Free Bonus Money No Deposit

Wouldn’t it be nice if online casinos could just hand us money so we could play real money slots? It might sound a little farfetched but in a way, they actually do.

Here’s how you can get some free bonus money no deposit from your online casino.

What is Free Bonus Casino Money?

Free bonus money is money given to us by casinos for meeting certain criteria set by a casino site. This is not necessarily free money per se. Instead, it comes in the form of a bonus. These come in many different forms such as:

  • Free deposit amount: when players are rewarded with a free deposit amount, they are given a certain amount of credit to use on the casino games on the casino site. For example, you may have seen adverts detailing the likes of ‘sign up now and receive £10 to play with. This £10 is the free deposit amount and is essentially free money.
  • Bonus Spins: this is less like free money however bonus spins work very much in the same way as a free deposit amount. Instead of an amount of credit, the player is given a number of spins that can be used on the slot games for free. The downside to this bonus offer is that these spins do not work on a variety of casino games, only slots.

These are great bonuses to receive but what exactly makes them free?

Real Money Bonus

What is a no deposit bonus?

These free online slots money bonuses are actually more commonly known as no deposit bonuses. This is because they do not require a real money deposit from the player to activate. In other words, they are free.

These bonuses can be earned in a number of ways. Here’s where you are likely to encounter a free money no deposit bonus:

  • Loyalty bonus: this is a bonus that is given to players that have been signed up to a casino for a long time. The online casino will reward the customer with a no deposit bonus to keep them spinning at their site.
  • Welcome offer: To grab the attention of new players, the online casino may offer a no deposit bonus. This allows the player to get to grips with casino games without losing any of their money. From the point of view of the casino, they ensure that these players sign up to their site instead of another. The player will have to make a deposit of their own once the offer runs out after all.

Can I win real money using free money no deposit bonuses?

It might come as a surprise however you can win real money with a no deposit bonus. It is quite rare and the player will need to read the terms and conditions of a deal to find out whether or not they will receive real money wins.

You are far more likely to experience this with a loyalty bonus rather than a welcome bonus as you have already paid into the online casino, however, it is always wise to check the terms and conditions of an offer before agreeing to it.

No deposit bonus vs deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus may be considered as free money however it is not the only bonus out there. A deposit bonus is given out to players for the same reason as a no deposit bonus only they require a deposit from the player to activate.

These come in various forms including bonus spins and matched deposit amounts. The upside to using one of these bonuses is that you almost always get to win real money if you win using one. It is only fair as you have actually put down a deposit.

If you prefer to play slot games for fun or want to find out whether you like the game beforehand, a no deposit bonus is the way to go.

Winning Real Money at slots

To be able to withdraw real money when playing slots online, you will need to have a verified casino account. To create one of these you must:

  • Hit the registration tab on the online casino of your choice
  • Enter your details including your email address and a payment method
  • Ensure that you verify this email to be able to make your first deposit.

You will also need to verify this address if you want to engage in any of the online casino’s promotion including their no deposit offers.


There we have it. There are perfectly valid ways to gain free bonus money with no deposit at an online casino. However, if you wish to win real money check the terms and conditions of the offer or try out a deposit bonus.