Free Casino Money Offer

In life, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The same is true for real money slots and online casino games. To play these types of games, the player must put forward a deposit of real money as a stake. This is forfeit if they lose however it can be multiplied significantly if they win. This is fundamental to the act of gambling.

You may not know this, but there are ways to play casino games without putting forward a real money deposit. So, how do we find a free casino money offer?

What is a free casino money offer?

You may have come across the idea of a free casino money offer before only in the guise of another name. The only way to truly receive free money from an new online casino is by taking advantage of a free deposit amount bonus.

A free deposit amount bonus is an offer made by online casinos that gives the player a set amount of credit to use on their casino games. For example, a casino may offer £10 as a free deposit amount.

Once this deposit amount runs out the player will need to continue making real money deposits if they wish to continue playing.

The big advantage of this type of bonus is that it does not require a deposit. In other words, it is free casino money. How does one go about receiving this type of offer?

How do I find a free casino money offer?

The best and only way to receive a free casino money offer is to take advantage of an online casino bonus offer. There are a few that reward players with a no deposit free deposit amount and these are:

  • Welcome offer: A welcome offer is given to players when signing up to the online casino for the first time. One of the popular ways to do this is by offering a no deposit bonus, such as the free deposit amount.
  • Loyalty Bonus: Similarly, if a player has been signed up to the online casino for a long period of time, the casino will reward them with a no deposit bonus. This is a thank you offer and can come in the form of a free deposit amount.
  • Reload bonus: This is an offer given to players that have not logged onto the online casino in a long time. The aim is to remind the player of the casino and get them playing again. Of course, the best way to that is to offer them a free deposit amount.

All of these offers come with an expiry date and require the player to make a deposit of their own once they have run out; otherwise they can’t access new online slots.

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Can I win real money with a free casino money offer?

The idea of receiving free casino money sounds incredible however there is a catch. Not every type of free deposit amount will allow the player to withdraw the money that they win when playing this way.

Players are far more likely to be able to win real money by utilising a loyalty or reload bonus. This is because the online casino would want their players to experience only the positives of using their site, including winning real money.

It is rare to be able to win real money from a no deposit free deposit amount received as a welcome offer. This all varies on a case to case basis and so it is always advised that you read the terms and conditions of an offer before you start playing.

Free casino money offer vs Bonus Spins

Another type of no deposit bonus that players can come across is bonus spins. This is a collection of spins that the player can use on a variety of slot games across the site. Just like with a free deposit amount, the player will need to make a real money deposit once these bonus spins run out.

The obvious downside of bonus spins may already be apparent. That is that you cannot use this bonus across all of the casino games on the site. These bonus spins can only be used on slot games. For everything else, you are far better off with a free deposit amount.


In conclusion, there are ways to get a free casino money offer only they are better known as a free deposit amount. You can receive this by taking advantage of any online casino offer but you may not always be able to win real money. Always read the terms and conditions.