How are slot games different today compared to classic slot machines?

As time moves forward, so does the world of playing slots games. We started by visiting casinos, popping in our coins and pulling levers or pressing buttons. Now, these colourful games are available on our screens and we play slot games online from the comfort of our own homes. But that isn’t the only way things have changed. So, how are slot games different today compared to classic slot machines?

Slot Winnings

It is no secret that online casino slots have a high RTP rate. Many slot games online have an rtp rate that is above 90%. That is a huge hook to get people playing.
Don’t believe us? Check out:

Runecraft – a highly rewarding slot game with an RTP rate of 96%. Match up the cleverly detailed Viking runes across the seven reels for a chance to win. Instead of having to line these up however, Runecraft allows the player to group symbols in clusters either horizontally or vertically. Getting five of these together is how you get rewards and multipliers. Bet as little as 0.10 and as much as 100 for a chance to win the maximum jackpot of 100,000.

Dead or alive – another slot game that has an impossibly high rtp rate. This cowboy themed game is brought to us by Netent and offers a jackpot as large as 2,500. Hats, boots holsters and shot glasses are the symbols in this game that spin over five reels. Match these across any of the nine pay lines to get closer to winning that jackpot.

Whether the jackpot is high or low, the rtp is one aspect that keeps us playing. The more money a player gets back, the more they have to play with. Slot games are so different now compared to classic slot machines because they can afford to pay out more. Explore King Casino and you will see exactly what I mean.


With slot games online, there are no commute times or waiting around to use a certain slot machine. Playing slot games is now as simple as logging onto King Casino and picking a slot. No queues, no waiting. Just fun.

Themes of Slots

Another way that slot games are different now is that computers allow developers to decorate and theme their games however they see fit with all of the latest 3D graphics. There are no limitations.
Take a look at:

Starburst – an outer space adventure with 3D coloured gems that act as the games symbols. Match these across the five reels to win the possible max jackpot of £250. Bet as low as 0.01 and as much as 1. This is a lower stakes game that focuses more on an impressive theme than big wins.

Book of deada slot game that captures the feel of a classic adventure film. Explore ancient ruins and win. Match the archaeological findings across the five reels and ten pay line to win. With an RTP rate of 96.2% you can have fun and win big with this one.

Since there is nothing stopping developers from making their online slot games as bonkers as possible, the slot games online are far more vibrant, colourful and inventive than that of the classic slot machines. Visit King Casino to try out a plethora of different slot games. There really is no limit to slot game variety.

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Future of slots

Online slot games are all the rage now but things are still changing rapidly. With pay by mobile now in play, people can elect to use their mobile device to play slots and add their deposits to their phone bill. No more counting out individual coins for us anymore.
As technology progresses and with developers searching for safer ways to play slot games, we are drifting further away from those classic slot machines.


The simple fact is that slot games online have completely changed the medium of playing slots. From how much you can win, to the themes and even how you pay to play, slot games are now unrecognisable from those classic machines. But they are better in every way.