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Most people have either played or seen someone playing a casino game at one point or another. Depending on the culture, age or social class each individual associates the casino with a different type of game. The most popular games in the 21st century are online slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and scratch games. Lotteries are also very popular, but they don’t exactly fit within the casino genre, as well as the sports betting niche.

Here, we will explore the emergence of casino games and how they have evolved over the years, before getting into the specifics of each particular casino game. If you want to learn how to play one of the above, or where to find the best casino games with offers – this blog is written for you!

Casino Games History

Gambling in one form or another has been around since ancient years, which highlights the need of people to accumulate more funds – but also to experience the risk of losing funds. Most gamblers are aware that losing is also part of the experience, since this is when you feel that you need to employ different approach to beat the casino or dealer.

Gambling started to be regulated in the 19th century, as people would start playing more. At the end of the 20th century, the first slot machine emerged and took everyone by surprise. A few more than a century later, the online slot has reached a new level – taking the number 1 place amongst all casino games. It’s also a great example to highlight how perceptions and attitudes towards a casino game can shift over time. For instance, 30 years ago slot machines would be associated with old people wasting their time, while today the online slot is the game that can pay the biggest jackpot and is also extremely fun.

The same cann’t be argued about roulette or blackjack which have remained the same over the years. However, Poker was mostly played in bars and pubs by old people, but with the Texas Holdem variation – this casino game became a hit. Tournaments would be watched by millions and the best players are treated like superstars today.

Casino Games in Brick and Mortar Halls

Most people associate casinos with the fancy venues they have seen in real life in Las Vegas or movies related to them. Another common view of this ‘sport’ through movies like ‘the Gambler’ relate casino gaming with some underground club that only exclusive and dark people can access. Both of these spaces present gambling as a very expensive hobby, reserved for the very, very rich and for those who suffer from gambling addiction.

Well, in the real world of brick and mortar casinos the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Of course each casino offers private rooms for high rollers, but most casinos offer a small entry fee making them accessible to everyone. Likewise, bets on all casino games start from as low as £1 and scale up to huge amounts. Some venues would even accept £10,000 on a single roulette spin.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich, or just want to go for a drink in casino – everyone over 18 or 21 years old (depends on the country) is welcome. Some stigma that used to surround gamblers has also been part of history, so we consider that if you haven’t been to a casino already, you definitely should at one point in your lifetime.

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Online Casino Game Options

With the rise of the Internet, the casino, as most sectors, moved to this space as well. Players that used to travel miles and miles, or even change countries to have the chance to bet some money could now access their favourite casino games online, in an instant. More and more players became accustomed with popular casino games, like roulette and blackjack, leading to casino game developers’ pioneering new game variations.

Now, players can deposit funds from their bank accounts straight to their casino accounts and access numerous options of the same casino game. This has made gambling one of the most fun and popular hobbies of our era. Moreover, due to the ever-increasing numbers of online casinos, players can find unique promotions and offers when they join one. The free market seems to benefit the masses when it comes to online casino gaming, in sharp contrast to its other aspects of life.

Online Casino: Strategies & Tips

It doesn’t matter if you are new to gambling or a more old-school casino player, some tips and advice could always benefit you.

Check the Different Casino Game Types

Due to the variations of casino games in the 21st century, it is important that you check how each different game variation operates. For instance, you could play blackjack at a low stake table, or try your luck on a blackjack table with live dealer were you could increase your bets without limits.

Don’t miss the Casino Welcome Offers

Each online casino offers different welcome offers, depending on what type of players it wants to attract and what games it offers. Most online slot sites offer bonus spins as welcome offer, while the casinos focused on roulette, blackjack and other games tend to give cashback. Find the most appropriate for you before you deposit.

Read the Casino Games’ Information & Rules

Even experienced players tend to make mistakes when they pick an online casino game. With so many different game variations, it is not easy to keep track of all the different rules and limitations. We strongly advise you to read between the lines and not miss any chances to increase your winning potential. Make sure to also check the RTP and RNG if you are playing videoslots online, since these will determine the frequency and amounts you could win.

Check the Wagering Requirements

Some offers may seem very appealing at first glance, but if you are not careful you might have wrong expectations. 150 bonus spins might seem as too much, but most casinos require the original amount to be betted an X amount of times. This also applies to the cashback funds the online casino gifts players at first deposits. Most exclusive offers to high rollers and returning players don’t carry these same requirements – so it is wise to play on the same sites, as long as you are happy with the experience they offer.

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