A Complete Guide to Beat Slot Machines

If you are after a complete guide to beat slot machines, you have come to the right place. From the history of slot games to the ways in which to increase your chances of winning at online casino slot games, you will find it all here.

The current modern gambling industry is absolutely thriving, there is no doubt about that. New customers are signing up to online casinos every day with the amount of choice in how to gamble better than ever before. From old school formats of gambling like on the horse racing or greyhounds, both of which are now commonplace online, or forward to more modern methods like live in-play football betting, online poker or indeed, on online slot gams, the varied gambling menu of today is impressive.

And those latter-mentioned slot games are right at the centre of this new surge in online gambling. With the rise of the smartphone playing a pivotal role in the popularity of online casino, more people are having a flutter and having a flutter on the web than ever before. The smartphone is arguably the biggest thing to happen to the world of gambling since the poker chip.

Slot games in particular are wonderfully tailored, fully functional and fully optimised for your mobile phone so, whether you are an iPhone user, an Android owner or whatever else, the chances are that you can enjoy slot games from your handheld device.

That said, the popular tablet device is another realm in which the online slot game is thriving and this, along with the continued presence of desktop gamblers in the online casino scene, has led to developers dong great work to create slot machines for all devices. The competitive nature of the industry has ensured that games for all devices are of a high standard, meaning that online video slot games have never been better.

What is an Online Video Slot Machine?

If you don’t know what an online slots video machine is by now, then get involved – you’ve been missing out.

An online video slot is the naturally evolved version of the once humble fruit machine that still sits in some pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars up and down the country. The difference is that, although your classic slot machine is a land based game, the online video slot machine is exclusively playable online and boasts all of the modern, motion picture and visual technology that a modern online video game does.

The graphics is such titles are only getting better and better and this is a huge attraction of the online video slot game. It has allowed developers to express their creativity in new ways, as unique layouts, special symbols and above all, elaborate and ambitious themes and narratives have been introduced to the one simple game that relied on nothing but mere fruit.

The history of the Slot Machine

The slot machine has not always been this way, of course.

The earliest slot machine dates back to the late 19th century when the company Liberty Bell introduced what would soon go on to become something of a sensation across America. In those days, the reels were completely mechanical and players would cash in their winnings at the bar for free drinks or cigars.

As gambling became illegal, the fruit machine really came into its own. The prize would be fruit flavoured gum and the fruit machine, believe it or not, became aimed for at children than adults. But, by the time that gambling was once again legal and the electromechanical slot machine was all the rage, Las Vegas in particular had fallen in love with the slot machine.

One Arm Bandits became a term used to describe players who would put in long stints on the slot machines that were stacked in rows across US casinos. The slot machine frenzy was well and truly in motion by the 1960s and 1970s, before the first video slot machines were introduced.

A new birth in some ways, slot games could now animate their own reels making for more possibilities and themes. Aligned with the invention of video games, slot machines were very much part of the first wave of this technology that would change the face of the entertainment industry as we then knew it.

Once the internet became accessible to more and more homes not just in America but across the entire globe, the modern online slot game grew and grew. At first it was a blurry mixture of pixels but fast forward 20 years, and the online video slot game is a craze in it’s own right. As aforementioned, the online slot game has risen in popularity alongside the smartphone, with more people owning phones and more people gambling online than ever before.

So, plenty of people are gambling on them, but how do you win at an online slot game.

How do you Win at Slot Games Today?

As with many methods of gambling, there is a large element of luck involved when you play, spin and hopefully win on an online video slot machine.

Of course, in order to win you have to spin the reels and land particular combinations. Different slot machines will have different symbols that will trigger different prizes. In general, landing between 3and 5 of one symbol on a payline will result in a winning spin.

Slot games can vary in the amount of paylines that they offer, with this varying from a simple 5 paylines, to any number that the developer has managed to create within the gameplay. What you can guarantee with an online slot game is a fair gambling experience and this is thanks to technology known as RNG.

RNG stands for Random Number Generator and it is this technology that slot game developers must use in order to make their slot games truly random. The RNG software creates the outcome of each of your spins and is required by law thanks to the work of the Gambling Commission in this country.

Choose your Casino Wisely

Despite the random nature of slot games and the reliance on luck, there are certain things that you can do to increase your chances of winning.

One of these is to do your research. This should start with choosing your casino. The thriving nature of the online gambling industry, as already touched on, means that there is a wide selection of online casinos. All of these are fighting for your custom, so they compete against each other to provide the most attractive service that will get some new customers in.

If you want to increase your chances of winning slot games, choose your casino wisely. The majority of online casinos have welcome offers and new customer bonuses, aimed to entice new gamblers into their online casino service. These can be a bit overwhelming and even hard to understand, but taking your time to compare and read welcome offers and new customer bonuses from different online casinos can really pay off.

If you want to play slot games, look for an online casino that is offering bonus spins as a welcome offer. This will allow you to get off the mark without even having to put down any money. Also, free bets or bet multipliers are a popular method used by casinos to get you to sign up. Shop around and see what offer suits you the most and you will have a better chance of winning your online slot game session.

Picking a Slot Game

As well as the chance to choose where you would like to bet and with what online casino, you can, of course, choose which of the many, many online video slot machines you want to play.

This provides yet another opportunity to increase your chances of winning and most importantly, your chances of having a good time – which is the real victory after all. Look for a theme that is of interest to you, as this will have you more engaged than a slot game that does not appeal to your interests at all.

As for the money side of things, one thing to look out for is the RTP percentage. RTP stands for Return To Player and this is marked with a percentage. It indicates how often the game results in a win for the player and all games are required to display this information in the ‘About’ section of the title.

A higher percentage means that it dishes out more wins, so those looking for a safer way to bet should look for high numbers on the RTP percentage. However, this number is not an indication of how much each win will pay out, only how often it will pay out. So don’t expect winning overall on slot games with a high RTP to be easy, just that you may pick up small wins more often.

Another thing to consider when working out how to win at slot games is the maximum and minimum bets. Make sure that the game you choose to spin and spend your money on has a betting range that suits your budget. High rollers might prefer games with a high maximum bet, since they can afford to take a few losses.

On the flipside, gamblers with a small budget should look for cheaper to play slot games. There are plenty to choose from with some online video slot games offering a minimum bet of just a few pennies. There really is an online slot game for everyone, so it can really make a difference to shop around for one perfect for you.

Bonus features at Slots Online

Slot games, as much as they do want to take your money, do also offer some great ways to win.

One great thing about the modern online slot game is the amount of bonus features on offer. Bonus features are really popular with online gamblers as they can make a very normal slot game and normal bet, into something way more exciting.

A bonus feature in an online slot game is a feature away from the main gameplay that often increases the players chances of winning or increase the amount of money that they could win. They can be triggered in several ways such as landing specific symbols – more often a wild symbol or scatter symbol – or even at complete random.

One common bonus feature it he Bonus Spins feature, a bonus mode that offers the player the chance to take some spins at no extra cost. Without placing another bet, the player can spin the reels and enjoy all the potential of a normal spin, if not more. Many bonus spins modes come with an additional multiplier to any wins created using a bonus spin, making them a potentially very profitable feature indeed.

Also, look out for wheel of fortune bonuses, pick a prize rounds and many more bonus features that will increase your chances of winning a slot game.

Gamble responsibly

Our most important tip for how to win at slot games is to ensure that you are gambling responsibly.

This is because players need to sometimes remind themselves why they are gambling in the first instance and the aim should of course be, to simply have fun. The risk and reward nature of slot games is a form of entertainment that should not cause any stress or anxiety. By gambling responsibly, players keep the focus on fun rather than finances.

One good way to ensure safe and responsible gambling is to set a budget. The budget should be set as an amount of money that the gambler can afford to lose or is comfortable with risking, meaning that even when one loses they, one has paid the price of a good time.

Most online casinos offer tools to help gamblers budget their gambling stakes, aligned with their commitment to providing a safe and responsible gambling experience. If you are worried about the gambling habits of a friend, a loved one or indeed your own, there are plenty of people to speak to as well.