A Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

If you’re new to playing games on online casino site, knowing and understanding all of the slot terms can be overwhelming. Once you’re familiar with all of the terms, playing online slots is so fun and easy! Today, we’ll be focusing on online casino bonuses and talking about what each one is. Here are our online casino bonuses guide to help both new and returning players that want to enjoy some slots online:

Casino Bonuses Image

First deposit bonus

A first deposit bonus is something you will get when you sign up for an online casino. Each online casino offers different first deposit bonuses so have a look around to see what suits your needs best. Typically, you’ll make your first deposit and will receive extra money or bonus spins.

No deposit Casino Offers

A no deposit bonus is another popular bonus you may see at an online casino. It’s just like a first deposit bonus except you don’t have to deposit any money to sign up. This is perfect if you haven’t played online slots before and you can also try out various online casinos to see which one you like best.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus comes after your first deposit or no deposit bonus. Online casino operators want you to come back after your first deposit so entice you with another fantastic offer. Lots of online casinos offer a reload bonus and you’ll need to deposit a set amount to activate it.

Slot Game Offers

Next up is the game bonus. A game bonus is a bonus for a particular game. To take advantage of a game bonus, you typically need to make a deposit (usually £10+). These offers don’t stick around for long so you have to make the most of them as soon as you see them. Once you have placed your deposit, you’ll be given a set amount of bonus spins or bonus games for a particular game.

Bonus spins

The online casino world is certainly not short of offers for bonus spins. If you know where to look, you’ll find lots of extra spins on great casino games. A good place to start would be by looking at the promotions page on an online casino website. You can also sign up to receive emails or texts so that you are alerted every time there’s a chance to get bonus spins.

Birthday Freebies

It’s always nice to have an extra treat on your birthday! Lots of online casinos offer a birthday bonus. These can usually only be used on your birthday (or a set amount of days after). Some examples of birthday bonuses you could receive include bonus spins and extra games.

New Game Release Bonuses

Game release bonuses are very exciting and these will typically be given by large online casino operators to hype up a new online slot. Software developers will team up with online casinos to reward their customers with either bonus games or extra spins.

Loyalty Bonuses & Schemes

Last but not least are loyalty bonuses. The loyalty bonus is for loyal customers who return to the online casino regularly. This is normally shown as a loyalty scheme where you can win prizes every time you play. Prizes can range from bonus spins to cashback, extra games, and vouchers.

Make sure to check online casinos regularly to discover the latest casino bonuses. If you’re new, make sure to take advantage of the first deposit or no deposit bonus and if you want to stick around, you can get lots of great prizes with the loyalty bonus. Now that you have learned most things related bonuses, why not check out our ultimate guide to casinos online to learn more about all the other aspects that might help you win.