5 Main Things look for before you join a new casino

The online gambling scene is a very exciting world at the moment. Never before has the online gambling been filled with so much choice and so much high quality content, with more people having a flutter online than ever before. Whether you like to gamble on live sport, at an online poker table, or with an online video slot machine, the service on offer is being heralded for it’s user friendly nature. Furthermore, all this choice is only a good thing. There are countless amounts of online casinos titles, varying from the aforementioned slot games to classic pastimes like bingo or card games like blackjack. And it is not just a choice of games that you have, as you can also choose what online casino you would like to gamble with, too.

With so many options, the power is really with the gambler. Players are able to shop around for the perfect casino that suits their needs and their interests, and there are lots of things to consider when looking for a new casino to join. While there was once a time where you just sign up to the first online casino you found with a search engine, there are huge advantages in having a proper look around online and finding an ideal online casino provider. In this article we will be looking at all the things to consider before you join a new casino, touching on a range of factors that vary from the financial side of things to service itself. We hope to shine some light on some information that you maybe had never considered and also, we hope that the result of this rather comprehensive guide will result in you making a great decision about who to gamble with in future.

First off, we start with one of the most obvious things to check out when it comes to choosing an online casino and that is, of course, what games and services they offer.

1. Selection of games

As already mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are lots of things to consider when gambling online. Indeed, surely one of the most obvious things to decide is what game would you like to play.

You are spoilt for choice in the modern online gambling world, with so many ways to bet and so many ways to play. If you are into your online games when it comes to gambling online, be sure to pick an online casino that has a wide selection. Fortunately, casinos with a big selection of games are not hard to find. So many online casino providers pride themselves on a massive and always growing catalogue of gambling games that range in terms of themes, betting margins, genres and jackpots. However, be sure to refine your search a little more. Do you want to play card games? Do you want to play slot games online?

If the answer to the latter question is a big fat yes, then you will be pleased to learn that some online casinos specialise in online slot games, with entire sites dedicated to this beloved format. Once you know what kinds of games you would like to play, picking an online casino becomes a lot easier. If you are unsure what you would like to play, stick to the mega casinos that offer all of the above. Simple. Sports bettings, roulette, slot games. Some casinos offer it all.

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2. Smartphone functionality

The modern online gamblers has needs. One of them, surely, is the option to gamble on their handheld smartphone device. So much of our lives are spent on smartphone and so much are lives are on smartphones, that it is incredibly hard to imagine what life was like before them. How did we find our way round a new city without Google Maps? How did we let people know we were on holiday without taking a photo of the swimming pool? How did ever resolve arguments at the pub without being able to get up the Wikipedia page that proves that that actor was indeed married to that actress when they played that character in that film. It is a world that it is not worth thinking about.

And now, as we are deep into this smartphone era of online gambling, it is not worth thinking of a world, or indeed an online casino, that does not provide smartphone functionality. All modern casinos have to have adapted to this flourishing market by now, otherwise they will left behind. As such, it should not be very hard to find an online casino that provides a full experience for your smartphone, and in fact, it will probably be harder to find one that doesn’t. Even so, when looking for a new casino, be sure to find one that is not only equipped for smartphone users, but that also is finely tailored or brilliantly functional for your mobile. There is nothing worse for an online gambler than a faulty app or a website that keeps crashing, so make sure that your choice for an online casino is top of the current technology.

Many casinos have their own apps which are easy enough to find from either the App Store or the Android one. Downloadable straight to your phone, these casino apps have all the tools that you will need to bet with, with many including the likes of live sports betting as well as casino classics and online video slot games. At the very least, a good, modern online casino should offer a mobile friendly version of their desktop website. We are talking easy to navigate menus, quick animations and a touch screen layout that is not faulty or sticky. It seems like an obvious thing to look out for, but mobile friendless, functionality and full mobile optimisation, is a huge part of the online gambling industry to be sure to check that any online casino you are signing up for has it in abundance.

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3. Stance of gambling responsibly

The popularity of online gaming and online gambling has led to a real spike in the online gaming industry. The use of smartphones for example, or more so, the nature in which online casinos have been able to tailor their service to smartphone users, of which so many people are one, has led to more people gambling than ever before.

However this does not come without some negatives. Issues of gambling addiction are becoming more and more prevalent. Fortunately, there has never been more education about the issue and tools to combat it as best you can – you just have to know where to look. As such, we believe that online casinos and online gambling brands need to have a strong stance on responsible gambling and this is something that you should consider when joining a new casino. Most online casino sites have a dedicated part of their website where users can read up on responsible gambling. Here, you should be able to find more information on how to spot a gambling addiction, the dangers of irresponsible gambling and some advice of how to gamble more safely.

In this section, the best online casinos will also provide some tools to help their players gamble as responsibly as possible. The most obvious of these tools, and possible the most useful of them, is a budget setting tool. Setting a budget that is an amount of money that you are willing to part with or happy enough to lose, is a great way to ensure your gambling losses, god forbid, do not become a major issue. Budgets can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the casino. Be sure to bet with a casino that is tough on this issue, as you will get the help or advice you need should you need it. Sticking on this topic, many casinos offer person to person advice should their players need it, too. This kind of consultation shows a real commitment to responsible gambling that you should be looking for in an online casino.

4. Welcome offers

The superb amount of choice amongst online casino providers has led to a really competitive nature in the online gambling industry. As we mentioned earlier, this puts the power very much in the hands of the gambler, gamer and customer. For it is they who choose where to gamble their money and it is up to the individual casinos to provide the best service.

One way in which online casinos try to lure in new customers is with welcome offers and bonuses. These are used a reason to sign up to a new or different casino to one’s existing one and are almost always exclusively available to new members. A welcome offer is a great way to get a new customer in and it is also a great way to increase your chances of a good win if you are the gambler in question, too. So, in many ways, everyone is a winner when there is a good welcome offer on the table.

Examples of good welcome offers would be without cost bets or bonus spins, should you be looking to spin the exciting reels of an online video slot machine. When deciding what casino you would like to play with, do consider what kind of games you like to play as there may be a welcome offer or sign up bonus that is finely tailored to what you want to do. Also, we would always encourage people to read the terms and conditions of the welcome offers and bonuses that you find. They tend to be more complicated than they might seem at first, with factors such as minimum bets and maximum wins being taken into account by the marketing team of the online casino before they publish their latest offers.

Also, these offers tend to change from time to time, with some online casino providers priding themselves on having new offers available for customers every single week. Therefore, remember to look about and shop around for the latest sign up offers and welcome bonuses on a fairly regular basis, as you will not want to miss out on a good one. As much as you may feel like you are being enticed into what is essentially a clever marketing tool from a casino, if you make the most of welcome offers and sign cup bonuses, you could become a very smart and tactical gambler. And that is something everyone would like to be.

5. Developers and partners

While online casinos stand alone as independent brands, they also collaborate a lot and work with a a range of other companies to perfect their service. One of the unsung heroes of the online gambling industry is the developer, the brand or team of designers that create the online gambling or gaming spectacle that you love so much.

The developers are the people who create and design the games and it is they who have helped online gambling to be better than ever before. Graphics are getting better and better and this is largely thanks to some of the most revered brands in the gambling business. Therefore, make sure you consider what developers your prospective new casino provider works with, as this will guarantee a certain level of gambling game.

Some of the best names to look out for in terms of developers are the consistent NetEnt, the prolific Microgaming and the ambitiously creative Yggdrasil, Leander Games and Playtech. Once you get to know certain developers and start to work out which titles you like from each, you will be able to spot what casinos you might like best, too. You can see what developers an online casino works with by navigating their website and looking deeper into the about section, for example.

Armed with all of the above tips, you are ready to make the most of your time spent in what is an exciting era for the online casino.