Guide to Mobile Slots

There’s never been a better time to be a gambler than today. Mobile casinos are no longer a rare occurrence in the world of internet gambling but in fact a necessity. A mobile casino offers you the same games you would play at a casino. But, at a mobile online casino, you get to play them on the go on devices like tablets, smartphones and mobile phones. You can play your favourite casino games whenever and wherever you are thanks to mobile casinos. What was considered a rare occurrence in the online gambling world, is now one of the most widely used mediums of gambling.

What makes a mobile casino so special is the ease it presents. Players won’t have their PC with them all the time and they certainly won’t want to sit at their desk playing casino games on their computer. You can play your favourite mobile casino games regardless of where you are based. As long as you have your phone with you, you can play these casino games wherever you go. The best online casinos understand the demand that mobile gaming presents. You can play casino games on special casino apps optimized for mobile. These games are playable on any handheld device both iOS or Android.

If you think you will run out of mobile casino game options to play, you’re wrong. These apps are continuously updated almost daily giving you access to the newest casino games around.

How To Start Gambling In A Mobile Casino

If you’ve never tried a mobile casino before, don’t be afraid to try something new. Starting out at a mobile casino is fast and simple even when you’re a new player. A lot of mobile casinos offer instant play options and a downloadable option. The latter is not as popular as they used to be because more and more players don’t want to go through the hustle of downloading casinos anymore. However, there are still a few sites that provide this option. If you want to have access to one, all you need to do is have a compatible OS like Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

To download game options, just visit the mobile casino sites directly from your mobile browser. Scan your QR code to get the casino or download it to access all the games in the casino’s library. For this process to be successful, you need to have an internet-enabled mobile phone which helps you access Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or LTE capability. If your phone has been manufactured in the last 5 years, it already has this function.

Mobile Casino vs Desktop Casino

If you’re wondering whether to pick mobile casinos or desktop casinos, it’s a valid concern. Smartphones are becoming slimmer and better in all aspects and so players prefer to play on their mobile devices instead of a PC. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. You will see why below.

Both are different in terms of appearance – Logging in via your desktop and then later on a mobile device will surprise you. What appears on a desktop is very different from what appears on your smartphone later when you log in. This is because the action is packaged differently on a desktop and mobile device. The latter has to be squeezed to fit the screen resolution of a smartphone. Desktops provide a more immersive experience too.

Distractions – Desktops are more distracting when it comes to playing casino games. While playing one game, you can easily get distracted by other prospects all within the same screen. This is because desktops are overloaded with games. This isn’t a problem you have when playing on mobile.

Extra billing – Mobile casinos come with SMS billing because players have linked their mobile casino accounts to their phone bills. This is a very convenient feature which desktop casinos lack.

Convenience – Mobile casinos provide an air of convenience that desktop casinos just don’t have. You can mute game sounds or hide the screen if you have privacy concerns. These aren’t features available in desktop casinos.

Special features – Desktops have larger screen space, sophisticated hardware and software. This means they have an edge when it comes to adding special features to their casinos. Online casinos are going 3D, while mobile casinos are still mastering HD.

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Mobile Casinos vs Traditional Casinos

There are millions of players who still prefer land-based casinos to online casinos. In truth, they are both the same thing except that you get a more fulfilling experience from one than the other. There are so many factors that would make you choose a traditional casino as opposed to a mobile casino. However, don’t be too quick to put down mobile casinos before seeing the huge advantages you get from playing at one.

The games offered – You are more likely to find the game you are looking for on a mobile casino than a land-based casino. This is because the latter only offers a certain number of games and, unfortunately, your favourite games may not make the list. You would have to go casino hopping to find all your favourite games as sometimes they just aren’t offered under one roof. Things are different at a mobile casino where you will definitely find all the games you want to play and their different variations. This is because mobile casinos support hundreds of games and even when you don’t find the one you want. And, although rare, you will still find it at another mobile casino within seconds.

Speed of play – When you play card games like roulette, craps, blackjack, etc., your speed of play is determined by the actions of other players at the table. When you play online, you can control the speed of the game with the click of a button. Slots online and video poker can be played at almost the same speed online, but if you want to hit autoplay and rev up the action, you can. The speed of play online can be a good and a bad thing. When you play a fast game, you are likely to burn through your bankroll in minutes. When you play a slow game, such as the one in a traditional casino, your bankroll lasts longer.

Interaction – In a traditional casino, you get to interact with your dealer, doorman, the waiting staff, etc. and the experience is even more enjoyable if you are a regular. You can even chat up your fellow players at a table game as you cheer and celebrate your wins and losses. In a mobile casino, things are quiet. There is little to no form of interaction. You will not have anyone to celebrate wins with, but the plus side is that you also don’t have anyone distracting you from the game. Traditional casinos can be noisy especially when players start to get disorderly from drinking too much.

Dangers of Mobile Casinos

Despite mobile casinos being one of the best things invented, they do pose their fair share of disadvantages. These include;

Addiction – Mobile casinos have been blamed for enabling gambling addiction. This is because it becomes easier for a player to play their favourite games anywhere they are. When you’re on a hot streak and you’re playing online, you may find it difficult to break away from your smartphone. It is way easier to do so at a traditional casino because you may take a bathroom break from the table and then realize you need some time to clear your head. At home, you can carry your smartphone to the toilet with you all while multitasking. This is a very dangerous behaviour as it is one of the ways to end up addicted to gambling fast. Mobile casinos know that they can feed into a gambler’s addiction very easily. That is why they put in measures to help you. It is easier to monitor a player’s gambling pattern online than offline. So, if you’ve been playing for hours, mobile casinos send you prompts on the screen with suggestions to take a break.

Getting easily scammed – It is easier to fall into a scam online than offline. There are hundreds of fake casinos out to get your money and the worst part is that you may not know it until it is too late. However, there are a few things that you can double-check before creating an online account. You need to look for the casino’s privacy and security policies. You should check whether they have any security certificates issues. And, check whether they have been certified by reputable gambling regulating authorities.

Loneliness – Playing without distractions can be a good thing. However, players need to practice self-control when it comes to gambling at mobile casinos. Know when to stop and go out to interact with any other thing except your smartphone screen. Casino games can take up a lot of your time. This means you should make sure you designate a limited amount of time every other day. You should also be strict about it in order to avoid falling into a self-destructing pattern.

Best Mobile Slot Games

Earlier we mentioned that you can play all of your favourite games at a mobile casino. You not only get access to all your favourite card games and different variations of them but also hundreds of slot games. These slot games are by all your favourite online casino software developers. This includes NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger Gaming, Pragmatic Play BetSoft, High 5 Games and Playtech. etc. You have so many slot themes and forms of gameplay to go through at a mobile casino. You may consider trying out some of the most played slot machines with a few examples including;

Starburst Slots

Once you give Starburst by NetEnt a spin, you will see why there is so much fascination around it. It’s a candy-themed slot with bonus features including; re-spins, a special Starburst Wild and potential wins going up to £50,000.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Game

Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt takes punters to the lost city of Eldorado. Bonus features here include a Bonus Falls feature, 10 extra spins, stake multipliers of up to 15x on each winning spin and more. The slot animation is top-notch as is the standard for all NetEnt slots.

Hotline UK Slot

Hotline by NetEnt is the height of nostalgia with its 80s vibe. Features offered here include expanding wilds, a Hotline Bonus Bet feature, a Re-spins feature, Extra Spins and more. The Hotline Bonus Bet feature helps you win a given amount of coins per hotline (out of 3). More expanding wilds and re-spins are awarded. Spinners can end up with a screen full of wilds during the bonus spin round.

Joker Pro

Joker Pro by NetEnt offers players re-spins, sticky wild re-spins, fully wild reels and more. The Joker Pro Re-Spins feature transforms some of the reels wild. The scatter can also turn wild and stick to the reels. You can win extra re-spins when more wilds land and it gets even better because the wilds can stick to the reels until the end of the feature ends. You can over 1,000x your bet in this slot.

Aloha! Cluster Pays

Aloha! Cluster Pays by NetEnt includes features like stacked symbols, re-spins, bonus spins and more. Since it is a Cluster Pays slot, you will be playing without any pay lines. Instead, wins are formed when clusters of matching symbols appear on the reels. You will require 9 or more matching symbols to form a winning cluster either vertically or horizontally. In the re-spins feature, a cluster of matching symbols is held in place while the reels re-spin. If more symbols are added to the cluster, another re-spin is awarded. You can win even more re-spins if the cluster keeps growing. You can win up to 12 extra spins at the start of the bonus spins round, but the feature can be retriggered to reward a total of 60 bonus spins.

Last Notes on Mobile Slots

Now that you have this guide to playing at a mobile casino, we hope that you won’t be afraid to take the leap and register for one. Remember, as long as you are practising all kinds of safety measures, you will not be scammed. Make sure you also start up the topic in any gambling forums you’re on and ask your friends about them too. It’s sure to be a fun and enjoyable experience for both newbies and more experiences online casino players!