Credit Card Ban on Online Casinos

From April 2020, gambling will not be allowed to use credit cards to place bets on any online casino. If you have been using a credit card to withdraw and deposit then you will no longer be able to. In this article we will be discussing this casino breaking news and recommending other safe ways you can make withdrawals and deposits in an online casino for any type of games, from online slots to roulette.

Gambling Commission Announcement regarding the Credit Card Ban

The Gambling Commission has recently announced a ban on gambling businesses that allow customers in Great Britain to gamble using credit cards. The ban will start from the 14th April 2020 as written in the Commission’s review of online gambling.

Aims of the Ban on Credit Cards

Current statistics say that 24 million adults in the United Kingdom gamble and 10.5 million of these gamblers gamble online. Of these 10.5 million gamblers, approximately 800, 000 people use their credit cards to gamble. There are many reasons why this ban will come into effect this Spring with the main reason being that credit card gambling can lead to great financial harm.

By banning the use of credit cards in online casinos, gamblers are less at risk financially. It minimises the chances of gamblers betting with money that they do not have which can lead to serious amounts of debt. According to research produced by the Gambling Commission, over 20% of online gamblers who use credit cards are problem gamblers. They often suffer from gambling harm, addiction or other mental health conditions.

Gambling with Borrowed Money

The Gambling Commission also stated in their review that “The cost of gambling with a credit card is so high that it is hard to envisage why consumers would choose to pay in that way unless it was to gamble with money not otherwise available to them”. Credit card transactions made in online casinos are usually seen as cash advances and these typically charge high rates of interest which builds up very quickly.

Many gamblers who use credit cards get themselves in terrible states of debt, often in the tens of thousands which is a concern. This is because credit cards are so convenient, available and almost doesn’t feel like real money that people have to pay back one day. The biggest concern is for the gamblers who try to chase their losses to the extreme.

Effects of Credit Card Gambling on Players

Using credit cards to gambling can have devastating effects on people’s lives. Culture Minister Helen Whately stated: “Whilst millions gamble responsibly, I have also met people whose lives have been turned upside down by gambling addiction.  She also suggests that “There is clear evidence of harm from consumers betting with money they do not have, so it is absolutely right that we act decisively to protect them.

Other Gambling Measures in 2020

She also comments on what measures have already been put into place to help problem gamblers; “In the past year, we have introduced a wave of tougher measures, including cutting the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals, bringing in tighter age and identity checks for online gambling and expanding national specialist support through the NHS Long Term Plan. We have also secured a series of commitments from five leading gambling operators that will include £100 million in funding towards treatment for problem gamblers.

When will the ban take effect?

So, who will the ban affect? The credit card ban will apply to all online and offline gambling products apart from non-remote lotteries. The ban affects all online casinos within Great Britain.

The idea of the ban has been discussed and debated for many years. Over recent months, the speculation of the ban being put into place has been growing. Last year in 2019, the credit card ban was debated by MPs and campaigners and just one year later, the ban has been put into place.

The decision for the credit card ban on online casinos wasn’t an easy one as there could potentially be implications regarding difficulties for gambling businesses in Britain but at the end of the day, the safety and wellbeing of gamblers and customers come first.

If you currently use a credit card to gamble online, it’s worth looking at other options. If you cannot afford to gamble then don’t. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Other Casino Payment Methods for Gamblers

Other payment methods you can use to make withdrawals and payments in UK online casinos include PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, and so many more.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets (also known as e-wallets) are highly recommended. They are good for online gambling and many online casinos accept them. They allow you to make withdrawals and deposits quickly and easily to your preferred online casino site. All of your personal information and financial details are protected and secure as the online casino operator will only see your e-wallet, not your bank details.


E-wallets are simple to set up. You simply have to sign up (PayPal, Skrill, and Paysafecard are all popular digital wallets) and connect your cards or bank accounts. You will then be able to move your funds from the wallet and transfer them to your online casino of choice. When you win, you can then withdraw your winnings back to the wallet. You can spend your winning directly from your wallet or transfer the money straight into your bank account.

Paypal Casino

PayPal is a great online money transfer service and is actually the biggest in the world. Over 173 million people use PayPal every day across 202 countries so it’s something you can trust when online gambling. The PayPal fees are minimal which is great as you keep most of your winnings. There are so many more benefits to using PayPal including easy deposits and withdrawals, high levels of safety, security and privacy, and convenience.

E-wallets like PayPal are very secure and are also speedy and convenient. You don’t have to type in long card numbers or remember security codes, you simply have to log in and type in your password. You can use PayPal to make deposits and withdrawals in all reputable online casinos.

And never Forget – Stop when the Fun Stops

If you’re struggling with problem gambling or addiction or want to seek help then check out https://www.begambleaware.org/ for confidential help and support.