This means that you do not need to provide your personal data when registering with the site.

Secure payments

These types of online casinos still provide the safest ways to make payments for your wagers. This includes services such as pay by phone bill and digital wallets. It isn’t just bank transactions that are accepted, further removing the need to have to provide your personal details.

Open to international gamers

It isn’t just the British that can take advantage of an independent casino site in the UK. These sites are open to all foreign markets. This means that there is a higher number of active players able to use the site, which ensures that players will always have a chance to play a casino game with somebody.


All of the regular promotions, such as bonus spins and extra deposit amounts can be found when signing up to an independent casino site. Both types of bonus offers are available such as deposit offer and no deposit offers. As with a normal casino site, always make sure to check out the sites promotions page to see if you qualify for any bonus offers.

Independent casino sites in the USA

Whilst the UK has been very accepting of the independent casino site, the USA is very different. These types of sites are active in this part of the world so long as they meet with local gambling laws and regulations.

Since the gambling laws are far stricter in the USA, you will find that there are less independent casino sites in this part of the world. Plus, these sites do not accept international players thus they cannot take part in their betting functions. In this country, only UK players are allowed to sign up and play at an independent casino site. This can result in a much smaller player base.

Independent Casinos

Types of casino games

As mentioned above, the independent casino site must offer a bookkeeping service to allow players to bet on sporting events. However, they provide so much more than this. On an independent casino site, players will find some of the best-loved casino games including:

With live games, such as poker and bingo, players get to see the benefits of these sites having such a large player base. There are even independent casino sites that exclusively feature slot games. This means that you are more likely to encounter a number of free bonus spins when signing up and, with no wager limits, you can win more than most at a regular slot site.

Downsides to the independent casino site

Independent casino sites might be just what you are looking for when gambling online. Be aware though that they are not without flaws. These are some of the negative aspects of the independent casino site that all players should be informed about.

  • No Gamstop- whilst all online casinos must have Gamstop procedures to own a licence, an independent casino site does not. This means that they do not adhere to the self-exclusion rules, therefore vulnerable players in the UK may be at risk.
  • Limited payment options- these sites do offer some more payment options than just bank transactions however, some do not include all payment methods found at other casino sites. Things such as cryptocurrency or credit card payments will not be accepted.
  • No translation- it is great to be able to play casino games with players from all around the world. However, not everyone speaks the same language. Independent casino sites do not offer a solution to the language barrier and, since you are likely to come into contact with player speaking another language, you should find a translation method yourself. It is quite easy to do in the 21st century however, this is not a problem at regular casinos.

To ensure that you fully understand what you are getting into with an independent casino site, make sure that you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions.

Other information about independent casino sites

Most of the details about independent casino sites are wrapped up in the laws and regulations surrounding gambling. Here is a list of other bits of information that you may not know about Independent casinos.

  • Can be accessed through multiple devices- you can log in to an independent casino site using your desktop, mobile phone device or tablet. However, always ensure that you trust your internet connection when doing so.
  • International casinos- These types of online casino are not just exclusive to the UK and USA. You can find independent casino sites in Europe only their gambling laws are quite strict. This means that these casinos are few and far between.
  • The lottery is available- as well as bookkeepers and casino games, independent casino sites also allow players to partake in different global lotteries. When you choose to partake in one of these games, you are not limited to the number of tickets you can buy as you normally would.

Terms and conditions

Lastly, when playing or wagering with real money, always make sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions. These terms will not only detail the rules that the independent casino site has to adhere to but also the rules and requirements that you as a player must meet.

To ensure that you are not caught out with any hidden fees or charges, fully read the terms and conditions when first signing up to the site, when using any bonus offer and take note of anything you find suspicious.

Gambling online is fun and can be rewarding however it always pays to be cautious.