Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots

You may have been with us previously when we had the chance to play Top Trend Gaming’s awesome vintage-style, ocean-themed slot game Dolphin Gold. Now, we’re back for the updated version: Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots.

There is, in fact, only one key difference between the two slot games and that is that Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots, as the name suggests, operates with the Stellar Jackpots system. This is a progressive jackpot system that operates with a bunch of other slot games – more on how that works later.

The Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots slot also has a higher RTP than the original, and this might be something to do with the huge amounts of money that can be won from the Stellar Jackpots system. Now, it’s almost a whole percent higher at 96.32%.

If you liked the original Dolphin Gold slot, or if you’ve never played it but like you like your slots old school in style, then you are not going to want to miss out on Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots. You can even play it with bonus spins here at King Casino.

*Any values mentioned are subject to change.

Dolphin Gold With Stellar Jackpots Theme and Graphics

The retro-looking Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots slot takes place in the ocean and is animated in a pretty ‘90s-looking style that is bound to attract a lot of players. Visually, the Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots graphics look fantastic although some players might not be too into them as they look a little dated.

They are updated from the original, and the ocean background and sea creature symbols look better than ever because of this. The only other aesthetic difference to the original game is the fact that the Stellar Jackpots logo is now emblazoned across the top of the reels.

Just like the original, you can play Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots mobile if you so wish, or choose to play the game on a desktop or laptop computer.

This ain’t Top Trend Gaming’s first rodeo by any stretch of the imagination, and this particular team of developers have put together some of the best online slot games going over the years. Here are a few of our favourites from them – we recommend checking these when you’re finished with the Dolphin Gold slots!

How to Play Dolphin Gold With Stellar Jackpots

First things first, we’re going to take a look at how to make the basic functions of Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots work, and then we’ll check out a bit more about the Stellar Jackpots progressive jackpot system for those players who have never used it before.

When you first open up the reels, just follow these simple steps to get you started:

  • Set your stake with the ‘credit value’ and ‘bet multiplier’ tools at the bottom of the reels. Your overall stake will be calculated and displayed just below this.
  • Either spin the reels one time or use Auto Play to spin them up to 100 times automatically.
  • Land the symbol 3 times over, in a row, across 1 of the 40 pay lines to win.
  • The blue dolphin is the wild symbol but gold dolphins can appear too as stacked wilds.
  • The blue dolphin becomes a scatter when you land 6 or more anywhere on the reels as this triggers the Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots bonus spins round.

As for the Stellar Jackpots system, it works in the same way as a regular progressive jackpot machine, offering up a mega, a mini and a major jackpot. Each of these is exponentially higher than the last and can be won by landing Stellar Jackpots symbols. To put it simply, the major jackpot here could make someone a very wealthy person!

Remember, you can always check out a Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots demo online for free if you want to try the game before playing it for real money. Or, just enjoy those 150 sign-up bonus spins at King Casino…

Dolphin Gold With Stellar Jackpots Game Statistics

Our main criticism of the original Dolphin Gold slot game was that there was not a huge amount of winning potential, and this was characterised by a low max win and a low RTP. Neither of these things are the case anymore in Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots.

The RTP of this slot is now above average, coming in at 96.32% and the max win is… well, astronomical thanks to the Stellar Jackpots addition. The max win in the regular game is still 1000x your stake and this is achieved by landing a blue dolphin on every reel of a payline, a 5 of a kind win.

Dolphin Gold With Stellar Jackpots Bonus Spins & Free Game Features

We’ve been through what the Stellar Jackpot system is already, so let us turn our attention to the other 2 Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots bonus features:

  • Bonus Spins: land between 6 and 12 of the blue dolphins anywhere on the reels to unlock between 3 and 21 Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots bonus spins.
  • Stacked Wilds: if you see gold dolphins land on the reels then know that these are stacked wilds which can dramatically increase the value of your win.

Dolphin Gold With Stellar Jackpots Slot Review

Top Trend Gaming answered our prayers by introducing the Stellar Jackpots system to Dolphin Gold in the creation of the Dolphin Gold with Stellar Jackpots slot game. This has boosted the RTP and the max win and made the game much better overall. 8.5/10.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.