A Guide to Beat Slot Machines

The online casino industry is absolutely thriving at the moment.

More people than ever before are enjoying the thrill of online casino games and the result is that the entertainment industry of online gambling is producing some really high quality content. There are hundreds of ways to bet these days, ranging from the popular formats of sports betting that encompasses classics like horse racing and more modern trends like live in-play football betting.

Elsewhere, online poker remains a popular choice for online gamblers and this format, one of the original forms of online gambling, is still expanding and evolving the in modern landscape. A newer name to the list is the online video slot game which, despite being around for some time, has come on leaps and bounds in recent years.

What is an online video slot machine?

An online slots video machine is a game similar to the classic fruit machine format.

Offering a set of reels which could range from anything between just three classic reels to up to 5, 10 or even 20 reels, players pay per spin. The aim is to match up symbols with each of them corresponding to a different cash prize.

The video slot game suggests that there is a great level of animation and this is very much true for the modern online slot. Video technology and it’s advancement in even recent years, has led to the potential for some brilliantly designed slot games that range in themes, layouts and more. With developers competing against each other in this competitive industry that is thriving as already mentioned, the standard of video slot game is at it’s highest ever point.

Slot games range from title to title, offering a unique experience in each. However, one thing that does not change is how to beat them.

How do you win at slot games?

While games vary in set-ups, layouts, reels and symbols, the essence of a video slot machine is always the same. You have to match symbols that reward you with prizes.

Yet, doing so is an odds game as slot machines are based on the luck of lining up symbols that the RNG software throws up. RNG, standing for Random Number Generator, is the system which ensures that online slot machines play out completely at random. These ensure a fair and valid experience that will mean you have as much chance of winning the slot game in question as anyone else who plays it.

Tips for beating slot games

While the online video slot machine is a game of luck, you can improve your chances by doing some research. In this guide to beat slot machines, we will give some subtle tips on how to go about beating the slot machines you find online.

Our first tip for beating slot games, is to shop around for a slot game that suits you down to the ground.

Choose your slot game wisely

You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to trying to pick an online slot game, since there are hundreds, maybe even thousands to choose from.

And, with developers, games and online casinos all competing for your custom, the power is truly in the hands of the gambler. We advise slot gamers to compare games against each other, considering a range of attributes that affect how tailored to you they are. These include attributes  such as the RTP percentage.

An indicator of how likely you are to win, the RTP rating on slot games is a vital part of information. Standing for Return To Player, this percentage indicates how often a win is return to the gambler. Although this is no indication of how big a win may be, it can help you work out the likelihood of any return at all – especially when you factor in the size of your budget.

With this in mind, a good tip for beating slot games is to find a game that suits your budget down to the ground. The high rollers amongst us will not want to play slot games that have low caps on maximum bets, as this will reduce the amount of wins they can pick up.

Likewise, those with smaller budgets will want to pay attention to the minimum bet that an slot machine offers. If a slot machine minimum bet is quite high in regards to your budget, you may end up out of money after just a few spins – and no one wants that.

Gamble responsibly

One way to win at online slots is to remember why you are gambling in the first place.

It may sound a bit cheesy, but the aim of the game is not just to win, it is also to have fun. Gambling should be the thrill of risk and reward and then the anticipation of what the reels in this case may conjure up. Therefore, reminding yourself of why you are betting is a good way to keep grounded, keep calm and keep on gambling safely.

Another way to ensure gambling responsibly is to set yourself a budget. This is a key factor of modern online gambling thanks to the potential for addiction that smartphone gambling and the general fun of slot games offers. By setting a budget, preferably an amount of money that you are okay with losing and can afford to risk, you are limiting how much you can lose.

To set a budget, most online casinos even offer tools in their membership services that make it really easy to arrange. Budgets can bet set as daily limits, weekly limits and monthly limits at most online casinos, as they and the Gambling Committee in the UK strive to make online gambling as safe and responsible as possible.

If you are worried about the gambling habits of a friend, loved one or even your own gambling habits, there are people that you can speak to. A good place to start is by searching ‘When the fun stops stop’ online.