Best Online Slots

When we’re talking about choosing the ideal slots, one thing’s certain – it’s at King Casino where you’ll find the very ideal slots. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the casino games options, including iconic slots like Starburst, Book of Dead, Bonanza, Asgardian Stones, Fishin Frenzy, and Eye of Horus. There are a whole bunch of slots to choose from too, and there are slots for everyone who spins at King Casino.

The ideal slots you need to know about aren’t like the other slot games we’re all more familiar with. Huge technological advances in technology has really elevated all of the features and experiences the best slots have, so it’s only the best in almost every way. This wouldn’t be possible without glorious graphics which have upped the immersive factor of slots greatly, along with the help of other things like unique and innovative slots gameplay features.

Best Slots Developers

For sure, it would seem that best slots online developers are now getting much more creative with gameplay features of slots than they ever have. The ideal online casino slots we have offer some of the quirkiest routes to triggering bonus spins, and give you some of the best first deposit deals to new players. It’s a big plus everyone’s in a rush to be best in slots gaming. Slots gaming is also benefitting from features like the slots Megaways mechanic and the introduction of virtual reality in slots, heightening the slots gaming experience.

With the world of slots gaming constantly improving its tricks and upping the bar, we make sure we go above and beyond to set the standard in slots. That’s why it’s here at King Casino where you’ll find the best video slots to play online today. With a min deposit of just £20 too, you can win an amazing bonus spins bonus with slots too. Ts and cs apply, but don’t let that put you off – you could miss out on the best deal in slots for new players.

For the greatest slots we’re certain all different kinds of players will enjoy gaming with, come to King Casino. With some incredible options from the most iconic and renowned slots games makers in the world, you’ll be hard pressed to find a slot game you don’t like. Or, if it’s jackpot slots you’re after, we’ve got you covered there too, with a plethora of great slots options you won’t find at any of the online casinos. Read on for more about the best place to play slots – King Casino.

Which Online Slots Payout the Most?

What most players are understandably looking for, are new online slots which pay out the most. Or, in other words, has the highest return to player or bonus symbols – all good things which help you nab a win. At King Casino, you’ll find a wide range of slots which also offer some amazing bonus spins which offer great value for money and great potential for winning without spending anything!

Slot games at King Casino which offer bonus spins are a plenty, and all you have to do is decide which games to go for and claim your bonus. It can be hard to choose which slot game to play if you’re a newbie to slots online, but it’s really more straightforward than you might think. Out of all online casinos, this makes it easier than ever, with many of our slots providing players with great bonus offers.

If we were to break down the hottest slots in terms of the return to player and bonus spins on offer there are a few among the best. When you’re thinking of the question of which slots payout the most? These are the two elements to look out for. The RTP is the amount of times the slot game has paid out over a certain period of time, and the more bonus offers the more chances you have of winning.

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Book of Dead Best Slot 2020

This is one of the top slots at King Casino and comes with one awesome bonus feature, so thankfully it’s as pretty straightforward as slots come. The bonus feature with the Book of Dead is in the form of a bonus spins feature. This brilliant bonus can really help you get big gains, and it utilises a new symbol feature. It has a high RTP of 96 per cent.

To trigger your bonus spins, a symbol is randomly chosen and becomes a special expanding symbol. This symbol leads to multiple reels displaying the same symbols which can lead to massive wins. Another way is more traditional, and triggers the bonus spins by matching the Book of Dead book symbol. Although there’s one bonus with Book of Dead, there are some brilliant bonus symbols which will help players along greatly.

What is the Best Online Casino for Slots?

For the best online casino, look no further than King Casino. This online casino has everything you need for an epic gaming experience that you can enjoy and play from the comfort of your own home. With a massive range of slots game options, amazing first deposit bonus, welcome bonus, plus bonus spins with minimal wagering requirements you can’t go wrong with games at King Casino. With over 300 of the best online slots around. More on our promotions here.

For the best online slots site, look no further than King Casino. King Casino has everything you need for an epic gaming experience that you can enjoy and play from the comfort of your own home. With a massive range of games, amazing first deposit bonus, welcome bonus, plus bonus spins with minimal wagering requirements you can’t go wrong with these games. With over 300 of the best online slot games around.

Players can really take advantage of all the  games at the best online destination for them. When you play online at with slots at King Casino, you have the chance to get the best value for money and play with some of the most popular online slots you can find. Many slots on line don’t have the epic features the online slots at King Casino has, making it the best one stop shop for all your gaming desires!

Best Slot Games to Play

Mobile slots, online slots and slot machines are all competing with each other for the winner title. Check be slots King has to offer amongst other casino games.

Asgardian Stones 

A bold choice of online slots, Asgardian Stones has a lot to offer and is one of NetEnt’s best online slots. The story is fun, based on Norse mythology and the theme is really elevated as the game looks brilliant. In terms of features, this choice of video slots can boast the avalanche feature, so players can get multiple wins from every spin. Available to play at this brilliant online casino

There’s also a special symbol in the form of the colossal symbol which activates the colossal crush feature – whereby the special symbol crushes rows of symbol and increases the multiplier. The multiplier increases from 1 up to 4x but the main attraction is the bonus wheel feature, where you can win cash prizes and up to 25 bonus spins.

Fishin Frenzy 

A simple but utterly effective choice of games, Fishin Frenzy offers plenty of fun times and big bonus spins! To trigger your bonus spins, get three, four or five of the scatter symbol in the form of a fishing boat to win 10, 15 or 20 bonus spins respectively. Want a cash prize? There are blue fish symbols with this slot too, and you can collect their attached values when you land the fisherman symbol during these bonus spins. What a haul!

Fishin Frenzy is a great game to play if you’re one of those players who likes the chance to hook a big win. Make sure you look out for the wild with this one too, which is again that fisherman who substitutes for all other symbols. When this happens, more generous than with most online slot games you can win a payout of up to 500 times your stake for five on a payline. These symbols mentioned all really come into their own with the bonus spins round.

Other Casino Games

Blackjack, roulette, scatchcards and more casino games can be found under our live casino tab. These tend to be based on skill, rather than luck and the gameplay is a bit more complicated. For tips and advice you can join our blog.

Is it Better to Bet Higher on Slots?

Particularly for new players, it can be quite confusing when it comes to deciding on the different betting options, let alone learning the terms. But it’s all part of getting to grips with the casino ropes, and it needn’t be such a daunting task – after all, you’re here to play games and have fun. Whether it’s jackpot slots or with the regular choice of games, is it better to bet higher on slots?

The first thing to think about is the coin denomination. Almost all games with online casinos will have this, and the coin denomination you choose on any of the video slots reflects the value each coin you bet will hold. That can be a penny or a pound, and sometimes way more – that’s the value of each coin. So, if you get your spins by selecting a coin denomination of 0.01 then you can take each coin you play as the equivalent to a penny.

Small Bets vs Max Bets

This is where the term penny slots comes from. Coin denominations are great as they allow for a wider range of slot game limits, making gaming budget-friendly for all players. For the total bet amount, look at the value of the coin to the amount of pay lines you’d like to bet, and the number of coins on each line. The maximum bet, or highest bet, is a highly optimised bet of all potential pay lines wagered with the top amount of coins possible per line. A real high bet, or max bet, is a bet set at the highest coin denomination offered by the slot game.

It’s important to be careful when you go for the max bet option when you’re playing slots and getting your spins on, as they can be very high. A max bet can sometimes even be as much as several hundred pounds a spin, which is common with some online slots. Make sure you have the budget to go big, or go home.

If you are one of those players who is looking for a reason why they should bet max, the main reason is you get the chance to win big. With many online slots, the only way you can win the jackpot is by choosing the maximum bet. You should certainly consider if not actually bet max when there is a chance of winning the bonus spins or bonus rounds, and when you want the progressive jackpot.

Can you Win Real Money on Online Slots?

The short answer to when you can win real money on online slots is, yes! Here you can find a range of excellent casino games, in particular those which give you wins from spins! Players of slots can enjoy amazing gains from games which have a bunch of bonus gaming options and more. King Casino hosts plenty of real money slots for you to play now, no matter what gaming level you’re at.

You’re bound to find a real money slots choice here which have slots that benefit from amazing graphics and lots of bonus games and offers to play with. We’re sure that once you begin your journey of spins, you’ll be in awe of just how much special symbols like scatters, wilds and multipliers can up your winning chances. And, that’s cash wins.

If you don’t quite know how to get started on King Casino’s real money games, don’t fret. Check out which Ts and Cs apply and browse through the games to see which game you like the look of most. King Casino recommends that you try out a number of games by top-rated software providers featured, and you’ll find the gaming style that’s right for you. Or, whether there are enough real money games for you to enjoy. Which, we’re sure you will.

Pay by Mobile Slots

If you want to play King Casino games on the go too, you totally can. All the recommended real money gaming options to play offer players the chance to enjoy the experience on all devices, including mobiles and tablets. Graphics are so good that despite smaller screens, even the most ornate details pop out of modern slot s. You can rest assured with King Casino games, it’s a given you can play your favourite real money games on mobile in quality that’s just as neat as with desktop.

With King Casino, it’s also easier than ever to make deposits or claim your bonus offers with games when you’re playing on mobile. That’s because at King Casino, the site is sleek with easy navigation. Players looking for the ideal game will find just that, and can take their spins accordingly. And with our gaming options, it just takes spins to get real wins. With any of the epic game choices at King Casino, real stakes lead to real rewards.

While it’s true that gaming with low-volatility and high-volatility choices have their own general patterns which players can identify a big win is never too far out of reach. It all just comes down to luck and the right bet amount, and that’s what gaming is all about really. The one top tip for players who love gaming is to remember that it’s all down to chance. Winning real money on a slot game will simply come out of the blue, so when you’re gaming just remember to pace yourself and make fun your top priority.

Features of the Best Online Slot Games 

The best slot games have huge amounts of fantastic new features for players to take advantage of and further enjoy the gaming experience. While there are some features you might know well, all King Casino slot games have epic gameplay features which are so exciting you can be sure you have the best gaming experience.

And, that’s exactly what you’ll get with King Casino slot games. You have a choice from a wide range of the best online slots with some wonderful, unique features. Many actually offer a number of the best features for you to enjoy. For example, look at the cascading reels feature, which offers a unique and new aesthetic to the way sub-standard slot games work.

Instead of the standard reel spins, with the cascading reels feature symbols fall, or cascade, down and disappear. This makes space for even more symbols to cascade down and fill the empty spaces where previous symbols were. This is a fun alternate twist on the regular slots mechanic, and one of the best features to enjoy with the hottest slots at King Casino.

Most Common Bonuses

However, there are even more bonus features which have all been implemented simply for the fact they can make the slot gaming experience more fun and immersive than ever before. Even the standard slot symbols like wilds get elevated and turn into something more exciting with the best slot games. Take the wild symbols in the top slots, you can get more gains with these than those in more standard slot games.

For example, you might see that sticky wilds feature in the majority of the best online slot games at King Casino. There’s a bit of a race to have as many sticky wilds in the best slots than any other symbol because they’ve become such a popular favourite among players. But, what makes them so loved? Sticky wilds stay where they are on the reels for one or more re-spins, so players get the chance to take home a big win.

Then we have the transferring wilds. Check your online slot game has these if you’ve ever played a game and wished a symbol would just move to another reel and help you land a win. This is an interesting variation which is again found in only the best online slots rather than the more traditional game options. How do they work? Transferring wilds transfer from one set of reels to another giving players better chances of hitting one or more combinations.

Advantages of the Best Online Slot Games

There’s the obvious advantage of players having a better chance to get some big wins, but there are many other advantages to playing the best online slot games. The best online slot games almost always have some of the best technology in play, partly due to the fact that this new technology is around only just now. At King Casino, you’ll find some of the best online slots created by the best games developers, all made to make sure players get the maximum gaming experience.

The new technology that the best online slots have installed means you can find the best graphics, best features, and the very best wins. For example, take the Book of Dead slot which offers some of the best graphics and features there are when you compare it with other more traditional slots. You can’t go wrong playing the best online slots when they have so much to offer players.

The features which make the best slots aren’t difficult to wrap your head around for new players either, with many innovations of traditional features or symbols and functions. This is definitely a big plus, as there’s nothing worse than having to re-learn how to play your favourite game. Especially when it takes so long it gets in the way of enjoying the game itself.

Another huge pro with the new slots you’ll find at King Casino is one that also owes to the fact there are better features. That is the chance to win more frequently, and in some cases more money than you would without the feature. One such feature that can help you win more is something called ‘win both ways’, quite common now in new slots.

Win both ways is somewhat of a marvel with new slots, and it’s one of the best features you can go for with most of the new games at King Casino. The win both ways feature takes a slot and makes it splendid, as it allows the player to claim wins from the left to the right. It allows you to grab wins from the opposite direction too, which you can do when the win both ways feature is activated.

Another massive advantage that the best online slots at King Casino has over other online slots is the bonus games on offer. The hottest slots tend to offer lots more in the way of variation of their bonus games than with the more traditional online games. Plus, with new slots there are many more opportunities to trigger the bonus games as there are more features with them.

How to Play the Best Online Slot Games

With so many epic features to showcase, it’s understandable you might think that the ideal online slots are more difficult to play than regular slots. While there are more features to enjoy playing, many are just innovative variations on symbols or functions that we’re used to already. There are tonnes of  slots that are easy to play at King Casino and all feature great bonus choices, like the following.


Really encapsulating what the most popular online slots at King Casino has to offer, play Bonanza. This slot game offers players three bonus features, central to which is the marvellous reactions bonus feature which takes away winning symbols to create new winning combinations. In addition, there’s a great bonus spins feature with Bonanza, which starts with 12 bonus spins and every one triggers a multiplier feature.

The awesome unlimited win multiplier feature is one you won’t want to miss out on and offers players its services on an unbelievable but truly unlimited basis. The way it works is by a multiplier which is applied to any payout after successive explosions, and it starts at 1x and increases by 1 with every subsequent win. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how high this unique multiplier can go!


Starburst is one of the most iconic slots and has one epic bonus feature, and it’s not in the traditional form of bonus spins. While it does lack the bonus spins feature, what it does have is an epic expanding wild. The Starburst wilds expand to cover entire reels and makes them wild, as well as giving out subsequent re-spins. The function of this wild symbol can lead to three wild reels to win from.

At this point, it’s fair to mention that the Starburst wild symbol is definitely the star of this show. The Starburst wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols and will show up only on reels two, three and four. When one of this symbol appears on any three middle reels, the wild feature is triggered and expands to award re-spins.

Making your First Deposit 

It can seem a bit daunting when you’re making your first deposit with slots games. But don’t worry, the fact King Casino slots are all online now makes things easier than ever, and there’s a real element of enjoyment in joining King Casino. You don’t just get a bonus spin like most games houses offer, but with King Casino you’ll get great bonus spins! This is one deposit bonus you don’t want to miss, a welcome bonus that’s yours with a min deposit of £20. Ts and Cs also apply with the min deposit range.

All you need to do is sign up and join King Casino for the welcome bonus all new players can get, then make your first deposit and enjoy slots online. The King Casino bonus offer for new players is lucrative, a welcome bonus with a 100 per cent match on your first deposit in addition to 100 bonus spins. This is one of the most generous deposit bonus options you can get with any online games house.

With a min first deposit of just £20 for new players at King Casino, players can receive 20 spins as well as a 100 per cent bonus. This is followed by 40 spins the following day, and an even further 40 spins are granted when a deposit is made on the third day with King Casino. With a wide range of the top game options, why not sign up and get your bonus spins deposit bonus today?

Once you’ve had the pleasure of joining King Casino and made your first deposit, get your bonus spin on at some of the hottest new slots. Take your crown and start spinning with some of the hottest titles you’ll find with any online brand. There’s something for everyone and all slots have brilliant features so that you can be in with the chance to win big.

How to get Bonus Spins

You can play from the greatest slot machines at King Casino and the new member bonus you’re entitled to once you’ve joined up and got your bonus offer, for all new players with a min deposit. For all the most-loved new slot machines, just head on over, sign up, make your min deposit and the bonus is credited to your account so you can play. Great value slots spins have never been better when you just deposit 20 pounds. Ts and Cs apply.

King Casino offer one of the more lucrative bonus packages around, and it has one of the most generous you’ll find. You can play from a variety of slot machines which also have innovative features, and these aren’t complex – still echoing traditional slots features. King Casino is among the online houses which offer the greatest online slot options and traditional options, yours when you deposit 20 pounds.

King Casino is the ideal choice of online brands to house some fab slots and new slot machines out there, including all of those listed above and more. For the ideal online video slots gaming experience and the chance to get a great value bonus for new players, King Casino is where it’s at. Yours when you deposit 20 pounds and you can get the chance to enjoy a number of spins and chances to win with new slot options, all free!

Last Thoughts on the Best Online Slots 

The epic slot options and bonus choices you can try at one King Casino can’t be found with many other online brands or slot machines, not even land based. For one of the top online brands the slots choices are wide and varied and have a great range of bonus offers for players to enjoy. You can also find some of the most iconic new slots that you just won’t even see with any other online game brand.

Of all the greatest slot game action out there, here is definitely where new players and well-seasoned pros will find the ideal value and biggest benefits. Especially when it comes to the bonus spins offer which all new players are entitled to upon joining the online gambling brand. You can’t go wrong with King Casino today, it even beats the gaming experience at land based gambling houses.