Chilli Heat

  Take a walk on the warm side with Chilli Heat, an online slot game that will definitely test your patience. The reels are hot and only the most tenacious of slot players will get the chance to win big here. Is this slot game as hot as its title suggests. Only if you join […]

Fire Strike

  So an online slots machine with many similarities to a fruit machine but with quite a few modern twists! Sounds like something you could be interested in…then hop on over to the King Casino site where you can play this new online casino game today. In true fruit machine style, there does not seem […]

Monkey Warrior

Are you bored of seeing the same old online slots over and over again? Do you wish for a game with more of a unique, story based angle than some of the blander casino games on the market? Then Monkey Warrior slot game has you covered. Follow the adventures of this super strong monkey and […]

Tree of Riches

The Tree of Riches online slot games is a one-line slot which is ideal for some and loathed by others. This is because it can be a while until you are able to win anything at all but it can mean that the win that occurs has the potential to be a slot games spectacular […]

Book of Aztec

Love “Book of…” online slot games? Then you are in for a treat with the Book of Aztec online slots game which you can play on King Casino today. This is another great “Book of” title for you to get your teeth in to and there are lots of familiar features that we know you […]

Grand Slam Deluxe

Buckle up and get ready for the online casino spin of a lifetime! Not only can you play this slots games features in the standard mode, but the main excitement appears when you get ready to play in SuperBet mode. This is when the jackpot can hit home and enable you to win the big […]

Big Runner Deluxe

The title of this online slots game holds the secret to what this new online slot games is really all about. This the fact that this slot games main attraction is that players are able to place big bets in the attempt at winning the largest of returns. This is a fruit style slot games […]

Multiplayer 4 Player

If you are looking for an slot online game with a difference then this is the one! This is a traditional fruit machine with a twist and we love it! So, yes, you’ve got all of the stereotypical fruits that you would expect to see when playing on this style of online slots game but […]


What happens when you mix an slots online fruit game with a bomb orientated bonus feature? You get the exciting new online casino game of Explodiac! This online casino game has all of the stereotypical fruit features of the fruit machine that you would expect to see on the reels, but has been modernised to […]

Gold Digger

Do you fancy testing your luck on this online slots game digging for gold? If you do, then this casino king slot games features has everything you need to be able to excite and entice you into playing. With the toothless, old mine inspector, supposedly at your service, he should be there to help you […]

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