How is the Roulette Wheel Created?

Roulette has always been an extremely popular casino game ever since its invention in the mid- 1800s.
Now that we can play casino games online, we really have no excuse not to try out this long established game. If you are unfamiliar with online roulette, perhaps taking a look at how the roulette wheel is created will help you better understand the game. Or, if you are an experienced player you may just be curious about the fact.
Either way let’s take a look at this casino game.

Standard Features of a Roulette Wheel

The roulette wheel has always had to be a standard size. The main wheel has a circumference of 32 inches. No bigger, no smaller.
Roulette also has to consist of 36 numbers around the edge and a zero slot, all divided equally so the odds of landing on each one is the same.
You can check out all of the roulette wheels that you like, online or otherwise, to see this for yourself. King Casino is a great place to try out all kinds of different roulette wheels. You’ll find little variation but tons of fun.

Variations to the formula

While the size of the roulette wheel is fairly standard across all casino and slot games, there are other things that different roulette creators choose to vary. That may be because of the country the game originated in, or the adjustments made to make roulette fit better in the online space. But what are these differences?

Auto Play Roulette – This plays the same as regular old roulette but with one crucial difference, the absence of a dealer. The odds are the same, the wheel is the same but the player is in control of spinning the roulette wheel. As you may have guessed, this is more frequent online at sites like King Casino rather than in brick and mortar Casinos and changes very little about the base game. If you prefer an online roulette experience with a dealer there are online casino rooms that you can frequent.

European Roulette – Like with Auto Roulette, European Roulette is not dissimilar to standard roulette. However, the European wheel has a one in 37 chance of winning. This is because the wheel only uses one green pocket of zeroes. This means that you stand the chance to win more with this version of online roulette.

American Roulette- As with many American developed online casino games, the American Roulette wheel is created to recreate the games found on the Vegas Strip. When playing roulette online you will find that American roulette wheels have two green pockets as opposed to the European Wheels one. This gives the player a 1 in 38 chance of winning. Only slightly higher.

You can probably tell by now that the differences between the variations of Roulette are minimal. Is that a testament to how well they created the roulette wheel in the first place? Check out these variations out at King Casino to find out for yourself.

Roulette Wheel

Can I create a Roulette Wheel myself?

If you wanted to try making a roulette wheel yourself, it really is quite simple. You can use any material you have to hand; wood, card or even paper. All you need to do is ensure that the central wheel is 18 inches and is in the in the dead centre of the larger 32inch wheel. A long cylindrical bar needs to go through the centre, this can be metal, pencil or a straw if you’re making it for children.
It is that easy. The roulette wheel can then be made as sophisticated or as rustic as you like. Just ensure that you only use it yourself as you do need a gambling license to charge people to bet on your property. Sites like King Casino exist for a reason after all.


When looking at the game of roulette we can see that it has not changed much since the games inception. You can change the odds, you can adapt the roulette wheel or even play online roulette, and the game is always the same.  Heck, it is so simple you can make a version yourself.
That must be a testament to how fantastic the game of roulette is. Simple, yet effective.