History of NetEnt

Founded in 1996 as Net Entertainment, this Swedish software provider has emerged from modest foundations to gradually become one of the biggest names in the new online casino scene. Having changed their name to the catchier NetEnt, they have arguably become the most reliable provider of online slot games, with stunning visuals and unbeatable gameplay. These Scandinavian behemoths of the online casino world employ over 800 people in offices spanning across Europe and the United States, while their services are enjoyed by millions worldwide. Read below to learn more about NetEnt slots!

NetEnt – Seeing The Bigger Picture of the Casino Industry

NetEnt’s history spans three decades and exceeds beyond the realms of the online slots we know and love. They were the first developer to produce online casino software using Java, paving the way for other companies to follow suit, before subsequently moving to HTML5. Having begun with a couple of online casinos, they have now released over 200 games which span across a multitude of sites in the online community. While the company took until 2003 to reach profitability, the following year they were delivering Casino Modules on a global scale, and by 2009 were moved to the main list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Reflecting their tireless ambition and subsequent success, by the end of 2015 NetEnt’s share was elevated to the large cap category on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Furthermore, their systems now process sixteen times more transactions than the New York stock exchange.

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Advancing Towards the Modern Day of Casinos

NetEnt is a trusted provider for bringing online casino games to multiple devices. In 2011, NetEnt launched mobile games for the first time, paving the way for other companies to follow suit. Known as NetEnt Live Mobile, the facility has been optimised for both Android and iOS and has ensured a reliable experience for the player. NetEnt were a key driver in bringing the real-life casino experience to portable devices, along with the authentic thrills and spills a true casino experience offers.

This was a vital move for the company, as five years later 39 percent of NetEnt’s revenue was coming from mobile slots. Among its other endeavours, NetEnt is a trusted provider of live casino and table games. The company launched NetEnt Live in 2013, a program affording players the opportunity to experience live casino games remotely via Internet streams. Now a staple feature of the online casino community, NetEnt were once again one of the frontrunners in bringing this feature to the world. In 2016 they took the leap to entering brick and mortar betting shops in the UK, now providing their services to fixed odds betting terminals around the country.

Despite its many successful endeavours, the company is undoubtedly most revered for its incredibly varied selection of online slots. With an enormous array of themes, soundtracks, and bonus features, NetEnt know no bounds and impress consumers time and time again with their ability to produce new and exciting slot games. Here we will break down some of their most pioneering achievements which have kept online casino fanatics coming back time and time again.

Tiki Wonders – A Pioneering Slot Game

Released back in January 2008, Tiki Wonders is one of the first popular online slots developed by NetEnt. With its easy-breezy tropical island theme, it’s not hard to see why it’s proved to be such a longstanding favourite. The reason the game is featured here, however, is due to its important role in becoming one of the first games to utilise progressive jackpots. Simply, a progressive jackpot involves a jackpot which increases throughout the game each time you place a stake, even if you do not win. This stroke of genius has become a very popular feature as it naturally makes the player feel like they’re getting something back from the game on every spin. The term ‘dual progressive jackpot’ is also used in regard to Tiki Wonders, as landing four of the jackpot symbols on a pay line triggers the Wonder jackpot, while five will boost you up to the appropriately named Mega Wonder jackpot. More NetEnt slots here.

Gonzo’s Quest for Cascading Reels by NetEnt

One of the most successful NetEnt slot games is 2010’s Gonzo’s Quest, beloved for its Mayan theme featuring sculpted faces and naturalistic surroundings. The release of this online slot game coincided with an important time for NetEnt more broadly, as the company then received a Category 2 license on Alderney. However, what makes Gonzo’s Quest special is its pioneering use of cascading reels to shake up the standard 5×3 slot reel. Termed Avalanche Reels for this particular title, the reels on this NetEnt classic take a real shake up, to the delight of the player. In this scenario, once a winning combination of symbols has landed across the reels, the winning symbols fall off screen. A new selection of symbols spin across the reels to replace them and have the potential to score another win for the player. This of course means that with just one spin from the player, multiple winning combinations are possible. In typical NetEnt fashion, the use of Avalanche Reels in Gonzo’s Quest was immediately executed in a stylish way, with the symbols falling away like crumbling rocks before revealing the next potentially winning combination.

This system is coupled with the Avalanche Multiplier feature, which ensured that this new feature was as exciting as possible from the get-go. With each avalanche the multiplier increases, up to a 5x boost. During the Free Falls bonus, the ante is upped further, with the Avalanche Multiplier meter potentially rising to 15x on the fourth avalanche. The use of cascading reels has become a staple among various online slot game developers, for which NetEnt can proudly take the credit for popularising.

The Future of NetEnt

With NetEnt consistently churning out high quality online casino games year after year, there doesn’t look to be any shift on the horizon in who the top dog in the online slots sphere is. NetEnt not only continue to produce popular slot games which excel in terms of both mechanics and design, but from what we have seen thus far, we can expect them to continue to be pioneers behind the scenes as well.